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In theory this is true, in practice, no. All Cluster B personality disorders have a significant tendency to both seek out vulnerable people and then latch on like a tick. They are incredibly manipulative. I worked with a man for two years, and I'm dead certain the freak was a narcissist. He was charming and all of management were convinced that the mountain of complaints about him were racism and jealousy. Cluster Bs will sniff out mental illness and intellectual and. social impairments like a trained dog will sniff out narcotics. People whose families were dysfunctional can have a hell of a time learning that who and what they grew with isn't normal, and that's how domestic abuse is an endlessly perpetual cycle. And then you have people who are genuinely caring, who have their own debts paid forward, who buy into the love thy neighbour crap, the misery lit genre, who have managed to help others whose behaviour is superficially similar to a Cluster B. Things like PTSD and bipolar can be confused with BPD even by a trained eye, so people who have their own complex mental conditions will feel affinity for BPD. And even when the Cluster B target is shrewd, knowledgeable, and has a well developed sense of self preservation, there are going to be times where their judgement is impaired and they are suddenly extremely vulnerable. That's why there's endless accounts from people who were grieving a loss of some kind and found themselves victims of an obvious scam that even they themselves can't figure out why they didn't see it coming.

There are many reasons why someone will buy into a BPD nightmare. And given that BPD tend to be sexually freaky and seemingly vulnerable by turns, it's easy for them to trap others who are prone to thinking with their joy department. And even when someone suddenly realises that they've been taken for a while, it can be incredibly difficult to extract themselves, because the first thing a BPD does after latching on is to destroy their target's reputation and relationships with others, leaving them isolated and without the resources to get the fuck out of there.

BPDs are the human equivalent of a Great White tasting blood in the water, and unlike a Great White, their hunting techniques are infinitely flexible and complex. If you've never been hit by one, believe me when I say that it's not entirely due to your social skills and honed bullshit detecting abilities; you've had more luck than you realise because there wasn't a Cluster B Disorder close enough to track you down before you stopped bleeding into the water.
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A psychoanalyst called Otto Kernberg developed the STIPO-R test specifically to classify and identify borderlines. The dimensions are scored from 1 to 5 and the three most important ones for BPD are: identity, object relations (ability to maintain relationships) and morality.

If most of these 3 dimensions are at scores 3 to 5, that's when BPD is diagnosed.



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If you suspect someone of having BPD, definitely get them to go see a psychiatrist and get a proper diagnosis. A lot of psychiatrists won't touch BPD with a ten-foot pole but will direct individuals to programs full of people that are trained to deal with them and use behaviour therapy. Like, actual therapies that have success, not the quack ones like rubbing essential oils on your forehead.

Also some BPD'ers can be normal and have lapses (definitely should still be told to go to therapy) so they can survive relatively well, but when you meet the real crazy ones, even when diagnosed and on pills... Holy shit. It's a fucking wonder how some people survive.