Books/Comics that made you cry - From the silver screen to the written word, sad moments.

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I really appreciate your feedback sharing moments in films that pulled on our heartstrings. I enjoyed watching every scene that made us become emotionally attached to characters. For that, I thank you.

But, don’t think I didn’t forget about you bibliophiles out there. There are certain pieces of the written word that are so well written, it too makes us cry. Without the music and visual aid that connects us to a story, a novel must make a strong bond between you and the characters to make you sympathize with them.

Without further ado, what book, comic, or poem made you feel like your face reached the bottom of Splash Mountain?

For me, I have two books. The first one is George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four. I was invested in the character of Winston Smith, and his human nature against the artificial construct of Big Brother.
It was depressing to see him broken to an empty husk of a human, like the others he had seen before, under the Chestnut Tree Cafe.

The second book is Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck. It’s about a man and his mentally retarded companion looking for work in depression-stricken California.

I got too deep into the scene when George, defeated, finds Lennie at the place they started. As he tells Lennie to look straight and recite their dream, I felt George listening to all his goals and aspirations’ last breaths before the final act. That moment of just being prepared to pull the trigger was incredibly tense and seemed like eternity.

I read Angela's Ashes because I saw it paperback for $4 at a drugstore and I recognized the title from being mentioned on The Office in The Finer Things Club episode.

It's an extraordinary read, and it's not all doom and gloom, although it mostly is.

There's a few laugh out loud moments in it for sure.


W.E.3 for comics. Animals fighting crime, only realistically.

1984 also hit me pretty hard in the third part. Everything was so nice and comfy with Julia, but then they are found. And it's implied they could've done that all along.

My mom and I cried at Bridge To Terabithia. Neither of us saw it coming, but it treated death as something sudden, just like in real life.
As far as young adult books go, The first part last made me ball my eyes out. Also, Bridge to Terabithia, The Giver and That was then, this is now. Some others are, Requiem for a Dream, Push, Mysterious Skin, The Virgin Suicides, Never Let Me Go and Flowers in the Attic.


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"Three Comrades" by Erich Maria Remarque. It takes the reader through some real relatable highs, and crushes them at the end. He does this in a lot of his books, but pulled it off best with this one.


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“The Art of Racing in the Rain” ~ Garth Stein

Read it after having to put my best, little buddy down. Took me about three days to get through the last handful of pages. Too many feels.

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I don't think I've cried while reading a book. I do remember when my elementary school teacher read Charlotte's Web to my class and she just started crying when Charlotte died at the end.
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I cried at the ending of Holes and Red Fern. I had watched the movies so I decided to read the books (for style points.) I knew what was going to happen in the end but I just couldn't help shed a tear.

I also cried at the ending of Dragonkeeper when Danzi left.