Breaking up with gf, in love with ex, faking weigh-ins - 09/08/19


Amber said:
I'm just saying every single person in my life is going through something right now I legitimately think that there is something in the air
It's called life, Amber. It's a very common thing that happens and you would know that if you had normal adult human levels of social interaction.

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Lah Lah, Pants on fire.

Im laughing to myself though, that Amber still can't accept that her one true love left her for a refrigerator with a wig. It must erk Amber everyday knowing Destiny chose to marry Dana and Becky hasn't so much as mention such a thing to her.

She thinks she's trolling the haydurs by doing clickbait but all she manages is to look like a fucking clown because of all the shit she says

This is some DarksydePhil level shit of debunking rumours about yourself, "never happened, you guys are silly for thinking that", just denying everything and shitting on your fans for thinking that

Btw Hamber, just because you did YT for 6 years that doesn't mean you don't do it for money you 62 IQ hoe


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I like how she weaseled out of claiming that she eats off camera after her mukbangs. She says that she eats regular meals, but never specifies the number of meals, nor the quantity. We can see your weight gain Al, no matter how much you deny it. She thinks her viewers are dumb and have no observation skills.

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