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ADHD is on a completely different scale in diagnostics. it's not related to personality disorders. especially because it can be treated and managed.
Again I'm not saying that they are the same, at all, people just mistake it as such. If you get one mental health and one learning needs professional each on the same case, they will come up with different diagnosis despite being provided with the exact same evidence.

That's one of the reasons why this presents as a problem, because now they will have a particular diagnosis when it should be the other. Imagine if someone with BPD has been told they have ADHD and get given meds for it and is not given CBT (a therapy that works for BPD) instead.

The ethical implications alone would be terrible, imagine if someone did this in a life and death scenario. Let's set this up as a person you know who experienced a stroke, but instead was misdiagnosed with dementia, then they got the wrong treatment for it because of the incorrect diagnosis.

Medical professionals (doctors are a big one) should know better than to slap a condition onto a patient before going through all the possibilities. They are supposed to be the best of the best, they should start acting like it.
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I've dated at least one girl whom I now suspect to have had borderline. It was a horrible experience.

The funny thing is that one of my other friends liked her too, but she ended up liking me instead of him. He resented me for a while after that, but after the relationship was over and done with, I told him he ought to thank me for essentially taking a bullet for him.

He's a much more emotionally fragile person than me, and I honestly believe he'd have come away from that far worse than I did. And I had quite a big mental scar from her, so that's really saying a lot.


Breaking up with a BPD is the 2nd most soul-draining thing you can possibly do in life. (#1 of course being staying with a BPD.) Everyone thinks schizophrenics and sociopaths are the true faces of crazy, but they're wrong. It's borderlines.
Schizos at the very least are usually truly apologetic for their behavior and know it's a mental illness.

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BPD is a bitch. I think it deserves more research, but since patients with BPD are notoriously uncooperative and unresponsive to traditional therapy, the psych community is reluctant to delve further into it.

i have comorbid Bipolar disorder and BPD, so i'm fun.
it took years and years for me to recognize my issues as illness, and not just 'i'm special and amazing because i'm so different!'. it breaks my heart to see tumblr bastardize BPD the way they do, because it's serious and it's awful and there is little to no cure. i'm on heavy meds but i'm still in no way 'normal'. i've put my family through utter hell and all i can do now is apologize.

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That's really not the way it works. (Or doesn't work.) They're very different and you can have both at the same time. ADHD is cognitive, meaning that it's an information processing disorder. It's caused by a chemical imbalance and/or malfunctioning chemical receptors, and will usually respond to medications. BPD is a personality disorder. It's effectively a structural problem. You can drug people with BPD but all you can do is dope them up with something like Valium, basically sedating them so that the worst of the swings are moderately less destructive.

BTW, update on my very own BPD:

Last week she had a twenty minute screaming match. The next day she was winding herself up for another argument on her mobile with some unidentified victim, right in front of my bedroom window. I snapped and told her to go elsewhere and that I was sick of hearing hearing her arguing with people, she told me that she never argues anyone ever, I called her a liar and a thief, she stormed back to her room and then... the text messages started coming. And they're nothing shy of beautiful.

Have a squiz:

View attachment 223019 View attachment 223020 View attachment 223022 View attachment 223023 View attachment 223024

So that one subsided until last night, when I attempted yet again to call in some debts. A rather long read, but worth it. Highlights include her threatening to sue me and claiming she has asbestosis.

View attachment 223026 View attachment 223027 View attachment 223028 View attachment 223029 View attachment 223030 View attachment 223031 View attachment 223033 View attachment 223034 View attachment 223035 View attachment 223037 View attachment 223038
Use that thing with her mistreating her mother as part of an argument.

I've read that BPD is basically the same as CPTSD (complex post traumatic stress disorder), because the symptoms overlap heavily, the only difference is in in the cause:
when the pychiatrist/psychologists can't make out a trauma that causes this damage the patient gets diagnosed with BPD
when there is trauma in the patient's history, they get diagnosed with (C)PTSD

I've only ever interacted with BPD diagnosed people who had some kinda trauma (of course it's dependant on the therapist what they diagnose, after all...) and they all where more scared and meek, desperate for love/attention the trauma destroyed in them (my assumption) so this made them clingy and easy to frighten/overreactive when it comes to relationships. so from my experience there may be overlap, but yeah as said, never interacted with a no trauma BPD before.

anyone read something similiar and can add in/debunk that? (may edit when I read up on the thread)
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cPTSD isn't a "real" diagnosis yet; it's not in the DSM.

I do actually agree that Borderline is usually what they are calling cPTSD, though. I think Borderline itself is sort of analogous to "hysteria." It very often just seems to indicated some psych said, "She's a crazy woman, and fuck if i know." I have occasionally wondered how many women were diagnosed with BPD in the past, when psychs didn't see childhood sexual abuse or rape or DV as all that big a deal in terms of causing trauma responses.

cPTSD isn't a "real" diagnosis yet; it's not in the DSM.

I do actually agree that Borderline is usually what they are calling cPTSD, though. I think Borderline itself is sort of analogous to "hysteria." It very often just seems to indicated some psych said, "She's a crazy woman, and fuck if i know." I have occasionally wondered how many women were diagnosed with BPD in the past, when psychs didn't see childhood sexual abuse or rape or DV as all that big a deal in terms of causing trauma responses.
oh thanks! and yeah I agree, the borderline label gets thrown at girls who behave weird in some way rather often, I believe women are way more likely to be diagnosed with it than men, which is weird, because as far as I know the other PDs are relatively even

oh I read that psychiatrist back then didn't believe CSA victims, they made the children out to be liars and secretly in love with their dad/mom/whatever relative had raped them and that's how the concept of the "oedipus and elektra complex" came by

reading glass_houses story actually reminded me of one BPD guy I have/had absolutely no sympathy for, the ex boyfriend of a friend of mine. he was an absolutely vile and disgusting creature, completely addicted to the admiration of others (saying that, he might've been a narcissist actually, but he was diagnosed with BPD), lying about absouletly everything, he even lied to my friend that he had cancer in attempt to force her to marry him "before he dies", he hurt her big time and I'm glad she saw through his manipulation and broke up... though "to be fair" he did come from a very fucked up family, he said one of his uncles raped him and the others family members abused him and covered for his uncle, though don't know if I believe that, he was a pathological liar and would say about anything if he thought it would gain sympathy or admiration, like the cancer thing... or another example he boasted all the time abt his past one-night stands and that he was basically a male prostitute.... even though the dude was downright ugly. women rarely go to prostitutes in the first place, why would they go to some ugly unkept (he rarely showered!! he stank so terribly) psycho dude? I told him to his face that his storys are boring and repetitive and I have no interest in hearing them - he did not like that at all, though my friend was thankful for shutting him up.
BUT there was some proof that his family was fucked up, his brother actually murdered someone over a very benign thing and ended up in prison, that at least was true bc it was in the news


The answer is always "porn."
Yeah, I honestly don't know if there's a need for the c. I mean... It's not totally wrong-sounding to think there might be a difference between "I endured this particular short blast of terrible shit" and "I endured terrible shit for really long periods of time." However, that "might" needs to be sussed out in clinical settings, and not on Tumblr.


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Of all the personality disorders, this one scares and saddens me the most:

The people who suffer from it seem truly sad and pathetic. They are very lonely and they don't really have a "sense of self" to fall back on if they are rejected by other people. They have little to no developed sense of identity. In order to feel "whole" or even human they tend to latch onto other people. If they are rejected, they react with terrible anger and hatred.

Here is a perfect example of borderline:

I think most stalkers are BPD. Any thoughts on this disorder or those who suffer (or are enjoying) it?
Got a few in my bloodline, needless to say I don't talk to them anymore. They are lolcows themselves if they'd only post more online.

not to :powerlevel: too much, but I have (actual diagnosed) ptsd and I found the complex concept rather interesting and more specific as from my experience the overlap with BPD symptoms does apply, not only from my own symptoms, diagnoses and treatment but also from those of people I know and their overall behaviours and mindsets

it would be interesting to see some more research on long term trauma and treatment for it, and maybe it would help people who were originally diagnosed with BPD, too
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To the people with BPD here, consider Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). It's been recently developed and it's proven to help individuals suffering from BPD and help them gain rational and reasonable worldviews instead of black and white thinking.
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I've been open on this form in talking about my own experience with bpd so here it goes

There are over 730 combinations of symptoms that can net a person with the diagnosis of bpd, some combinations are worse than others but for the sake of this I can only really talk from my own experience as someone who has a formal diagnosis as BPD and some co-morbids for 12 years.

BPD lays on the fine line of neurotic disorders (anxiety, depression, ADHD) and psychotic disorder (schizophrenia) in that individuals do not experience full out delusion but are not without some form of delusional thought combined with neurosis. I know when people think of BPD they often think of the aggressive ones who lash out at others but there are just as many of use semi stealth bpds who never lash out at others or have major interpersonal issues but still maintain the diagnosis for other symptoms.

Bpd often stems from deeply ingrained child abuse. I'm not talking about being molested once or twice but a whole and systematic destruction of the sense of worth and value as an individual, often by parents or care givers.

Now I'm not dropping this as a pity ploy or boo-hoo, it's what it is and it's done so I try not to get hung up over it, but that kind of abuse causes actual malformation of the brain. BPDs have smaller amigdalas, higher grey matter content in the fear hub of the deep brain and less where this interfaces with regulators to balance fear. The base emotion of BPD is a pretty constant state of “fight or flight” and that gets really old really fucking fast. Essentially when someone is forced to grow up in fear daily that becomes how the brain settles when it stops growing.

This is where the cutting and shit comes in. Cutting releases endorphins, same shit that heroine activates, so it can be very habit forming. The main function seems to be that physical pain can for a time quiet emotional pain and that underlying fear. We all need a break at times, it's a shit way to get one but it does work. I don't cut anymore.

BPD is only really treatable with a combo of some pretty intense meds and DBT based therapy that allows a person to learn to talk themselves down. I'm a huge practitioner of DBT and cognitive behavioral techniques to calm things down. I might also use the farms to let my inner cunt out when shit isn't working out too great.

I won't defend bpds who refuse to get treatment or drop the meds they need instead of talking to their doctor to adjust them when needed. Bpd people are often the worst examples of humanity, I accept this. Learning to re-write your brain takes time and effort and is difficult and doing destructive things is easy. I'm not joking about when I say becoming functional with BPD on a basic level is a full time job. Most people don't have to talk themselves down from being impulsive to deal with fear or delusions of malice or black and white thinking patterns multiple times a day while also getting enough exposure to the things that set you off for a brain to rewire to healthy skills. Recovery takes years when someone tries and never when they don't. Either way, those fear levels cut 5-25 years of a bpd person's life expectancy from cortisol fucking up your heart.

If I would want a person with out bpd to know anything about it than it's the notion that the person with bpd you're struggling with is a cornered animal, you can't see the wall, but they feel it on their back every day. A fox will bite off a foot to escape a trap, a human will too.

I feel like I resemble the symptoms of BPD but the only trama I can think of is that my parents were very strict, believing there are proper ways of doing everything and my mom always is yelling and complaining. I have felt trapped because of her personality She always has this negative aura. Even when she appears to be calm. I feel like she's can only produce negative thoughts. Even though she gave me physical attention I feel like I dont relate to her or my father at all. I feel like an alien with a lot of people. I want to say I have BPD but I really don't believe BPD is actually like a disease. BPD may cover a certain behavioural tendency but I just don't see as something that you can have. I don't know. I just don't feel like there's something wrong with me. That why I kinda hate the word disorder. Sure, I'm atypical but I just feel like that's the way it is. There's nothing to "fix". Even though I am isolated right now.
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Are people with BPD are any different than people with ADHD? I've met someone whose diagnose with ADHD and there not as hyperactive as everyone made out to be.
I was diagnosed with ADHD, and I am in no way hyper. There are different causes and types of this disorder, if you meet someone with hyperactivity, they're usually male, and they have "theory of mind" difficulties, not as bad as OPL, but they still get into a lot of trouble socially.


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BPD is on a continuum and also changes over time. Some people get better at dealing with their thoughts and behaviours as they mature and gain more experience. The level of insight and willingness to engage with therapy is a major factor in how BPD is expressed and experienced.
It is essential to recognise that while BPD has a set of common characteristics (hence its diagnostic use) how they are manifest and in what combination is highy individual.
By the way, upthread someone said that CBT is very helpful for those with BPD. Actually it is DBT (Dailectic Behaviour Therapy) which is most helpful. There is plenty of empirical evidence supporting DBT and it should be standard therapy. Of course it isn't because of lack of training and cost. Long term it makes economic sense but most decisions are made short term.
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