Boogie / Boogie2988 / "Francis" / Steven Jason Williams - Fat, Rapidly Declining Divorced "Nice Guy" Middle-Aged Youtuber, Former Edgy Porn Blogger

Baldur's Gait

Huh, you're a queer fellow!
One dissolved while he was eating prime rib and the others he removed with a butter knife and pen cap
If I can credit Boogie for anything, it's that I have now embedded the importance of dental hygiene into my brain.

I always keep my teeth clean. This is just a window that shows me why I should keep it that way.

Are we sure that Boogie wasn't just replaced by some kind of obese robot? Who the fuck is that and what did they do wi
And we now have the finished result of Boogie's the dentist's hard work.

Who the fuck is that and what did they do with Boogie? He looks like a Pixar character.... Is this CGI or something?

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You're a nog.
What does one have to do to take care of fake teeth and how is Boogie gonna fail miserably at it?
If it's dentures I'm pretty sure he just has to put them in a small glass of water with a chemical tablet at night (or before bed if you're not on a normal CR). Iirc if you brush them you really fuck them up, so he shouldn't have any trouble with that part.

Imo the beard, hair, and teeth all look pretty good.

It's the manipulative intentions behind them that make him so disgusting to look at. He won't regularly take care of himself with a trim, haircut, and floss, and only cleans himself up for what he assumes will be a big payday, instead of looking presentable every day of his job. That's the problem.

You're still gross, Boogie. But now you can chew while you eat yourself to death and your dentists can afford another level on their pyramid scheme. Congrats.

He looks like the autistic son of Kevin Owens and Peter Griffin.

He's going to put back so much weight now that he can "eat without pain". Then people will say shit to him about it and it'll be "Aww I know you guys but it just feels good to be able to function normally again I guess I just thought people would sympathize I guess I let everyone down... ; __ ;" for about a week and a half.

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