Boogie / Boogie2988 / "Francis" / Steven Jason Williams - Fat, Rapidly Declining Divorced "Nice Guy" Middle-Aged Youtuber, Former Edgy Porn Blogger

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Yes Boogie, set up an arcade outside your house and invite all the little neighborhood children over to play.

Reminder that Boogie's "arcade" is a bunch of those horrible 1-Up machines he got for free that you can see collecting dust in the background of some of his videos.
What a desperate attempt to make a "wholesome" video to fix his flagging views. It's a global lockdown; setting up communal machines for random people to come and touch is just such a bad idea. How do people know that the gloves and masks he's providing are even clean?

I hope someone from his community catches wind of this and make sure it doesn't happen.


True & Honest Fan

This picture is so classic.

Here's a picture of Boogie with fellow professional upstart Wood Hawker out in about, visiting Software Developers like its nothing.

Life is so different outside the internet.
Luckily the lockdown probably saved Boogie (for now) the "crippling social anxiety" he'll experience when he doesn't get invited to any cons this year. For now he can just claim there's no cons. Notice how Sony, Square, or anybody else is no longer sending him any review copies, must have really driven him into Marcos late night when he learned he wasn't a chosen YewTuber for FF7 redux.

His fall is delicious and well deserved. Good job boogers you could have just kept your fucking mouth shut and had a golden parachute. Now it looks like you might actually run out of money before you die. And that's not even mentioning how your e-fame is in the toilet.

Love ya!

Shit I fucked that up. The long hair guy in the pic with BOOGIE is Wood Hawker aka Woody Woodbegger.

Does Woody Woodbegger have a thread here yet?

From all the shit he has pulled I wouldn't be surprised.


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Boogie suffering from Deathfat Rebirth Syndrome. He said something very similar in January and we all saw how that worked out.
Even in his "feel good" state, he still has to add some backhanded pity comment like "rebuild what's left of my life" like that's supposed to make his wheelchair fanbase feel sorry for fatboy. He's a grotesque, manipulative pig.


Never knows best.
What a whole load of fucking shit, Keemstar organised a whole group of YouTubers to help Boogie out when he was depressed and planning to kill himself.

Hell, Keemstar was the guy Boogie called on the day he planned to kill himself (3:15):

Remember when Keemstar played defence for Boogie when Lucy Foxx said he was emotionally abusive?
Even less than a year ago, Keemstar took Boogie's side publicly.

Say what you like about Keem, the guy was pretty fucking nice to Boogie, all things considered. And how does Boogie repay Keemstar? When the Content Cop on him dropped, he sent this shit to a fake iDubbbz account. And now this is happening, and he just jumps at the chance to get back at Keemstar. It's so disgusting, especially with this holier-than-thou attitude: "I wish we could train him to be kind all the time." Fuck me, the guy isn't a dog, though if he was, Boogie would try to eat him.

Has anyone bothered to show him he is the one who actually turned on keemstar with the idubbz shit? Or are his obese orbiters in full force still.