Boogie / Boogie2988 / "Francis" / Steven Jason Williams - Fat, Rapidly Declining Divorced "Nice Guy" Middle-Aged Youtuber, Former Edgy Porn Blogger


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Will this OP ever be updated?

It's utter shit. It doesn't even mention the porn blogs, emotional abuse, gaslighting, or the least-responsible gastric-bypass operation in recorded history.
Also, we need to get one of oddish’s boys to make him a proper ED article, AvantGardePony is not Steven, AGP is at least 10 years younger than him and has possibly trooned out
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He intentionally misnames the subreddit samandtolki and Kiwi Farms to prevent people from discovering the truth about the real Boogie.
I believe this to be the main reason. I and others mentioned earlier that we found this site because of his tweets so he is careful about it. Probably some percent "ah yeah key we something or other, I totes don't know the name cuz I don't care" as well.

In regards to the OP, it should be very easy to link to the megathread and highlighting some of the more egregious undefendable acts (clit-slicing, claiming Lucy was mutual then getting busted with the sugardaddy site open, the double cancer, the porn blogs, etc.) The more visible the megathread to people wondering what the hubbub is about the better.


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In regards to the OP, it should be very easy to link to the megathread and highlighting some of the more egregious undefendable acts (clit-slicing, claiming Lucy was mutual then getting busted with the sugardaddy site open, the double cancer, the porn blogs, etc.) The more visible the megathread to people wondering what the hubbub is about the better.
Not only that, but the current OP could easily make people think "well shit these people are just autists who think shit like Francis videos are real" and not bother to read any more. At a glance, it actually makes Boogie seem more credible about what he says about his "haters"/"trolls."

Charles Kinbote

Sexfast Enlightenment
I've been aware of Boogie for at least five years, but never found him interesting. I think I remember seeing this thread when it was young and silently concurring with those who said he was no lolcow. Then last night I heard some laughter on the wind about his April Fool's tweets, went to see if they were real, and saw him responding to a subreddit he obviously refused to name. It didn't take long to find it and learn a lot, but when I came here for more, it was disappointing to see the old low-information OP.
tl;dr Yes, please, an OP update would be greatly appreciated.

I've been aware of Boogie for at least five years, but never found him interesting. I think I remember seeing this thread when it was young and silently concurring with those who said he was no lolcow. Then last night I heard some laughter on the wind about his April Fool's tweets, went to see if they were real, and saw him responding to a subreddit he obviously refused to name. It didn't take long to find it and learn a lot, but when I came here for more, it was disappointing to see the old low-information OP.
tl;dr Yes, please, an OP update would be greatly appreciated.
It might just be me but it really does seem like Big Melon really did unravel seemingly all at once over the course of a couple of months after years of getting away with it.


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It might just be me but it really does seem like Big Melon really did unravel seemingly all at once over the course of a couple of months after years of getting away with it.
I have always noticed boogies flip flopping on issues. At first I thought it was because he was introduced to new information, but he did it quite a lot. I stopped following him after awhile, but never really disliked him. His behavior has definitely become more unhinged and his language style is that of your tumblrina and HAES people. Not to mention his hardcore projection as of lately.

He saids he is happy at 350 pounds and feels fine there, but obviously he is not if he is letting other people bother him about it. I dunno I like to think he was once a genuine person, but now he is just nothing but another run of the mill youtuber that let his fame get to him. Really he is just a disappointment.
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I dunno I like to think he was once a genuine person, but now he is just nothing but another run of the mill youtuber that let his fame get to him.
Before YouTube he ran a shitty porn blog and an extremely cringey "edgy" blog ("I say bad words. Boobie" is gonna stick with me to my death bed). Way before that when he was a kid he was probably acting like a little shit at home and doing poorly in school hence why his mom yelled at him all the time

Basically, he's always been like this


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It might just be me but it really does seem like Big Melon really did unravel seemingly all at once over the course of a couple of months after years of getting away with it.
Dez was a bit of a producer/editor for him so I'm sure that she was responsible for filtering a lot of his autism. So her leaving is really a huge catalyst. Not only are we getting unfiltered boog, but it seems that since his attempt at replacing her keeps failing time after time he's really falling apart.

At first he wasn't talking about her much, Lucy Fox then Grave Ghoul were nice distractions but it seems he's not had any further luck trying to get a sugar baby and Dez has been mentioned more and more and that April Fool's damning evidence that he's becoming obsessed with her leaving him.

I'd like to personally thank and congratulate Dez for getting out and triggering Boogie's death spiral.


Walking that line between victim and ex-lover
More like Bill Cosby of the internet
Amen. Even as a joke, "Mr. Rogers of the Internet" would be out of line for the title.

But at least Pill Cosby came up short to Dr. Huxtable. Steven Jason Williams came up short to Francis the Fat, Screaming Rëtard.

He's the Kevin Spacey of the Internet.
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friends are good
I'm just going to post this here for now as a candidate for a new OP because for some reason my browser slows to a crawl whenever I do it as a new thread draft. A lot of this needs reformatting still. If you see any factual errors in this feel free to PM me.

It’s easy to think that Boogie gets hated on because he’s too nice to fight back. After all, everyone “knows” he’s the “Mister Rogers” of the internet. Boogie2988 seems to be a lovable person that wants to spread positivity and kindness.

At first glance, it’s not hard to root for Boogie. According to Boogie, his abusive upbringing drives him to inspire others suffering the same fate. This is how he gains your sympathy. His “underdog” story might even inspire you. The truth is that Boogie isn’t what he seems. He’s a selfish, abusive, manipulative liar. His “nice guy” persona is fake. He manipulates his impressionable fan-base for his own benefit. Boogie is a character played by Steven Jason Williams. Of course, the natural reaction is denial. “It can’t be true, can it? He is such an inspiration! You're just a hater!” Let's allow the facts to speak for themselves.

There's a lot to get through here, so I'm separating the original Reddit post into different spoiler tags. To start, let's have a word about what I think is the funniest and least infuriating part of all this, his history with porn blogs.

Boogie portrays himself as someone that thinks highly of women. In reality, he thinks of them as little more than sexual objects for his own gratification. Furthermore he is a massive sexual pervert, which can be seen from his two porn blogs which served as his main source of income prior to adopting his nice guy persona. After achieving minor YouTube fame these blogs were left largely untouched until he attempted to remove them.

You can find the history of his porn blogs here and here, however here are some highlights for those of you that don't want to scour through Melon's twisted mind:

" is a website dedicated to being complete cockwits with the internet. We have the right to free speech and by god, we plan to tie it down and rape it until they take it away."I’m eating brussel sprouts and playing with a dildo I bought for a friend. good times."

Boogie bragging about being a pimp basically:" After a fun night at work with Wilbur, I give Boogie a ring.“I’m going to get laid tonight, find me, someone, to fuck.” I said. He replied, “OK then. I’ll make some phone calls.”Him bragging about having orgies: "does she know how many orgies I’ve been to? or arranged? does she know how many girls I’ve watched fuck, or fucked myself? does she know that I’m a monster?"
Boogie himself admitting that they are his porn blogs on his official YouTube channel:

Although you’re encouraged to see Boogie’s sexual deviancy and perverted thoughts for yourself, some users have gone to the effort of compiling highlighted quotes in image form for your convenience

Boogie blames 9/11 for sales slowing down.

Boogie’s nice guy facade takes a toll on him. As such you can often see him express his real opinions, outside of his deliberate youtube persona, on Twitch and in his Francis persona. The "it's just a character” charade falls apart once you notice that Francis happens to complain about things in Boogie's life.

Boogie talking about his ex-wife (he's parodying how 4chan talks about him being cucked, but still unnecessarily crude and insensitive towards Dez):

Boogie humps his bed repeatedly on stream:

Boogie cries about being called "Boogie1488", then later titles his stream "DADDY NEEDS SHEKELS", an obvious racist joke.

Boogie imitates oral sex on a woman while choking her:

Boogie displays complete ignorance of female anatomy while grotesquely performing oral sex ASMR to an audience of young fans - excerpt:

Boogie describes cutting a woman's clitoris with a scalpel - excerpt:

Boogie making a distasteful joke about being all hard, as in having a boner in TikTok. You know, that social network used mostly by teenagers, young girls and kids:

And he did it again, while making fun of trans-gendered people as well. :

Awkwardly propositioning a female YouTuber under the guise of “Francis using his account”.

Sketch about destroying effigy of ex-wife -

Boogie says he would molest his children if he had them

Boogie making fun of his first girlfriend and laughing at how she died of "double cancer"

Boogie bragged on his personal facebook page about having sex with a sex worker. He also proudly boasted about how she said making love with him was like making love to a waterbed. The obvious disdain by her in this statement is lost on him.

After the death of video game commentator Total Biscuit, he was seen being incredibly flirtatious and overall creepy with his widow

Keep in mind he just had made a slew of passive aggressive jabs at Total Biscuit after his death. Even complaining that he "threw him under the bus" knowing that there was zero chance of retaliation.

Of course, his passive aggressive comments were sugar coated with asinine compliments.

Boogie making a racist joke about the differences between mexicans, black people and black women:

And another, this time making fun of black people's income

And yet another racist joke about black people:

He also makes fun of native Americans and portrays them as idiots for not "concept of ownership" while telling them "to go back to their shitty reservations":

Boogie starts talkis about a trip to Pasadena and goes off on a tangent about buying hookers with all the other internet celebrities :

Boogie attacks "SJWS" at Wizards of the coast, because they blacklisted him for saying gay people should've waited 20 more years for equal rights.
The critcism here relies on him being trying to pander the leftist groups by feigning understanding of his causes while speaking dirty of them behind their backs. Boogie then throwing a childish fit when faced with consequences for his actions.

Boogie, a man in his mid 40s says that is ideal woman is someone in her late 20s and other fetishes of his, of course that's what his kids fans want to hear from the Mr Rodgers of the internet:

Boogie is known to be extremely contradictory when it comes to his opinions on pretty much everything. It's well known that he will say one thing to appease his audience while silently believing the other. Here are just a few examples of this behavior as well as his generally harmful opinions.

Boogie becomes an MGTOW

Notice how Boogie says Dez, HIS ex-wife, is amazing on Twitter, but then joins a philosophy that considers women as being evil leeches. Or just leeches for the moderate ones.

Liking a YouTube comment calling gay people perverts

Arguing that gays should just wait instead of actively campaigning for gay marriage, for fear of upsetting bigots

Ignorant comments on Anne Frank, ignoring her suffering.

Blaming Anita Sarkeesian for the Charlottesville attack

Claiming that good things came from the Holocaust.
The context of this is that he was invited to the KillStream, an alt right podcast, and he wanted to appeal to their right-wing demographic by using “4chan humour.” Boogie has admitted to being a "4chan troll". Keep in mind this is also a myth as Nazi experiments on human contributed nothing at all to science.

Saying a victim of domestic abuse should be hanged

Boogie's takes on Suicide

Boogie often threatens to kill himself when criticized (also complains about welfare checks on him).

He told someone considering suicide that "life is utterly pointless in the end".

Boogie supporting horrible people

a)Supporting child abusers

In this video you can see Boogie defending KidBehindACamera, a known child abuser (but that's a whole different rabbit hole.)

b) Boogie defending his father who, according to him, molested his sister

Then Boogie threatened to hit a woman that called him out on this. "I will knock you the fuck out," he told her.

Boogie manipulates his fans to harass a community manager to get a free videogame

Long story short Boogie passive-aggressively says he won’t promote a game because he, a millionaire, didn’t get a free code. He implies it was because a community manager disagreed with him on Twitter and blocked him. Boogie frames this situation by implying that the CM is a villain for ignoring poor old Boogie, but he tries to hide his ill intent by sugar coating it with things like "he must be an awesome person"

Naturally, fans wanted to avenge poor Boogie. This is what he wanted.

Boogie then deleted the tweet and backed down after being called on it

Fans say in his defense something to the extent of him not being able to control his fans. But he can certainly mark a target for them

Despite being called out that one time he has repeated this stunt time and time again, doubling down

He excuses himself as saying his fans "want to hear his opinions". But he barely plays the games he receives for free for more than an hour and just parrots the popular consensus he reads on Reddit.

Boogie shows his true colours in a stream.

Long story short, Actual Jake and his partner were critiquing Boogie on twitch. Boogie joined to defend himself and he made it quite clear how he manipulates people.

Boogie threatened to kill his dog over an argument (he often uses Sammy for sympathy points)

Passive aggressive insults
Claiming he would never throw insults toward “even his worst enemies”

But then backhandedly calling his opponent a "neckbeard cuck". Because direct insults go against his youtube persona.

Boogie is known to blame a mental condition known as “disassociation” whenever he is being an asshole

There is no evidence, beyond his own words, that a doctor has ever given him such a diagnosis and instead serves as a convenient excuse. He calls it “explanation not excuse”. But in practice, there is no difference between “explanation” and “excuse” for him.
Boogie's manipulative pattern on Twitter has several predictable steps that he has repeated multiple times.

Long story short boogie often says something dumb and then threatens suicide or use his dog as a distraction to avoid criticism.

Boogie made his wife sign a nondisclosure agreement

In the PK podcast

NDA’s are signed when there are things to hide which explains why Dez has been awfully quiet on their relationship or any psychological, not physical, abusive behavior toward her.

3 hours of boogie being abusive through twitter DMs

Boogie implying his wife is a racist

Part of the H3 interview, near the start he admits his wife was walking on eggshells around him out of fear.

Boogie threatening to kill himself after losing debates
He threatened to kill himself after a game journalist called him out on women's treatment in games.

Complains that his friend, TheQuartering, called in a welfare check for him after WotC banned him for saying lgbt people shouldn't have fought for their rights.

This is boogie talking about the welfare check in question:

Boogie sends his fans to harass another fan who questioned his weight loss lies.

Haberdasher, the admin of /r/SamandTolki, believe it or not, was a big fan of Boogie. Even recommending watching him. However, he also criticized Boogie's lack of progress on weight loss. Keep in mind, this was in 2017. Boogie has been failing at losing any weight, not counting the surgery, for his entire life.

Boogie took this personally and maliciously edited the post above, and omitting key parts that questioned him so it would seem like Haber was saying rich people "couldn't be depressed"

In full context, Haber didn't think Boogie, specifically, could be depressed if Boogie himself was claiming that he was doing so well and was even happier than ever before. It seemed like another excuse for him to overeat.

Fans then harassed Haber, because Boogie knows that his fans will attack anyone that dares to critique him.

"Boogie claims he helped a terminal cancer victim get to play Smash early, even though he did absolutely nothing".

One redditor, along with several professional streamers, managed to convince Nintendo to allow his terminally ill friend to play Super Smash Bros Ultimate prior to it’s official release. Then the day prior to his friend passing away, Boogie steals their credit just to make himself look like a good person. The only thing he did was two half assed retweets from the people doing the hard work: the terminally ill gamer's brother, and professional streamer Hungrybox . The fact Boogie used this for publicity points immensely hurt the redditor who was mourning the passing of his best friend.

In reality, it was Hugbox who did all the hard work and campaigned for this to happen. Hugbox never bragged about it nor took any credit, unlike Boogie who comparatively did nothing of note.

Boogie bullies a kid and makes fun of him for having divorced parents

While Boogie has threatened people, primarily women, with physical violence before for speaking ill of his “pedophile father”, he has no issue with making fun of a gamer in his own squad during a match of Apex Legends. Boogie attempted, and failed, to make fun of his random teammate for having divorced parents. He then tries to push his buttons by saying he “must come from a broken home” and that he must have anger issues.

There's no real excuse for this as Boogie, being someone who himself claims to come from a physically and sexually abusive household, clearly knows how traumatizing coming from a broken home can be.

Boogie gets exposed by a psychologist as a liar. He blocks him
Boogie called himself a "sperglord" a derogatory term for people with aspergers. He claims he was diagnosed before the term was added to the dsm.
A pshycologist calls him out. Boogie calls him a liar. He reveals his degree.

He points out boogie is using it to manipulate fans
Boogie blocks him

(He was a big fan that was inpired by boogie and even cried in sympathy of him)

Boogie calls you stupid if you think he would ever insult anyone. Then does exactly that to his critics

After his divorce he has paid for the services of women to be with him. Even going so far as to claim that he did it just to troll r/samandTolki. Lucy Foxx and The Grave Ghoul are his two known sugar babies. At one point he explicitly revealed his usage of a Sugar Baby dating site live on stream by showing his emails, however, the video was never archived properly.

The Lucy foxx incident

Lucy Foxx was one of the sugar babies Boogie hired to be with him while he was still divorcing Dez.

Boogie admits to hiring Lucy Foxx.

In this video, Lucy Foxx reveals the psychological abuse she receive from Boogie in their relationship

She was a victim of abuse as evidenced by Boogie calling her “a piece of shit”. He didn’t allow her to use a phone or even work while they were together. He makes her feel guilty for not focusing on himself. In fact, he didn’t care about Lucy at all. As usual, Boogie only cared about talking about his “problems” as a beloved youtube millionaire.
  • Lucy Foxx is an internet sex worker i.e. camgirl, stripper, model, pornstar.
  • She's 20 years old, turning 21 in 8/8/18
  • website, Twitter, Instagram
(backup). Picture of Lucy showing her tattoo (slightly NFSW)

The bulletpoints:
  • She refers to him as Asshole @1m14s
  • They met on "a website (not going to say what, but you can probably figure it out)" while Asshole was going through his divorce, exchanged messages @1m25s
  • Lucy was a fan of Asshole before they met. Thought she could trust him based on her being a fan for years and his internet reputation of being a great guy. @1m52
  • Asshole started off nice, but it didn't last @2m49
  • She would visit him everyday to take care of him and listen to him venting @3m12s
  • He wanted to keep the relationship quiet due to the divorce @3m40s
  • She feels he wanted it kept quiet so he could easily discard her when he no longer wanted her @4m02s
  • They dated a few months @4m16s
  • She was taking care of him everyday. This meant she couldn't do her camgirl job to earn her usual income @4m30s
  • Asshole would start an argument anytime she wanted to go home in order to work. Would emotionally manipulate her with lines like: "Why are you trying to leave me? You know I need somebody right now" @4m40s
  • Instead she would have to sit around the house while he did his own thing @4m55s
  • With no personal income she was struggling with bills. She'd ask Asshole for money so she wouldn't get an overdraft, he'd only give her $20. @5m10s
  • She was going through her own personal issues but was made to feel that those didn't matter, only Asshole's personal problems mattered because he has it so bad (despite the reality that his fame, fans, and fortune mean he's far better off than most). @5m38s
  • At first Asshole would take her out. Would give the occasional hand-me-down present (lootcrate crap?) "so he wouldn't have to pay for anything" @7m13s
  • She needed to travel for pornshoots, Asshole would question why she couldn't stay home instead, trying to make her stay and not do her job. She would explain she needs money and can't go anywhere due to the abuse, so only then Asshole would pay for a flight and some expenses. @7m35s
  • Asshole claimed he was comfortable with her work due to having run porn sites in the past but she knew it was all front as usual. Basically doesn't understand why he's uncomfortable with her work when he knew what she did before they dated. @8m30s
  • Got to a point she was going home in tears everyday as Asshole would scream at her: "You're not here enough" "You're just fucking annoying and don't want to listen to me" "You don't mean shit to me" "You're a piece of shit" @9m10s
  • She's not seen him since March @10m01s
  • She's not a hooker, doesn't do that kind of service. @10m12s
  • It was a real, emotional relationship i.e. not a pay-for-sex relationship as people were claiming. @10m28s
  • She left him because of him screaming at her everyday and making her "feel like dirt at the side of the road" @10m45s
  • Never told to sign a NDA but was told "Keep his fucking name out of [her] mouth" @11m30s
  • She believes no one else should go through what she did in that relationship but she knows he's doing similar to other girls. Other girls younger than her (I believe she's 20). @11m55s (recap)

The story was covered in Drama Alert. Boogie tried to paint Lucy Foxx as his girlfriend as well as a gold digger, but deliberately omits the fact that he had hired her. Keemstar is his friend and has called Boogie a “saint” in the past. because boogie covered for him when keen accused an old man of being a pedo. Keemstar has promised to cover for him.

Notice how he throws softballs at Boogie and avoids asking uncomfortable questions. He lets Boogie control the narrative.

Boogie claims he likes her. But then proceeds to like these tweets calling her horrible and sociopathic: and

With the low public opinion of “e-thots” and “boob streamers”, Boogie was easily able to convince his followers that Lucy Foxx was an evil gold digger and not another victim of his abuse.

In private Boogie has admitted that he did, indeed, meet her on a sugar daddy website and claims that she was the one that abused him. He also verifies her claims that he did not pay her.

There are two big options. "Believe all survivors" or "believe evidence". If you are in the former believing Boogie, by necessity is also believing Lucy Foxx as a survivor. If you're in the later, questioning Lucy also implies questioning Boogie's claims as they aren't backed up by evidence either.

We can't tell if Boogie is telling the truth about his past. But given Boogie's lack of honesty, and him calling Lucy foxx a liar, makes fair game pointing out contradictions in his claims. Him being, allegedly, molested and abused is despicable. However embellishing the truth to manipulate his fans is also morally wrong.

Boogie claims his sister raped him.

In this thread, Boogie tells the tale of how his sister raped him at a young age.
His sister denies it.
Boogie doubles down and claims she wouldn't admit doing it on social media.)

Contradictions about his Dad
Boogie says his dad died alone in his final years

But then claims he visited him every year and stayed with him for months

Boogie praises his mother (the same woman he says molested and domestically abused him and his siblings)

It's well known among those of us that knew Boogie personally at one time or another, he is far from a centrist. However he likes to claim that he is one online because he believes taking one political stance or another would alienate part of his audience. Rather than just not talking about politics like a normal gaming channel, he instead chooses to lie.

Boogie says he needs money, but then reveals he is actually rich and greedy

Boogie claims he desperately needs money. He says that he is barely surviving on his current income and would need to work in retail “again” to survive. As if the money he gets from donations, sponsors and ad revenue wasn’t enough for him to live. (on twitter)

In this video, Boogie is e-begging for his Patreon because he "needs peace of mind for his family"

But then he also brags about having 6 figures and even purchases himself an expensive vacation to Disneyland, and to top it off, makes fun of anyone that might think he is in need of money.

He also bragged about making 6 figures on a stream:

Patreon lies

Boogie claims he opened a Patreon, in part, to finance a podcast project (not his big stack one) and to have enough money to survive.

But then offers literally nothing to his patrons, even admitting he will use the money to buy toys. It's just a lazy excuse to receive money.

"This is the highest tier and is the same as previous tiers only you have decided you hate money and want to burn quite a lot of it on my collectible card game addiction. :) JOIN $100 TIER"

Is Boogie a Centrist?

If you ask Boogie you would have a hard time knowing as he constantly goes back and forth claiming he is a centrist, and in a span of a few days claiming yet again that he isn't. For example:

January 8, 2019:I'm a centrist and even I think this is a bad take.

February 25, 2019:Nope. I dont think being centrist makes you better or stronger. >Nor am I centrist.

More contradictions (17 in total):

Ultimately whether he describes himself or not as a Centrist doesn't depend in a moral stance, but on what benefits him for that situation..

Being morbidly obese is an ill-advised lifestyle choice, but it is ultimately one an adult like Boogie is free to make.

The issue here is that he constantly emotionally baits his viewers who genuinely worry about his health and well-being. Giving them all false hope that he will be better. This is just a cheap manipulative tactic to get views and money because he is never changing. He also consistently lies to his audience about making an effort to change. They then take this as inspirational because they’ve fallen for his lies. Manipulative behaviour such as this is what is being criticised and not necessarily his poor life choices.

Boogie makes up excuses for being genetically unable to lose weight, claiming that doctors haven't been able to figure it out

Boogie shows cans of soda on stream after making a "my last soda video":, the next day claims they were for his "friends":

Boogie eats a bite of cake then throws the rest away, less than 3 days after claiming he was going on a ketogenic diet

Why was he even taking a bite of cake in the first place? He claims on the H3H3 podcast that he's done this several times, saying that after the surgery the stuff doesn't even taste good and he throws it out. So why does he keep doing it?

Weight loss lies (2019 edition)

The biggest weight loss Boogie has had is when he had the weight loss surgery and the immediate months afterward. He has had little to no progress since then, being “hardstuck” at 350. He clearly has not curtailed his overeating nor follows the diet recommendations provided by his “team of doctors”.

Boogie admits he failed his 30 days "clean eating" challenge

In February he keeps inspiring people saying he would lose weight, but he conffesed on twitch how eating so much food is so important to him that the fact the surgery made him eat less made him sucidal:

He is then seen keeping overeating in SoCal cookies and plenty of un unhealthy food

And he is also caught drinking a lot of soda

Despite claiming before his surgery he had "his last mt dew ever" and in the desciption of the video he says he wouldn't drink "soda or carbonated drinks, that statement being clearly a lie.

He keeps ordering pizza despite claiming he would eat healthy

Boogie made a video admitting he doesn't want to lose weight. (But still portrays himself as inspirational on YouTube)

A fitness youtuber tried to help him:

Boogie then played the victim and his helper as evil.

Other Failed weight loss projects

Diamond Dallas Page,
a legendary WWF wrestler and trainer, flew out to Boogie's house and offered to personally train Boogie. Suffice it to say, Boogie did not take him up on this offer.

Boogie had a secondary channel that was supposed to record his weight loss progress. Never heard of it before? Exactly. Here it is:

Notice how it hasn't been updated in 6 years

Boogie also had a Tumblr blog that was supposed to document his weight loss progress

It hasn't been updated in two years and was supposedly "hacked". But it was never replaced by anything else.

If you'd rather watch a video than scroll through this wall of text, here are a few that will get you up to speed.
Memeology's many part series on Boogie.

Note: This post was originally written by /u/NightLikeDay over on /r/SamAndTolki, with his permission I'm reformatting it for Kiwi Farms.

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