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brutal poodle
I have actually seen other autists bite their pets like this playfully. For example I have seen imaqtpie (LoL streamer) bite his cat’s tail before, not enough for the cat to notice but enough for the viewers to react and feel uncomfortable. I think it’s a tic or impulse some people have, if something is near their mouth they want to bite it. Below is a clip of that.

I think boogie probably does this in private a lot with his dog as a playful (?) thing and Sammie usually reacts differently or not at all, so he thought it’d be a quirky thing to do on stream but it backfired immediately. That’s my interpretation, anyways. I don’t think it’s a big deal at all. Sure it’s weird, but Sammie is fine. A lot of you have accidentally stepped on a dog’s tail or paw and immediately felt guilty afterwards, this is not much different.
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Gone Forever
People are raising an awful stink about the Boogster biting his dog; you'd think he tore the poor thing's flesh off with all the hullabaloo the internets causin.

Sammy is probably so old and medicated out of his mind, the dog probably barely felt this man's fake teeth


The new n-word
Boogie bit his dog.

He's trying to do PR on Reddit /r/livestreamfail

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Ok, I hate the whiteknights of Boogie a lot but I hate his alogs too, I agree with them that he isn't perfect, as matter of fact, he can be quite a dipshit but that doesn't seem to me like that much of a bad thing and I don't get why animal-obsessed redditors are losing their shit over this.
Come on, it's a fucking joke, yeah, that was a bit rough but Boogie is a clumsy fatfuck and he was staring at the fucking camera at that moment, let's get real, his dog probably forgot about it like 30 seconds later on.

Smertest Wisard

*opens spellbook* OwO what's this?
To add my two cents, I don't think boogie bit the dog hard enough to hurt it.
Dogs and cats have a surprising amount of loose skin on their backs, and it doesn't look like the skin was stretched enough to cause damage.
The dog's response is certainly cause for concern, but I've seen well trained dogs respond in the same way from being pet in the wrong direction. I would expect it to make some noise if it was in pain, but now I'm starting to psychoanalyze Mr. YouTube Funnyman's dog.

None of this changes the fact that he's acting like a Chinese toddler that just got a puppy for Christmas.

Digger Nick
Still new to knowing about boogie, was he always the tremendous cunt that he is now, or was it literally just been snowballing ever since the divorce? Was he always a cringe lord on twitch?


The new n-word
A second and a half? That's around 0.00041667 hours, 0.025 minutes or 27826422486720000000000000000000000000000000 planck times, yikes my dude.

I don't know what's more retarded, Boogie's manipulative attempts at damage control or his haters' reactions to it.

The dog biting incident was not as big of a deal as people are making it out to be.

What should be touched on is that the dog is overweight which is really bad for smaller breeds. And it's clearly not getting enough exercise. Also the images of him having dog shit in the house. And feeding the dog random crap that isn't good for it. Also, I play with my dogs and they never react that way. That reaction, to me, is an animal who is constantly messed with.

There should be no question the dog isn't being treated as well as it should be and pretty much abused. But this incident is like the cherry on top of a shit sundae. I.E. inconsequential.

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