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I'll take the Centrist™ position here and say that the people freaking out over this and the person who caused them to freak out are equally bad. Clearly throwing my lot in with one side would be foolish and tribalistic.

I'll take my Kiwi Gold now :smug:

Good God even doing that as an ironic bit is insufferable, how do faggots like this not neck themselves?

The handsome tard

Hyperion wishes you an amazing 2020, b.andits...
Alinaty fucks dogs, and Boogie bites dogs. Quality content on Twitch, you guys!

They hate dogs.
Nah, people like them just take sick pleasure from torturing others "lower" than them. They are too much pussies to take on other people, especially those bigger and stronger than them, so they stick with abusing something that wont fight back.

Dia de Muertos

I do wonder if he doesn't know how hard he is biting down because a) his teeth are fake af and b) he doesn't usually get bit let alone bites himself enough to even know how much force to use for a playful bite.

And the reason why I thought about reason b is simply because my stupid ass thought it would be a good idea to play bite my small dog one day when I was rough housing w/her and I doubt it hurt my dog but I think I bit harder than we both assumed and it pissed my dog off enough to act in a similar fashion to the way his dog did in the clip but except for giving me face licks my dog bit me back. Deservingly so.
Because only a fucking idiot bites their dog when they don't even know what a play bite should feel like and they definitely don't know how to play bite in the first place.

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For everyone who doesn't follow Boogie2988 but is here from the announcement:

He and Keemstar also finally blocked each other:
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Now that's something to get mad about. Fuck you Boogie, Keemstar could have helped you big time, but as usual, you push away everyone who tries to improve your life.
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And you would have thought that these streamers have gotten the message that pets and streaming do not go together well and can lead to potential lolcowdom.

Those that are looking to be future streamers should really observe this man as well as Alinity on how not to conduct yourself or should just reconsider something else to do for kicks.


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Boogie's AvantGardePony days I don't hear referenced very much on the Farms. I know it's old shit, but some of his most cringe worthy of content. Outside of his usual hanging out a child's amusement parks, fake chatter teeth, constant apologizing, weight, love for camgirls, and all of the classic things we've seen on here. I'm surprised that his dog didn't bite him back for that.

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