Boogie / Boogie2988 / "Francis" / Steven Jason Williams - Fat, Rapidly Declining Divorced "Nice Guy" Middle-Aged Youtuber, Former Edgy Porn Blogger


Major asshole, first class
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How is he still so fucking fat!?
I knew a guy who had the same weight loss surgery and returned to about 500 lbs. He was always overheated. We had a regular aa meeting in a place with no elevator and the 14 steps up to the meeting room would just activate his fupasweat
You could almost feel his obese heat before he even entered the room.

He was also publicly a getalong gang guy in group, controlling asshole outside it.


Inflammatory Metacommentary
He's got some kind of exhibitionism fetish. At the drop of a hat he flops out muh ever changing child abuse story, muh mental health, muh suicide, and now muh deflated whale carcass body. Just throws this shit out there either unprompted or with a setup like this "like my tweet an easily attainable number of times and I'll post nudes oh no it's out of my hands teehee" routine.
It's not just a fetish for him. He trots out his worst 'trauma' as soon and as often as possible because it's he learned a long time ago, probably as a child, that it protected him from attacks, criticism, and expectations. It's the social equivalent of a possum playing dead.


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Not looking at nudes

Just came to say that Boogies survival at this point reaffirms my belief in a Devine figure as there is seemingly no other explanation he hasn't fallen over dead of a heart attack, but has also completely made me lose faith in any sort of Devine plan as what reason could there possibly be to keep him within the mortal realm?

Is Boogie simply so repulsive that Death itself refuses to take him? Or is all this just a cruel joke?


Feeling switchy, might delete fucking everything
Someone has clearly been studying the "Ethan Ralph: How ta dab on the hayturs" handbook.

"Show your entire hideously malformed gunt to ideally drive as many to suicide as you possibly can whilst simultaneously showing the peasants you're still technically capable of sex.
Huff your shit smeared thumb for extra "That'll show your Dad whose boss" points"

All he needs now is a mush-mouthed, stuttering Canadian Coke head mascot, A nutless man servant with his fictional headmate Puerto Rican girlfriend and a methed up, childbride, compulsive liar of his own and he'll be hitting peak Charlie Sheen levels of winning by the end of the week.