Brandon Ross Fontaine / Katherine Fontaine / Kat Ross Wolf / Krimson Kat / RedHeaDL / redheadude - Troon. Ex-Marine. Engaged to inter-dimensional prophet. NOT a pedo. "Abused for liking diapers."


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Dec 27, 2017
When my grandchildren ask me "Grandpa why don't you ever talk about your time in the Marines?"

My response with a tear in my eye will be "Brandon."

Genuinely dude. You're a disgrace. Put the diaper shitting troonery aside. You're a perpetual fuckup yoohoo. You live with your parents like some kind of teen and I'm willing to bet you didn't learn anything by being in aside from how to chest beat like some boot fuck. Go to a strip club and get a car with 20% financing outside the main gate. Seems more your speed.

Someone asked earlier if you can find out what MOS he was. Yes you can. You have to make a request to the OMPF but it's not open to the public until 62 years after the date of separation without being either the Veteran or a family member for the full records. You can get limited info but you have to submit in writing a request for the limited records.

That said, based on his posting spergery and his clearly boot mentality, I'm willing to bet he posted what unit he was in at some point or his MOS. It's probably just buried under posts about "muh oppression" and "ohmuhgurd paw patrol makes me sad".


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Aug 12, 2017
Brandon shows us the wisdom of Trump's military troon ban:
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Ugh...even when people are being supportive he can't help but act like an asshole. To make it worse, the fucking pushover just rolls over and coddles him instead of telling him to get a grip.

And that's just a dude with mantits and a beer gut in a diaper.

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Jan 13, 2019
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You are correct.

JY's Tampon
Jan 13, 2019


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Sep 7, 2016
More tweets from Krimson Kat.
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He's awfully mad for someone not bothered by a bunch of non-detectives on the interwebz.

Btw Brandon, the US marines aren't that good. By your own admission they'll take and keep anyone. Other countries have smaller militaries that are very hard to get into and don't "keep" anyone. So literally who cares, amirite?
And you're still going to be degenerate and worthless behind a lock, so your little outburst like your self admitted military career was pretty pointless. Keep shitting in your diaper, Marine! :semperfidelis:

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Oct 28, 2018
Brandon knows that lesbians love girldick.
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Even though I've come to expect it, it's still a bit stunning to see the raw hatred that troons have for women in general and lesbians in particular. Really gives weight to the idea that a lot of these people trooned out because they thought they'd be able to score with all the hot, slutty lesbians that their porn addiction assured them were out there. and are raging inside because it didn't work out that way.

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Oct 6, 2014

Ralph Barnhardt

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Apr 8, 2018
Not actual news about Brandon but he made a special appearance on internet lawyer Nick Rekieta's stream last night due to Russel Greer quoting him in his latest court filing.
It's fun watching someone experience this for the first time.

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