Boogie / Boogie2988 / "Francis" / Steven Jason Williams - Fat, Rapidly Declining Divorced "Nice Guy" Middle-Aged Youtuber, Former Edgy Porn Blogger


You're a nog.
17 fucking abscesses! Aside from the fact his mouth is a horrifying stink hole, wouldn’t you think that would hurt? I had one abscess in my life and I went to the dentist next day. No way could I sit around and eat crap and play vidya. No painkillers helped, it needed to a root canal and antibiotics given.

He’s lying again.
Same. When you're an immobile deathfat, you're gonna have extreme pain all over, he probably just got used to it after a while
I not only agree with what @purpleboy said, but I'd add that he was also probably afraid of how much getting them removed would hurt and/or interfere with his eating habits, however short of a time that may be.

I mean just look at the guy, I wouldn't be surprised if he found the thought of not being able to eat whatever he wanted and unreasonable amounts of it for any amount of time to be a horror worth putting up with moldering, rotten, painful teeth.

In case anyone wants to see the aftermath of what lackluster dental hygiene does to one's mouth:

What is wrong with this man.
A: As a person how do you let them get to this stage?
B: With the amount of money he has had for fucking YEARS, why wait so long to replace them?

B: With the amount of money he has had for fucking YEARS, why wait so long to replace them?
What, you expect him to spend his money on shit that isn't unnecessary amounts of junk food, overpriced plastic crap or shitty replica arcade cabinets he doesn't need and probably never plays?
I imagine too (not to defend Boogie) that part of the reason why he waited so long to fix his teeth was due to his weight. A 500 lb guy who can't even stand on his own would likely have trouble just sitting his fat ass in a dentist chair. Let alone actually having a dental surgeon have to physically push himself just to reach across Boogie's girth to get into his mouth.

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