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And a gigantic chunk of teachers are fucking shit at what they do.
"Teach to the Test" is a thing. A very motivating, very powerful, very awful thing. This is why our students will be shit in the future as they are only getting the bare minimum they need to pass some arbitrary test some gov't official creates in an office somewhere remote. Meanwhile said official is sending their kid to private school cause "Fuck that shit yo!" they aren't having their snowflake fail in life..,


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Not exactly memes, but both very popular with boomers I know this week.

You can always tell when actual boomers are sharing it, because they'll always just screenshot it and not crop off the phone screen border.

This one's special because they're using the trans flag background. I've had to inform several it's the trans flag, not just "pale red white and blue."

Charge your damn phone, boomer!


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I remember when I was still classified as Gen X. As of today I'm technically classified as a Millennial despite having told as a child by advertisers, schools, and the general public that my age bracket was Gen X. See, I relate to the Boomers not just in my disdain for Millennial but in my frustration with the complexity and scope of ever expanding technology and how it has effected our society for better and worse. I miss the simpler times I suppose.