Boy hit by cheese and dies, mother lashes out at bully - So allergic that even seeing the word cheese could kill him.

Yes, you are an angry cunt who is projecting. Obviously something I said upsets you very much, all I said was the kid who threw the cheese isn't going to get punished like he should and that is unfortunate. You miss the point entirely. Schools don't do shit about anything when they should, and overreact the rest of the time.

He should have known better in the first place, but I guess it's too little too late.

If I did something like that, allergy or not, my parents would have beaten my ass, and rightly so. And yes, peanut butter is awesome, and don't speak to me again.
Lol you literally can't shut up about how much you hate that kid for throwing a piece of cheese XD

The Fool
Maybe try not being a re.tard who doesn't grasp sarcasm. Or go fuck yourself, I don't care. The little bastard is gonna probably get away with it, he's been doing shit for a while and nothing happened then, why would they do anything now? The tosser probably knew his target was deathly allergic and didn't give a fuck, and now he's faking apologetic behavior to worm his way out of the consequences he deserves.

Britain is a shithole and needs to be nuked out of existence already.
jesus christ shut up reatard before this gets put in spergatory

Duke Nukem

Dimensional Merge Welcoming Party #1218C197
jesus christ shut up reatard before this gets put in spergatory
Then stop replying. I've said my piece. It's not about the throw it's about the fact that he deliberately targeted someone with a severe allergy, anyway, obviously you're an illiterate brainlet or you'd figure that out. Other than that I don't care.

I hope the kid isn't charged and the mother is forced to issue an apology to the school for inconveniencing everybody with her defective spawn.
That's probably what's going to happen anyway, Britain is such a cucked country they don't even bother to punish their more serious criminals half the time. Especially if they're Muslim or "Asian."
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