Brenton Tarrant posts on 8chan, shoots up Mosque killing 49 muslims in New Zealand, livestreams from GoPro -

Take away the Guns, Censor the Video, Throw people in Jail for Having the Video, or do it all?

  • Just take the guns, it'll work out fine.

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  • Doesn't matter, it's Trump's Fault.

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  • Just ban the video, it's totally doable.

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  • Make Null turn us over, that'll make us safe.

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While I have a lot of sympathy for the victims, it seems that those interviewed are really asking for too much.

“Pay for my brother to become a resident of New Zealand so he can take me go fishing.” Really?

What happened was a tragedy, and it is good that the victims were compensated, and their medical bills and transportation taken care of, but they’re literally asking for free houses now, and to bring their families (and thus their families’ families) into the country.


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Jesus fuck why would you give them permanentresidence for getting shot, being a good bullet sponge isn't a skill useful in modern society. Giving it to their relatives is even more exceptional, but after encountering few kiwis online I have to say they have the government they deserve.

As in, there are few creatures more pathetic and despicable than the sheepfucking variety of anglo.
They were going to get permanent residence anyway, deportation is a rare occurrence in New Zealand.

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The NZ government fails to help its citizens? I'm truly shocked!!!

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Look, the government can't just magically provide disability and compensatory funding for victims whose lives have been upended and severely damaged. They have to put their resources into making sure no one is allowed watch videos on the internet. Why would these immigrants stand against that? Are they nazis or something?


I wouldn't start from here.
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I wish they did like Australia and shipped the off to an island in the middle of fucking nowhere.
But they were ungrateful fucks, as you should expect any of these people to be
They don't need to because Australia stops the boats for them. If there was a jumping off country for migrants within a couple of hundred miles of New Zealand they wouldn't be nearly as enlightened.

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Kate Gilmore, the United Nations deputy high commissioner for human rights, who visited Christchurch in April, said New Zealand’s leadership “would stand out for some time” on the world stage. But she questioned the government’s decision to prioritize gun reform and an inquiry into possible intelligence failures before making it clear to the families how they would be cared for.
Kate Gilmore? I thought it was Bachelet that was the high commissioner for... oooh, deputy high commissioner. I wonder what Bachelet is doing.
She's urging countries to take back ISIS members and condemning Myanmar for getting rough with their violent muslim minority while her deputy is criticizing the pitiful gibs in NZ.
Maybe she's trying to outdo her predecessor prince Zeid Raad Al Hussein?


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When you look at what they are complaining about, and what they want, it is only going to fuel anti-Muslim sentiment in some quarters.
It's almost like the idiots in government are dancing to the tune set by Tarrant. It's not like he hid it, either, he spells it out in the manifesto. Yet someone nobody seems to notice or care.

Assuming he lives that long, he's going to be laughing when the new government releases him as a patriot. I wonder if they'll build a statue?