Brandon Murphy / LPBrandon26 / LPBrandon / brandonmurphywsg21 / brandonthegentlespy / fatherbran12, - internet stalker, really salty TF2 player, pedo, furry, banned from multiple servers.


Jun 17, 2016
Brandon Michael Murphy is a 29 year old man living in an apartment in Reno Nevada. hes currently working at two jobs, but he mostly spends his time playing games on the internet and stalking people during most of that time.

Brandon Being Creepy.png

i was looking him up and saw that he's been getting banned multiple times on multiple servers on TF2 for various reasons
here's a list of links showing his bans and their reasons for banning him:[U:1:182216871]&Submit=

and there forums like this complaining about his behavior:

he also gets mad quite easily about people who get him banned.

Brandons steam info.png

and people try to reason with him but gets too salty about it

a girl complaining about brandon.png

heres a pastebin of him freaking out on a tf2 server while stalking a 14 year old girl and her friends back in 2014

in 2015, he was stalking a bunch of friends who had to stop playing tf2 for a whole year because of him and got him banned from a server they frequent. heres one of the guy's journal

if you look at the comments from this journal, youll see most of his victims saying that they were harassed by him. most of them were women.

around that time he was also stalking another group of people and followed them around. heres a whole playlist of him bothering them

and some examples from it:

Brandon Freaking out on mic

Brandon Screaming in the chat in all caps rage

brandon calling people by their real names. he finds people's names on sites like facebook and yell them on servers

recently in june, hes been stalking a guy named D0dger on twitch and started harassing him while calling him homophobic and racial slurs. he was streaming himself doing this while D0dger was streaming.

D0dger told Brandon that saying homophobic and racial slurs while livestreaming are strictly prohibited on twitch, Brandon said he didn't care and kept doing it. so D0dger reported him and got him banned. so brandon decided to get back at him by joining his server while D0dger was streaming and kept saying the homophobic and racial slurs.

here's his steam screenshots if ya wanna look:

and his accounts:

Old Steam:

(EDIT): had to archive some of the links. thanks for the reminder @yawning sneasel
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Jun 17, 2016
wanted to get this thread back up to speed. but when i was looking up on him. someone posted this video just recently today, showing brandon abusing admin reports on a server.

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