Gross Breland Emory / GlitterForever17 - Loves abortion jokes, maxi pads, and glitter!1!

GlitterForever17/Breland Emory is a 29 year old who makes childish eyesore DIY's for children interspersed with humor about abortions, bodily functions, and suicide.

Her videos page has been clinically proven to cause blindness.

She also really loves her period and talking about that. (There's a playlist with 12 videos.)
And sometimes she likes to get sexay.

After posting mostly bullshit like this for a while, she began her downward spiral.
This was the first thing that got her some flack from others.
Then this weird collab with Shane Dawson that was even more freaky considering she caters to kids.
Some more of her "dark humor", I think most grown people would cringe at this shit, but for such a kid-geared channel it's just even more gross.

Then came "Telling My Boyfriend I'm Pregnant" with this gross dude Slava who is in some weird fag haggy relationship with her. Really piling on the edgy 12 year old humor thick. The vid predictably pissed everyone off.

This was her explaining why her and her boyfriend broke up since people started to get suspicious of Slava all over her Instagram and videos.

She then posted a video apologizing for the "Telling My Boyfriend I'm Pregnant" one and deleted it. Here is the reddit thread about it. In it she basically said that she was sorry people got offended and that her whole cutesy channel was a persona and the real her was more "dark and twisted".

She also has a GuruGossiper thread here, the site is dedicated to dragging/celebrating people in the online beauty sphere.

Her whole channel is a goldmine of hilariously shitty videos involving EOS/edible/galaxy/scented/DIY/beauty blender/etc. with eyesore thumbnails and cringey graphics.

Her YouTube: GlitterForever17
Her Facebook: GlitterForever17
Her Snap Chat: BrelandSnaps
Her Twitter: @Glitter4Ever17
Her Instagram: @GlitterForever17
Her Pinterest: @Glitter4Ever17
Her Tumblr: @GlitterForever17

Sorry if this OP sucks, this is my first time ever posting a thread on here. And I'm really stoned. You guys would not believe the struggle I went through to upload that single image. If it needs more info I can supply it.
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I can't stop laughing at this video thumbnail

Yeah OP is kinda meh but the content is funny and cringey enough I can forgive it
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Hahah, holy shit

Sometimes when I'm super bored I like to look at the DIY part of Youtube because some of it is fucking crazy

I've seen her a couple times, and watched a couple of her videos and I legit thought she was like, 19 or something

Seeing that she's 29 is kind of a shock.

She was on Willem's Beatdown, coincidentally, like a couple other cows featured here on the board (like ForeverKailyn, and Trisha Paytas, and not-a-cow-here Shane Dawson)

Secretly Satan

Totally not the devil
Nah, some white folks just have that eyeshape in their family line. She doesn't really have FAS features.
It's not just the eyes though

Notice the small chin, indistinct philtrum and thin upper lip? I'm pretty sure she might actually have FAS or at least some very unfortunate facial features /armchair doctoring


... and the real her was more "dark and twisted"....


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Oh god. I found her channel through Timmy Timato (another pointless DIY-er). Checked out her channel and was weirded out as soon as I clicked on it. Her videos are clickbait and slightly disturbing.

Has anyone tried any of her DIYs?

:powerlevel: I'll admit now that I flagged the Shane Dawson video.

Say no 2 hugs

Can I keep his head for a souvenir?
There's this "exposing" video too, she's gotten quite a bit of shit.

I died at pregnant Barbie threatening to kill Kens skanks. She's actually pretty funny in full troll mode if the above video is accurate.
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