Books/Comics that made you cry - From the silver screen to the written word, sad moments.


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The worst book I ever read was named "Of Nightengales that Weep." It's set in feudal Japan, starring a Mary Sue who gets taken from poverty to be the princess's personal maid because she's so beautiful, develops a crush on a known spy, and does nothing, leaving the capital to fall, while her family back home is all dying due to disease. And the incest. There's so much incest.

Did I mention that this book was required reading for my seventh grade English class? Because it was. I asked my teacher why we had to read this, and she said that even she hated it.

The nightengales didn't weep as much as I did when I had to read that awful, awful book.

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For comics, the first and last few pages of the first issue of Nick Spencer's Amazing Spider-Man run made me tear up. Same goes for Spectacular Spider-Man 310, which was probably the most heartfelt Spider-Man story I've read in a while.

Book-wise, there's a lot of moments in Brandon Sanderson's Stormlight Archive series that make me choke up, lots of character moments in those books that really get me in the best way.
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When I was pretty young (maybe about nine)I got a novel out of the big kids section of the school library. The librarians had long since stopped me from reading whatever I wanted. So no more putting books for 6th+ graders back (it was a K-8 ) and handing me The Busy World of Richard Scarry. :mad:

This book was called Cry of the Heart. It was written in the 40s I think. It was about this girl in Australia and her cats. Her father remarries and the woman is really cruel and hates the girl and her cat. The cat has kittens and well...:(

The girl saves one kitten and hides it and the mother cat in the wilderness. The book partially tells the story of a now feral cat's life and the life of the girl and her broken family. Eventually the evil stepmother gives birth to a sick baby that she can't even be bothered to care for properly. He dies nameless. They just called him Boy.

The girl does eventually keep the kitten as a pet. But the mother cat dies tragically when she tries to come back home years later.

We always had cats growing up and it was a pretty heavy story for a nine year old to take. The passages about the mother cat's hard life in the wilderness are pretty sad. Especially since most of our cats were strays so I felt really bad for her.


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I cried reading "All the Weyrs of Pern". If Anne McCaffrey had retired the series there it would've been perfect.



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I can be a bit of an easy crier but a few instances of Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and His Years of Pilgrimage made me sob. I didn't care for his instances of explaining how being kicked out the group made him depressed, but my heart was racing at the end of the book and when I realized I wouldn't find out what would happen I cried a lot. There's something palpable about the emptiness of Marukami's characters. A good example is the short story "Landscape with Flatiron" in "After the Quake."


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Steins;Gate definitely made me shed a tear
Also when Genkai dies in YYH

I've recently reread Alan Moore's Tom Strong and I have to admit that the "End of the World" crossover with Promethea, with the main character talking to his nemesis and discovering all that mess about his family, moved me a bit. The art helped a lot, the watercolor-like style they chose for the last issue made it even more melancholy.

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I wouldn't say it made me cry, but Child of God made me feel so hollow.

Lester Ballard is one of the most irredeemable protagonists I have ever seen in a story, but his ultimate fate caught me completely off guard. Guy dies of pneumonia, and then his body is taken to be dissected and examined by medical students. Something about his agency over his own corpse being taken away from him, along with the completely detached narration as his organs and brain are removed, really got to me more than anything else in the book. I came away from it not knowing what to feel but some indescribable horror and sadness.

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Not full on bawling, but quite a few scenes from novels/short stories have gotten me choked up or teary-eyed. I think the novel that came closest to getting me to actually cry was the last Dark Tower novel. Most of that book is just one crushing blow to Roland after another.

Roland's prayer at Jake's grave, Eddie's death, Oy's death... ESPECIALLY Oy's death, Susannah abandoning Roland and we get a glimpse of how miserable and lonely he really is


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Water Margin because life is not fucking fair and karma is bullshit.

Mostly everybody dies including that faggot Song Jiang who caused this whole mess.
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The final chapter of Watership Down, which both deconstructs and elevates the power of myth, made me wobbly-lipped.

Comics have never made me weep. I guess some manga is really sad but the characters all have big eyes so it isn't fair.
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I read "Witch Baby" as a teenager and I clearly remember crying when the title character's boyfriend (Angel Juan) and his family were deported. It didn't change my stance on illegal immigration, but Witch Baby losing the one person who truly understood her was still sad.

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I first read it years ago, when the issue hit the stands: Neil Gaiman and Dave McKean's one-shot story "Hold Me" Hellblazer #27. It's still a good read if one doesn't think too much on how little some things have changed since then.


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The first book to come to mind is Flowers for Algernon. That ending was sad as hell.
I cry more at films than books, because I see whats happening. So in movies, the scene in Intersteller where the main guy is going through years and years of messages and seeing his kids grow up and realizing he missed everything but is still so proud of them anyways. That hit me hard.
In a TV show, I would say the end of "Luck of the Fryrish" and of course, "Jurassic Bark" from Futurama. Because I am a basic bitch.
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Cain River. Just.........Cain River. Horrid.

The Color Purple was too sad for me. I don't find it uplifting. I find it extremely depressing.

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Shit, this wasn't the book I first thought of in this thread but you reminded me of some book I read when I was like 9 or 10. The House of Cats or something, had a cute illustrated cover of a little girl holding a kitten. I think my mother got it for me at one of those library book giveaways or something, because I love cats. The goddamn thing opened with a sweet fluffy cat getting brutally mauled to death by a tom and I stopped reading it then and there. Didn't pick it up again until some time in college, when I found it and read the whole thing while cleaning out my childhood bedroom, and Jesus Christ it is just full of cat-on-cat murder.

The other book I thought of was called Baby Alicia is Dying. Saw it while looking for something to do at the library while my son was with his toddler group, knew from the title what to expect, knew I shouldn't read it because I can't handle sad baby stories anymore since being a parent, and picked it up and read it anyway. Bawled like a stupid bitch when the baby died in the first goddamn act. It was my own fault, really.