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Trainwreck Brandon Buell & Brittany Buell, Parents of Jaxon Strong / Jaxon BuellAnother 'cephaly Baby Being Exploited by his Parents for $$$; Also Friends of Gwen Hartley

Discussion in 'Beauty Parlour' started by Feline Darkmage, May 26, 2017.

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  1. Doing a little research, found the Jaxon Strong Foundation's dissolution papers. I suspect Brittany might be in NC right now; will update once I've nailed that down.

    Screen Shot 2018-05-14 at 9.45.21 PM.png Screen Shot 2018-05-14 at 10.23.08 PM.png

    Edit: Okay, I've hit a wall for the night. She got a ticket in 2016 for speeding in NC. The initial ticket listed her address as FL, but the proceedings listed it as NC.
    Screen Shot 2018-05-14 at 10.01.30 PM.png

    There's someone sharing her name and demographics registered to vote at 114 Stonegate, which seems to be a very nice rental home.

    Screen Shot 2018-05-14 at 9.48.02 PM.png [​IMG] Screen Shot 2018-05-14 at 10.21.10 PM.png

    I also snagged some current(ish) photos that I don't remember seeing on here.

    8.23.2016.png 8.23.162.png 1.27.17.png 1.30.17.png 1.31.17.png 3.18.17.png 2.1.18.png

    And of course, it wouldn't be a ss dump without someone's linkedin profile!

    A.png B.png C.png D.png E.png

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  2. Image2.png
    :cryblood: (:_(:heart-empty:
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  3. :stress:
    >advocates for people to make tardtato babbies.
    >didn't even stick around to raise his own.

    Isn't it funny how fundamentalism is absolutely non-negotiable, up until the point when it's inconvenient? See also: every story about "refugee" Muslims who can't do X under any circumstances, but can drink and whoremonger abroad no problem.
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  4. Jesus fuck his lack of head horrifies me. I was going to say he was definitely dead, but these pics prove he's alive. Still though. His head. :cryblood:
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  5. Is this the potatobaby version of the Slaton’s “Tammy ok”
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    Sparklepants Concerningly greasy

  6. Screenshot_20180517-052838.jpg
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  7. Cutting his hair makes him look even more like a frog. Why?

    Oh well, the asspatters would give out compliments even if he had zero head at all.
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  8. If you see some of the photos above his hair was giving him the mad scientist/ eraser head look. It’s hard to say if that was worse than this haircut. Can’t be easy to chose a hairstyle for someone with no head.

    Beside the break-up of their marriage, which I’m sure caring for a severely disabled child contributed to, I get the feeling the foundation was dissolved because they might have been required to start using the free money for Jaxon’s care. The govt does a lot to fund the care of disabled children but if you have significant resources the govt isn’t going to allow you to tard cum it while spending all your foundation money on booze, vacations and tattoos. If they wanted the govt to continue providing hundreds of thousands in medical and respite care for Jaxon they had to stop the gravy train of e-begging.

    Not to mention if your a guy trying to pitch yourself as a “pro-life, Christian” speaker as Brandon was doing you can’t leave your wife and disabled kid. The break-up ruined Brandon’s opportunities to sell himself as devoted, Christian father to the pro-life crowd for speaking fees and paid media appearances.
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  9. This is a bit tinfoil, but reading this whole thread I had a thought about the real, rabid fundyloon pro-lifers; the ones that think screaming through bullhorns about the hurly barble is an argument. Well, I had a lot of thoughts, but this was the only one that didn't involve a slow, painful death for the fuckers.

    It's been noted over and over they only care about the foetus and once it's born it just becomes a drain that's neither use nor ornament, how DARE that woman have that child they...er...demanded she have? I wonder if there's a hidden story that does carry on beyond the birth but, because it rarely happens, it causes even more bile.

    Feckless whore (cos we all are, natch) gets knocked up and, although she's a feckless whore, it's a miracle. What is SUPPOSED to happen is that FW recognizes she is a FW, has a come-to-Jezurs epiphany and does the Right Thing - but the right thing isn't just having the baby. She is supposed to give it up to a righteous fundynut family to bring it up properly, so they get god points for preventing the abortion, being selfless to take on the child AND fulfil their fundy duty of filling the earth with yet more humans. The right sort of humans bought up the right way, of course.

    I don't know if it's the same in the US, but here the primary movers in the adoption process for babies were, until relatively recently, the CofE or the Catholic Church - religion is intimately tied up with Establishment here in some odd ways. Now, of course, very few babies are put up for adoption yet there are just as many couples wanting them, especially as many of those same churches look upon the childless with a kind of side-eye. It can be grim for childless couples in these communities, especially where women are bought up to have no other goal than to be wives and mothers. I really do wonder if, in the hive mind, they think the natural way of things should be the reward of the baby given up in exchange for talking the mother out of abortion. And if the FW doesn't do the right thing in their eyes, then cast her and her bastard offspring into penury.

    This is KF, hopefully I don't need to say this doesn't encompass all christians. And I'm lookimg from outside so the message may be distorted, but the unwritten "do the right thing" seems to go beyond just having the child, and is roiling around underlining the narrative. The perfect end result they've decided god wants isn't just that the baby be born, but that justice and righteousness be served. Giving up the child = justice (and punishment for daring to sin) and righteousness = FW repenting and becoming a member of the church while the child is bought up the correct way as deemed by their interpretation of christianity.

    They end up angry and thwarted either way. The mother has an abortion, or she doesn't but won't give up the baby. So fuck 'em both.

    This might be OT and late by now. If so, I'll delete. Just interested to know what you think, because the story we get may not be the story which is actually being told at all. You're there, so I'm asking!
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  10. No, you’re exactly right. The ultimate goal is more *quantity* of good xtian babies, and they’re not too fussed about *quality* (of the baby’s life)
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