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Yes he's a celeb, no one wants to turn this forum into TMZ. But on February 11th, 2021 Bam crossed the line to full cow in two unhinged rants where he blames Jackass for keeping him on a sobriety program and then begs people to give him $1 each via Venmo. This was then followed up a day later with Bam claiming he has Bi-Polar Disorder.

Brandon Cole "Bam" Margera (born Septermber 28, 1979) is a retired professional skater who achieved overnight stardom through the breakout reality show Jackass. He was a highlight with segments of him performing skate tricks and torturing his father Phil through pranks. He then starred in the Jackass film series, had his own spinoff "Viva La Bam" and was featured in the Tony Hawk's Pro Skater video games.

Popular belief is that Bam's life went downhill after the tragic death of his fellow Jackass costar Ryan Dunn. This isn't true as Bam went to rehab well over a year before Dunn crashed his Porsche. Ryan's death is simply used by Bam to excuse his degenerate lifestyle. Bam more or less goes into three stages, he either cries about Ryan Dunn, bitches about his family or friends, or brags about how much money he makes. He also holds a grudge that his surviving Jackass co-stars have managed to maintain sobriety for years and become functional adults. Nothing encapsulates Bam's massive ego more than his "Earth Rocker" video.

To properly chronicle Bam's full life would require a rock & roll biography. Youtuber Dank Net has made an excellent documentary on Bam's turbulent decade. Here's a short timeline of notable incidents:

Bam claims he began heavily abusing alcohol and developed bulimia in an attempt to mimic his idol, Ville Valo lead singer of the band H.I.M.
Bam's uncle Vincent "Don Vito" Margera is arrested and later found guilty for sexual assault on a minor.
Bam marries his first wife Melissa "Missy" Rothstein.
Bam is rushed to the hospital for dehydration after a four day alcohol bender in July.
Bam agrees to go to rehab for alcoholism in December but then quits the program in 4 days.
Bam gets beaten up with a baseball bat by a middle aged woman.
Ryan Dunn kills himself and a production associate by crashing his Porsche into a tree.
Bam divorces Rothstein.
Bam is arrested in Iceland for the charge of trashing a rental car the year prior.
Bam marries his current wife Nicole "Nikki" Boyd.
Bam goes to rehab for alcoholism for a second time. Again leaves before finishing the program.
Bam's Jackass co-star Brandon Novak completes his own rehab. Bam will bitch and moan about Novak's sobriety for years to come.
"Don Vito" dies due to being a fat alcoholic.
Nikki Margera gives birth to Bam's first son Phoenix Wolf Margera.
Bam announces he's going to rehab for a third time.
Bam claims to maintain sobriety for several months until an alleged robbery in Colombia
Bam gives a dick pick on Instagram. (NSFW) Thanks @lightswitchdoll
Bam goes on Dr. Phil.
Jackass 4 is meant to begin filming but gets delayed due to COVID-19.
Bam is fired from Jackass 4 due to being seen as a liability.

For more Jackass coverage & insight visit "'Jackass' left a wake of pain, arrests and addiction"
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The same thing happened about a year ago.
Here's an unhinged rant about how he needs to get on Dr Phil.
There's also a video that took place before this where he's beating the shit out of """comedy""" manager, and some from a few days after that one showing his destroyed car. Sadly those may be lost to time after he recently deleted fucking everything.
I think it really interesting the divergence in the paths between him and Steve-O.

Where Steve-o like became ultra based, and Bam is being dragged down by his own ego.

He's looking REALLY bad he really should get better.
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More information about Bam's downfall can be found in the Jackass news thread.

He then starred in the Jackass film series, had his own spinoff "Viva La Bam" and was featured in the Tony Hawk's Pro Skater video games.
He fit the THUG (Tony Hawk Underground) destructive theme. Barely noticed him.

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More of a Steve-O and Chris Pontius fan than Bam. The people around Bam was the best part of his show, not Bam.
Phil calling his wife "Ape" was more entertaining than anything Bam has ever done. I remember in one episode they were pranking Don Vito and he said "What the fuck is this, Ashen Koosher?" and I died. I watched Viva La Bam for them and Dunn. Bam was always a spoiled manchild who could dish it but not take it.

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