Brenton Tarrant posts on 8chan, shoots up Mosque killing 49 muslims in New Zealand, livestreams from GoPro -

Take away the Guns, Censor the Video, Throw people in Jail for Having the Video, or do it all?

  • Just take the guns, it'll work out fine.

    Votes: 52 6.4%
  • Doesn't matter, it's Trump's Fault.

    Votes: 202 25.0%
  • Just ban the video, it's totally doable.

    Votes: 28 3.5%

    Votes: 165 20.4%
  • Make Null turn us over, that'll make us safe.

    Votes: 362 44.7%

  • Total voters

Yellow Yam Scam

delicate shim cheong
True & Honest Fan
I think that's fake video? There is literally no way he could get a gun like that in NZ, afaik.

To clarify this, I've only watched bits of the video. But I see it being fully auto? Unless he raided a defence armory, I really cannot see any possible way to get that gun.
watch the fucking video


Autism is the true Ethnostate

Judge Holden

True & Honest Fan
I just saw the 8chan thread that had some video clips from the Facebook stream. Literal piles of bodies. Holy shit.
Honestly the visual is something I have become desensitised to. So much horrible shit gets uploaded from every angle from all over the world these days. Its the audio that I hate. Screams of absolute primal terror are shit I just dont like hearing since they break the whole emotional separation thing I like to have with evil shit like this.


The Funnest Part of Gaming is Looting Corpses.
True & Honest Fan
I just watched the whole video and where the fuck were the police? Here in America, our police have gotten to the point where they respond within minutes to light people like him up. But this motherfucker was able to stroll on in, kill a bunch of people, shoot the bodies just to be sure, casually stroll back to his car, do some drive bys, and speed away.

Gangster Talk

You lookin' at my gut?

So far looks like only a few people dead at most, not 30.
There's no way this is accurate, he walks through and straight up executes a pile of people.

I wonder how many of the absolute imbeciles who posted words of encouragement on 8chan without Tor or on fucking Facebook are going to be getting visits from local authorities.

Judge Holden

True & Honest Fan
Is it bad if the first thing I thought when I read the headline is "oh for fuck's sake, now New Zealand's gun laws are going to get cucked like Australia's"?
No, just that you have become a little more numb to the horrors of the world, which is not a bad thing given how much horrible shit gets uploaded in extreme detail these days. If you are numb enough to this shit to have a snarky/edgelordy first response then you wont be as badly affected by it.

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