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How many of you use the bookmark feature for posts, and of those that do, do you ever get around to looking through your bookmarks? I'll admit that more often than not I bookmark a post and never get back to it.
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  • Janny reasons, eg reading a thread and come upon something I can't fix right then (like say a user has hotlinked 40 fucking images but I'm on my phone) I will bookmark "FIX." I will bookmark stuff that needs archiving that I can't do right away.
  • I bookmark posts that have gud gifs/videos, so I can troll BP chat with them.
  • I bookmark posts that are helpful either because it's an excellent post on cow's history or it's helpful to users in terms of site's functionality, etc.
  • And more reasons
I have a lot of bookmarks and do use them 🤓🤓


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yeah, i tend to bookmark posts that have profound references to literary work, or are full of information that i will use everyday. i dont tend to bookmark stuff related to lolcows though

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Yes. I think the feature is nice.
It is pretty much necessary when catching up on the big general threads or doing research.


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I have over a thousand bookmarks in 4 categories:
  • current political shit ("horror")
  • non-political and historical facts ("informative")
  • sources sources and references to follow up, including entertainment ("sauce")
  • awesome self-contained homegrown kiwi posts: insightful commentary, things I've been saying for ages and now someone else said it too aww my soulmate marry me sweetheart, funny insults ("awesome").

Some awesome lines:

"Another thing--for a show that pats itself on the back for presenting real and accurate depictions of mental illness awareness, it certainly doesn't take into account that most severely mentally ill people don't have people in their lives that give a shit about them like Steven does."
marry me @Alto

"I posit that had the whole "girly stuff for girls" section of pop culture never been created, girls/their parents would have just bought the same shit the boys were buying, and humanity would have been spared a whole lot of embarrassment."

"You get to fight zombies, kill corrupt government officals. Progs will love it because they get to murder the government, conservatives will love it because they get to murder the government. Nothing brings Americans together than destroying governments. Especially our own."

"I've secretly soaked the pages of Aristotle's lost book in estrogen."

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I usually bookmark
  • walls of text for later reading
  • videos I can't watch at work because my workplace firewall is configured to block YouTube but not KF
  • posts containing good reference material: studies, books, articles
  • current progress in reading a thread
That's about it.