Brandon Ross Fontaine / Katherine Fontaine / Kat Ross Wolf / Krimson Kat / RedHeaDL / redheadude - Troon. Ex-Marine. Engaged to inter-dimensional prophet. NOT a pedo. "Abused for liking diapers."


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Brandon Ross Fontaine is a true & honest transgender woman, former Marine, lifelong diaper fetishist, and fiance to an equally-insane troon who claims to be an inter-dimensional prophet from another planet.


A quick glance over Brandon's current internet activity would have one believe that he, like many others in the Rat King, is a passionate believer in issues of human rights, social justice, and equality.


However, if you've spent any amount of time familiarizing yourself with the Rat King, you shouldn't be surprised to learn that beneath all of Brandon's cyber-screeching is a long, colorful history of being an enormous fucking creep with questionable paraphilic tendencies.


A Decade of Diapers


His deviant behavior can be traced back several years, scattered throughout obscure blogs, forums, and videos dedicated to diaper fetishism.


On a Blogspot entry discussing the religious implications of adult diaper fetishism, Brandon leaves a string of comments in which he angrily insists that he is still a strong, hypermasculine male in the Armed Forces, and that his diaper fetish does not detract from this.


On the ADISC forum, Brandon laments the fact that people will assume he is a pedophile if he is caught checking out a kid's diaper in public.


On his old xTube account, Brandon explains his motivations for joining the site.


He's also got some interesting YouTube comment history. The channel shown in this screenshot has since been nuked, but it's probably safe to assume that referring to anyone as "a cute piece of jailbait in a diaper" isn't a great sign.


Brandon's FetLife account is home to several long-winded explanations of his sexual fetishes, as well as several photos.


As he explains in a post written just a few months ago, he has come to realize that his sissy fetish was actually a symptom of his underlying desire to become a true & honest transgender woman.


At this point, Krimson Kat began to emerge on the internet in place of Brandon Ross Fontaine.


Krimson Kat


While Krimson Kat is far more dedicated to the cause of social justice than his pre-transgender self, Brandon's underlying sexual interests occasionally peek through the Rat King facade.


He is prone to sperging endlessly on Twitter, where he likes to remind his followers that he is absolutely NOT a pedophile.


He also has three (3) separate Facebook accounts, all of which are active, and all of which contain their own unique manifestation of Brandon's autism.


On another account, he regularly posts vlogs, some of which are over 30 minutes long.


Across all of his accounts, he can be seen interacting with several other members of the Rat King. Just a few hours before this OP was drafted, he made a public status defending the honor of Laurelai Bailey from the terrorists at Kiwi Farms.


You'll notice that he was backed up by the one and only Terra Jones, who also interacts with many of Brandon's posts.


Even our beloved ADF can be seen "liking" photos of Brandon posing in his diaper.


Additionally, Brandon frequently mentions his two partners, both of whom are fellow trans women, and one of whom is his fiance.


Before delving into the story of Brandon's one true love, it's certainly worth mentioning that he has had many, many failed relationships before this one. One such relationship was with a woman who catfished Brandon into sending her $40,000 over the course of 4 years. As Brandon explains in the following FetLife journal entry, he felt such extreme incel rage after this incident that he immediately went out and fucked several bitchez.


Another such relationship was an internet fling with a 14-year-old, although Brandon insists that he thought they were an adult.


Yet another failed relationship was with a transman who "abused" Brandon by fetishizing his enormous penis.


But after all of this misfortune, Brandon has managed to find a partner whose exceptional internet behavior rivals his own.


John Elliot Grant: Prophet of the Yunaverse


You may have noticed from Brandon's more recent content that he can often be seen in what looks like a very dirty, unkempt home. Enter John Elliot Grant, Brandon's fiance and roommate.


If you try to find internet activity under Mr. Grant's legal name, you won't have much luck. For the past several years, he has operated under several different pseudonyms, all of which are Japanese-sounding in some way or another. (Translator's note: Mr. John Elliot Grant is not Japanese.)


While Brandon's internet presence is largely fixated on his sexual fetishes, John's internet presence is a bit different. Now, don't be mistaken, he certainly has his own questionable sexual tendencies.


But more importantly, John is an Ambassador for the Embassy of the United Allied Freedoms.


If this particular organization doesn't sound familiar to you, that's because it is an entirely fictional concept made up by John, whose persona is a clusterfuck between a samurai, an extra-terrestrial, and a prophet.


John is truly, genuinely convinced that he is an interdimensional being. He has been sent from the sun (yes, like, the big burning thing in the sky) to planet Earth in order to spread love and light to all the members of the Yunaverse.


The Yunaverse can best be described as John's personal spin on CWCVille or Australatina. He is the true & honest ruler of the Yunaverse, and we are all merely his subjects.


At the center of the Yunaverse is a small, shitty home in Philadelphia, where John and Brandon live with their third partner, Sarah Anne Orsini. He is also an angry, autistic troon, although he is relatively normal in comparison to his roomma- err, girlfriends.


The home is owned by John's parents, who also live in the household and presumably allow their schizo son and his boyfriends to leech off their bank account.

Personal Information & Accounts
Note: FetLife doesn't allow traditional archiving since you must be logged in to view any of the site's content. So, the linked archives to the FetLife accounts are full-page screenshots. They may take awhile to load, but I promise they're worth looking at.

Name: Brandon Ross Fontaine
DOB: 08/17/1988
Location: 5906 McCallum St, Philadelphia, PA 19144
Aliases: Krimson Kat, Kat Ross Wolf, Katherine Fontaine, Katherine Alessandra Samael, Jaecara Dusang, RedHeaDL, RedHeaDude, Adrestia
ADISC - archive
DailyDiapers - archive
DiaperMates - archive
Facebook - archive
Facebook 2 - archive
Facebook 3 - archive
Fetlife - archive (bio) - archive (photos) - archive (journal entries)
Instagram - archive
Instagram 2 (account is empty)
Medium - archive
Omorashi - archive
Plenty of Fish - archive
Steam - archive
Steam Community - archive
Twitter - archive
YouTube - archive
xHamster - archive
xTube - archive
xTube 2 - archive
Name: John Elliot Grant
DOB: 08/15/1983
Location: 5906 McCallum St, Philadelphia, PA 19144
Aliases: Ai Yunasai, AiBara Shinseiko, Locke Shinseiko, Shinseiko Ai Roku, Yunasite, Wizzleby
DeviantArt - archive
Facebook - archive
Fetlife - archive (bio) - archive (photos)
Github - archive
Google+ 1 - archive
Google+ 2 - archive
Instagram - archive
Linkedin (doesn't archive - account is mostly empty, anyways)
Tumblr - archive
Twitch - archive
Twitter - archive
WordPress - archive
xHamster - archive

Semper Fi to fellow internet terrorist @Big Bad Brat for bringing this brave Marine to my attention in the first place, and for helping me obtain his identifying information. Additional thank-youz to @Cricket, @Ride, and @dannyfrickenp for being subjected to a barrage of screenshots of Brandon's nonsense while I did the research for this thread. The Yunaverse smiles upon you.
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Disgruntled Pupper

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True & Honest Fan
Sep 23, 2016
I just think that if you're going to be a marine and a diaper fetishist you should have the conviction to wear one in battle to absorb the blood of all the terrorists you kill. Ask not what this country can do for your fetish- ask what your fetish can do for your country.

The Telomerase Truth

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Jun 13, 2018
Brandon Ross Fontaine is a true & honest transgender woman, former Marine, lifelong diaper fetishist, and fiance to an equally-insane troon who claims to be an inter-dimensional prophet from another planet.
Well, that's a sentence I never thought I'd see. What a great post, OP.
I don't understand why perverts with weird fetishes constantly try to normalize those fetishes. I get it, you're a weirdo who likes pooping your diaper even though you're an adult. Have fun doing your weird shit. It doesn't have to be a social justice issue, you fucking perv.
It does seem like they can never just accept that there's something off about themselves, huh? It doesn't really matter if their deviancy is harmful or not, they expect everyone to just simply act like everything is normal and have the most positive feelings about their fetishes. Which is especially dumb and ridiculous when you think about the amount of people who have a problem with the more common fetishes.

Also, social justice issues should only include more mainstream issues. You know, issues that affect society and not shit that should be kept in the bedroom.

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