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Slimy Time

Rape Face #5, I think...
Boogie bit his dog.
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He's trying to do PR on Reddit /r/livestreamfail

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Odds of this hurting the dog, probably minimal given that bitches nip their puppies to stop them doing things.
Why a morbidly obese person is doing it? Fucking weird. Is he going to come out as trans-racially Chinese?
I fucking love how when his dog goes "nope" he starts kissing it and "loving it" like an abusive husband would after hitting his wife.


Stayしがちなイメージだらけの 頼りない翼でも きっと飛べるさ
My issue is no so much that he bit the dog, but more of the size difference. Like, I rough-house with my dogs a lot like that, but they are large breeds that can take it as well as give it.

This fat faggot rough housed something barely larger than a fucking rat, of course it was gonna get hurt


will definitely consider what you have said
True & Honest Fan
That dog looks mostly Pekinese. Pekes have a bad reputation for biting when you fuck them off. I'm slightly surprised the dog didn't spin round and take off part of his eyebrow.

Interestingly, most reported bites by small dogs are to a) their owners and b) faces. Guess we can see how at least some of that happens now.

Still Anonymous For This

I've never even been to Vienna.
This essentially sums up Boogie in a nutshell. When a normal person hurts their dog on accident, like stepping on a paw, that person feels like the world's biggest piece of shit. When you hurt your dog, you feel like you're betraying your best friend.

Boogie hurts his dog and goes into overdrive to prove to everyone else that he's totally the best pet owner ever with no real understanding of the dipshit thing he's done.

You see this time and time again with Boogie. He has no ability to empathize with other people's pain. He just rolls it back into how he's Truly The Best Guy.

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