Breaking up with gf, in love with ex, faking weigh-ins - 09/08/19

I wonder if she's just so big now, that no scale she can purchase works for her anymore. Maybe that's why she gets the same reading, it's just unable to read her weight because she exceeds the maximum weight.
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I can't understand what she says
A: "What cereal is that?"
B: "Hmm?"
A: "What cereal is that?" *Realize Eric's in the room*
B: "Huh?"
A: "What cereal is that?"
B: "Wha--?"
A: "What. Cereal. Is. That?" *Looks at Eric's reflection*
B: "Cocoa Puff."
A: "Wha?"
B: "Cocoa Puffs."
A: "Fuck." *Awkwardly readjusts and waddles away*
B: "What is that over there?"
E: "What?" *Everyone breaks out into nervous laughter*
A: "Paparazzi."
E: "Weirdo."

Enthralling from start to finish.

MG 620

There was a time in a video where becky "proposed" to her, becky got on 1 knee, took ambers hands and asked, and amber ripped her hand from Becky's so quickly, Becky wasn't serious but that probably did some damage to her already bruised and battered ego

The clip (@ 1:30):
What did she expect? It's not like Becky was a very big piece of marmalade chicken.
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