Inactive Brandon Buell & Brittany Buell, Parents of Jaxon Strong / Jaxon Buell - Another 'cephaly Baby Exploited by his Parents for $$$; Now Dead

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(credit to @Helvetica Scenario for helping w/ the digging)

In the threads about Gwen Hartley and her Hooligans on both here and, another very similar case has been brought up. This is the case of the "Jaxon Strong Foundation", run by parents Brandon Buell and Brittany Buell. The foundation is named after their child, who they have named "Jaxon Strong", because they felt compelled to give him a special snowflake name.

Jaxon Strong Facebook
Jaxon Strong website
Brandon's Facebook
Brittany's Facebook
LCF Thread

Exhibit A: This creepy re-uploaded video

Exhibit B: This other video, which is also creepy AF

Exhibit C: Turns out, these guys are actual, literal scammers and have attracted some detractors

This website and Facebook page actually goes into great detail about just how shady, creepy and sad this whole scenario actually is.

A "financial crisis" becomes a cash windfall
Their initial campaign - intended to cover urgent medical expenses and to allow Brittany to quit her job and remain at home with Jaxon - reached its modest $35K goal almost immediately. They then doubled the goal to $70K and continued to solicit donations. Again the target was met within months, but the Buells refused to shut down the GoFundMe page, citing ongoing financial need...and eventually, when pressured by the public, promising to donate the excess funds to charity. (It was during this time, in March 2015, that they purchased their new-construction home in Tavares.) The final total on the Buells' GoFundMe page the day they closed was more than $176,000. To this day there is no concrete evidence that they have ever donated any money to charity at all, ever.

The Buells' plan B
Shortly after the GFM fundraiser ended, news began to circulate that Brandon - who had previously been employed as the assistant manager of a local bank - had also quit his job. Also around this time the Buells started dropping hints on their Facebook page, which by now had accumulated a rabid following of around 378,500, about an upcoming "exciting development!!" On April 27, 2016 the Buells officially announced the creation of the Jaxon Strong Foundation: a so-called charity which they described as "a not-for-profit organization that is ready to receive donations" (their website was initially entirely blank aside from a link to their online donations form). Many people raised questions regarding the Buells' plans for the donated funds, and the legality of the organization itself: there was no sign of a Jaxon Strong Foundation anywhere on the IRS or Florida Department of Consumer Services websites.

Instead of clarifying - as one would expect of a legitimate charity - Brandon and Brittany began systematically deleting not only all questions on their Facebook page, but banning the commenters altogether. In light of their increasingly deceptive conduct and realizing that a large-scale scam was potentially in the works, I organized several other individuals into a private, vetted G+ taskforce (since the Buells' followers have a history of harassing and even stalking any outspoken critics). We began investigating the statutory approval of the Foundation and found that the Buells were NOT authorized to solicit charitable donations well past May 16th, and in fact had never even bothered to file the application in the first place until April 28th - the day AFTER they announced that the Foundation was "ready to receive donations" and the day that they (and many of their fans) berated us for questioning the legality of their organization.

Eventually the Buells found a legal loophole through which they were able to justify this extended lapse in statutory approval: they structured the Foundation as a "private trust," which allowed them to backdate their IRS approval retroactively to the date of the trust's establishment in late March - well before the public announcement in April. As a private trust the Buells also have the option to pay the trustees - i.e. themselves - a salary. Their IRS application, which is available to view publicly, indicates that they intend to do just that: when asked on the application if the trustees will receive "compensation," the Buells have checked "YES." (Questions about what that compensation would entail are deleted by Brandon and Brittany, and the commenters banned.)

After this seemingly endless series of major red flags, the outcry was such that the Reality Exposed page was born...but it has existed in spirit for much longer. The Buells' actions over the past 21 months have raised such significant concerns, affecting everyone from potential Foundation donors to mothers of other special needs children - some of whom ultimately lost those children to similar diagnoses - that it became clear these issues needed to be addressed in a coordinated fashion. Particularly since the Buells have silenced so many individuals in their attempts to hone their PR image online.

Some of the more troubling issues include:
— their scornful, disrespectful attitude towards the medical profession (except in the few instances when doctors "are fascinated by Jaxon" or otherwise validate them and their beliefs) and their frequent assertions that doctors "don't know everything" and "get it wrong a lot" despite the fact that it is largely the work of talented medical professionals that has given them 21 precious months with their son (and counting);

— their use of donated funds to travel to and participate in anti-choice lobbying events in Washington DC, despite having stated that they "considered termination" as an option themselves (over the past several weeks, Brandon has been making the rounds advertising the Foundation and likely soliciting some generous benefactors in various pro-life lobbying circles - the Family Research Council's ProLifeCon and staunch anti-abortion Congressman Daniel Webster, both in the same week - despite the strict prohibition on tax-exempt 501(c)(3) charities "contributing to political campaigns" or "attempting to influence legislation");

— the way they market their medically fragile son as a "brand" - complete with his own logo, coordinated colors, and even a carefully trademarked (yes, they trademarked it) name/slogan - with the ultimate goal of generating revenue and pursuing their odd version of fame...forcing him to endure the lifestyle of a media sensation and an ideological figurehead though he suffers from almost continuous seizures and is often heavily medicated during his scripted, on-camera appearances;

— the fact that they knowingly misrepresent his abilities and exaggerate his "milestones," particularly in the press, in a way that is beyond natural proud-parent behavior...they reinforce the narrative that he is "practically normal" by asserting misleadingly that he is hitting neurotypical milestones despite statements from actual neurobiologists that this is neurologically "highly unlikely, bordering on the impossible" doing so they ultimately lead other women, who may be faced with pregnancies where the fetus has been diagnosed with the same condition, to make life-altering decisions based partially on erroneous information (not to mention the Buells' ludicrous "celebrity" status which is entirely based on their son's catastrophic disability).

Jaxon also suffers from frequent tonic-clonic seizures, as well as myoclonic jerks which lately have become almost continuous. Though the Buells have uploaded a number of videos to their Facebook page in which they show themselves interacting with their son, we never see Brittany attending to Jaxon during one of his seizures or comforting him while he is in obvious distress. Instead, she is focused solely on arranging Jaxon in front of the camera like a marionette to ensure the most flattering angle and ideal lighting, propping him up with toys or against his padded chair (he cannot hold his head up independently). She applies makeup - foundation, mascara, even pink lipgloss - to improve his skin tone. We watch as Brittany has a plastic, singsongy, one-sided conversation with the camera while Jaxon cries and spasms in front of her, virtually ignored. "Do you like your ball pit buddy??" she asks rhetorically in one video, in which Jaxon can be seen buried almost up to the neck in a carefully-arranged mound of colored plastic balls - which, when he inevitably begins seizing, begin falling down around him. "Yeah, good job buddy, you moved those balls!" Jaxon's gaze is fixed, unresponsive; his pupils have the pinprick dilation characteristic of both heavy narcotic sedation and severe brain damage.

The Foundation's own website is virtually blank aside from a few token links to the NIH, and a vague, evasive statement that "We move forward knowing that we are working with some of the top neurologists and medical facilities in the country." This could mean literally almost anything. There are hundreds of different projects and departments and experimental medicines and procedures being developed at Boston Children's. "Working with" - in what capacity? "Donating to" - to whom? A research project? A fundraiser? An event? The Buells have provided absolutely no specifics whatsoever regarding their plans to donate actual money to any specific charities, aside from their much-hyped fundraising team for the Boston Children's Hospital charity walk effort this June which raised a mere $1,855. In addition to the BCH walk, the sole charitable effort the Buells have made over the past two years has been to make tacos for a local Ronald McDonald House...which they used as an opportunity to advertise their new Jaxon Strong Foundation t-shirts (for sale!). Out of close to $200,000 that the Buells have received in cash, gifts and other services (free trips to Disneyworld, etc), they have given back less than $2K and about 50 tacos.

Exhibit D: The Katie Hopkins Drama
For background, Katie Hopkins is a controversial newspaper columnist for England's "the Daily Mail". In september of 2015 she noticed Jaxon and his parents, and sent out a tweet about the family.

This didn't sit well with the Buell's so they went onto a program called "Loose Women" to have an interview and call out Katie for being a darn, dirty troll.

And the rest of the British media followed suit in their white knighting of the Buells, their issue with Hopkins? She called the child an "it".


(Below segment stolen from HS, because it really is a good summary)
HuffPo is especially cringy, dedicating paragraphs to regurgitating the parents' spin about how having a brainless baby is totally amazing. Interesting to note how they downplay the fact that they're so stridently anti-abortion they regularly appear at pro-life events with their little miracle for the UK media, where the vast majority of the public are pro-choice. Makes it look like this is rather less about deeply-held belief and more about playing for the crowd that will give them the most attention.

I can't believe there are more of these people who use their mutant half-skulled tater tots to filch mucho dinero and asspats from the unsuspecting public.
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If you mute the audio on the second video (and you're not missing much, just this poor little goblin's crazy-ass momma insisting he's having 'so much fun!') it becomes painfully obvious that Jaxon is having a seizure. The video is two minutes long, and he's seizing throughout. It's both pathetic and appalling to watch and the mother's delusion is apparent, to say nothing of her hordes of insane Facebook followers.



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They had a GFM of course. They reached their first goal of 35,000 quickly, and upped it to 70,000, stating anything extra would go to charity. They ended up with $176,000. Nothing was given to charity, but shortly after, daddy Brandon lost his job, at the same time the opened their own 5013c charity. There is a lot of distrust about that charity:the parents are paid salaries out of it.

They do a lot of awful stuff, like state Jaxon is hitting milestones when he has an MRI out there showing very little brain at all. They are delusional like the Hartleys, only have managed to make it pay big time for them. They are rude at followers and are quick to ban and delete anything they don't like.

Ugh, these are the worst people.

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that said, every movement this kid makes is involuntary or a seizure. he's actually not worthy of any research, the condition he's got is common enough that there are entire sections taught in obgyn on how to diagnose this, guide the family (usually these are dead at or shortly after birth and abortion is the best option), and how to explain the condition too them.

most people get this news and it's a tragedy, a private sorrow in their lives. this is what the late term fetal euthanasia is meant for. a wanted child that will only know pain, no other areas of the brain will be developed besides involuntary responses. usually they're found just before twenty weeks, sometimes a bit later. that procedure allowed them to have it euthanized, then removed without having to go through an entire labor process or risk placental abruption. they could hold and see the fetus at the later stages if that was the situation, grieve properly, and move on.

then it was rebranded partial birth abortion and fundies decided it was actually a hack and slash thing, and outlawed it.

now, there are only two doctors in the US who will even perform the operation (within those federal guidelines) otherwise, you get a regular abortion (no chance to grieve and say goodbye) OR you get this.

Most people, they get this news and it is their own private tragedy, loss and sorrow. These people? They got the news and they saw a very public jackpot.

the kid has standard but extreme microcephaly, near anencephaly. basically, the brain never developed beyond the brain stem and the skull therefore never grew to accommodate it. this defect starts early on in the process of growth and we're always finding new ways to diagnose it earlier. it's easier on people to find out early. for many reasons.


it anyone wants the details of the condition beyond what Dr Google will tell you, I can long post about it after my shift, tomorrow evening ish. just let me know.
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The people that follow and support these people are completely unhinged and batshit.

They literally stalk people and have gone as far as messaging people in different forums/groups (talking about pregnancy complications and the hellish choice of having to terminate a pregnancy) to shame them and spread pro-life bullshit.

If you mute the audio on the second video (and you're not missing much, just this poor little goblin's crazy-ass momma insisting he's having 'so much fun!') it becomes painfully obvious that Jaxon is having a seizure. The video is two minutes long, and he's seizing throughout. It's both pathetic and appalling to watch and the mother's delusion is apparent, to say nothing of her hordes of insane Facebook followers.

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"Education level" I didn't realize I needed to be "educated" in order to tell when a kid is playing and having fun. I guess being born with an entire brain and no seizure disorders means I missed out on having fun growing up. :roll:


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JC, do they ever say what the hell this kid has medically? Besides half a skull obviously.

If I was gonna guess-- microcephaly (possibly with a seperate but related seizire disorder). The same disease Zika can cause and what "zipperheads" in freak shows had. I've heard of children with microcephaly being of normal intelligence, but that is very rare (those children are missing only a small part of their skull) and obviously not the case here.

This is the most extreme form of parents exploiting their disabled child I've ever seen, and I see it a a lot as a disabled person on fb. The more crippled, the better. :c

Yeah, why abort when you can have your own private freakshow on fb & rake in the dough? The Buells' book should be called "Your Own Personal Fairway: How to make $400,000 in 21 months."



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I get so angry at scammers not only for enriching themselves on tragedy but esp trying to use a fucked up baby as a poster child for pro-life bullshit,when in reality he is the living embodiment of why abortions after 24 weeks are necessary. They want everyone who gets a terminal diagnosis during pregnancy to be forced to deliver and care for a hopeless meat sack of seizures.

There are very few women on earth that would abort a healthy baby after 22 or so weeks, you have plenty of time before then to decide whether you actually want a child. Most abortions are done at the point where its a clump of cells that can barely be seen by the naked eye.

If a woman lets a pregnancy proceed to 22 weeks it's because she wants the baby. The vast majority of abortions done after 22 weeks are due to severe neural tube defects and shit like Jaxon has - not compatible with life defects. These are particular defects that aren't detectible until mid second trimester - sometimes later. The scary thing is that thanks to fundies and people like Jaxon's parental leeches the options for women who get devastating news like microcephaly is desperately trying to get to one of the two doctors in the nation who will preform an abortion after 24 weeks and paying a fuck ton of money for it or facing a long painful labor to give birth to a deformed baby who time on earth will only be suffering before death if it's not already dead by the time it is delivered. Ugh. I should also mention that there were four doctors who performed these procedures years ago and two of them were murdered by "pro-life" fanatics. It's a scary line of work for a doctor to be in thanks to these fucking nutjobs.

Reality of pro-choice organizations and so called "late term" abortions.
I worked at a pro-choice/ women's health care organization for several years. In all that time I NEVER met or heard about one woman pursuing an abortion after 22 weeks, unless they had gotten a terrible not-compatible with life diagnosis. The worst part was they were coming to us for help (we didn't perform any health care services at our org, we were advocacy/policy driven) because a lot of OBGYNs just washed their hands of it after these women were given probably the worst news of their life - if they decided not to proceed with the pregnancy. We had to use our network to fundraise for some of these women so they would be able to travel to these doctors, because they did not have the money to pay for the procedure or travel. On the other side of the coin, had they agreed to continue the pregnancy of the hopelessly deformed doomed baby Medicaid would have covered the entire cost of delivery and even for the care of the baby until it died, which was x10 the cost of an abortion. The money necessary was raised quickly in every case because other women understood these women were living the worst nightmare imaginable and trying to lessen/shorten the emotional hell these women were in, as quickly as possible, was the only humane thing one could do. In some cases it took exactly one phone call to a particular person who once they heard the situation would cut a check for the entire cost on the spot.

The majority of OBGYNs in the USA do not perform abortions at any stage (plenty believe in it and support it, but it's bad for PR and business for them to be known as someone in their community who performs them.) I was in the south at that point so it's probably a little different in other parts of the country but the noose has been slowly closing to the point that forcing women to have babies like this, against their will, is becoming common because it is so difficult to find a doctor to terminate a hopeless pregnancy after 24 weeks, which is fucking insane. In many cases the fetus actually dies well before the due date due to the defects and then the woman is literally forced to through a long painful labor to give birth to a corpse. I think some people don't realize that these abortion laws apply to all and think their are exceptions for hopeless cases, but there's not. The anti-choice assholes want the public to think abortions after 22 weeks are just awful, cruel women who just don't want a baby, and in my years I never once saw that happen. It was always women absolutely gutted that the baby they so wanted had gotten a horrific diagnosis not compatible with any quality of life.

I knew one particular legislator. He was also a doctor. He was always on the "pro-life" bandwagon. He got at least two of his side girls knocked up and insisted they get abortions, all the while voting to ensure abortions were more and more difficult to get in his state. Same with women who were big in local pro-life causes brining their own teenage daughters in for abortions because it was "different" in their case. Sigh. Because I actually believe in medical privacy we could never discuss or leak these type of cases, because pro-choice people are pretty fucking moral overall and won't do shit like that to push their cause, unlike the pro-life assholes.
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