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Imperial Guardsman

True & Honest Fan
I'm really struggling to decide whether I think boogie is just really dumb or actively doing shit to create controversy.

Like I don't think he thought to himself, "if I bite my dog I'll get Reddit and Keemstar to call me out and then I'll get attention"

I don't think that was his process going into it. Mostlt because that's really fucking dumb. But it's obvious that he revels in the drama. By uploading the edited clip and defending it and he tries to like suck everyone's dicks whose calling him out while still acting like the victim.
Personally, think it is a mix of both. I do think he wants to get attention but he goes and does some of the dumbest shit and it creates more backlash than he expected. The whole Tesla thing is a good example. He wanted to joke around and stir up a tiny bit of hate but it ended up blowing up.

He wants to be liked but he also wants people to pay attention to him. The problem is he doesn't like when people who have a voice that people listen too (Keemstar) call him out. He wants to do dumb shit for attention but face no real criticism when it comes to his behavior. This is why he uses "suicidal thoughts" or "mental issues" as an excuse for his behavior in an attempt to get out of it because it has worked for him in the past and has worked for others.

He wants to revive his dying internet career (see travel channel for another attempt) but at this point people are tired of his shit and the only people who remain are his super fans. The more dumb stuff like this he does the more super fans leave him behind.
Obviously the dog is fine. It probably wasn't a hard bite and the shocked reaction was just down to it being surprised. The thing that gets me is he uses the poor thing as a prop. It's a living thing with a tiny little heart don't fuck with it just to get a reaction.
The use of him using the dog as a deflection for criticism is pretty well documented. You can gurantee he will deploy his Sammy defense shield soon after the all the controversy has died down to show he’s just fine and you don’t need to worry!
This bite thing would have meant nothing in the grand scheme of things but I have a feeling it'll be the straw that breaks the camel's back when combined with all the other incredibly dumb and manipulative shit he's pulled recently. It's still a mean thing to do to your dog, though.

Sometimes a NOOOO NOT THE HECKIN DOGGO situation is required to get normies on board.


Obviously the dog is fine. It probably wasn't a hard bite and the shocked reaction was just down to it being surprised. The thing that gets me is he uses the poor thing as a prop. It's a living thing with a tiny little heart don't fuck with it just to get a reaction.
That's what gets me as well. I don't understand like how even if the chat had gotten him to a point where he felt he needed to prove something as crazy as that(I don't know why any rational human would do this, but I did see people in chat leading up to the bite saying, "do it"). Boogie, please get the help you'll never get. Just do it for the internet at this point if you can't for yourself. Just log off.

Disheveled Human

I Should Have Played Ball
The dog is clearly fine the dog didn't even yelp. What made it seem worse was boogies reaction to it basically apologizing to the dog which activated the mob.



[/USER=80085]@j666,[/B] Thaks b[B ]
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You know, the-

One thing I should-

Excuse me for one second.

Insipid pig! Debauched, dentured freak! Human Scum! Christ on the cross, your repulsiveness has no bounds! The only pet you deserve is a rock in the form of your kidney stones!

*ahem* Boogie, you’re a moron.

are you seriously trying to roleplay phoenix wright in a boggie2988 thread
what the fuck is wrong with you lol

The Pink Panther

The Nigga Panther
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Boogie bit his dog.
View attachment 1098178

He's trying to do PR on Reddit /r/livestreamfail

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So instead of white girls fuck dogs, it's fat guys eat dogs, huh?

Edit: Fuck. Someone beat me to the joke. But seriously, I'm fucking laughing. This is some of the funniest shit I've seen on the farms in a while. Boogie is one of those lolcows where every once in a while he just does the stupidest fucking shit in one big loop and it's fucking hilarious. He just can't stop. He's the living embodiment of fucking stupidity and oafishness.
Who bites their dog? Honestly. What a weird thing to do at all, let alone allow the entire internet to see. Criiiiinge.

And while I'm not the type to clutch at my pearls about every little thing with animals (because people these days are too sycophantic about their "furbabies"-- ick), you can tell the dog got really nervous after that bite. The overt licking is proof of that. That was a sign of anxiety from the dog, because the little dude knows he wouldn't be able to physically do anything to protect himself. He was basically begging Boogie to not do that again.

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