Brenton Tarrant posts on 8chan, shoots up Mosque killing 49 muslims in New Zealand, livestreams from GoPro -

Take away the Guns, Censor the Video, Throw people in Jail for Having the Video, or do it all?

  • Just take the guns, it'll work out fine.

    Votes: 52 6.4%
  • Doesn't matter, it's Trump's Fault.

    Votes: 202 25.0%
  • Just ban the video, it's totally doable.

    Votes: 28 3.5%

    Votes: 165 20.4%
  • Make Null turn us over, that'll make us safe.

    Votes: 361 44.7%

  • Total voters


The Funnest Part of Gaming is Looting Corpses.
True & Honest Fan
Is it bad if the first thing I thought when I read the headline is "oh for fuck's sake, now New Zealand's gun laws are going to get cucked like Australia's"?
My first reaction was that people will probably call for 8chan to be shut down while Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook will get a free pass.

CIA Nigger

True & Honest Fan
The only thing I'm shocked about is that somebody didn't livestream a mass shooting earlier.

What I will be interested to see is the shitstorm and this guy ticked off all the boxes, from a manifesto posted to 8chan to actually livestreaming the act instead of just posting a few pictures to social media or some dumbass manifesto Randy Stair style. He got a high kill count judging by pictures and what others have said, and he did it because he wanted to see division politically happen afterwards over guns in the USA (even though the attack was on the other side of the globe). Will we hear about this for months or only for a few days? Will 8chan or other sites lose a domain and hosting over this and will other unrelated factors be blamed for it?

Judge Holden

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Anyone know what kind of autism is plastered all over his guns? At first I thought it was some arabic shit to be ironic but some of it looked english.
Theres the "black sun" symbol which is one of the main 2cool4school xtreme swastika varients neo nazi speds use, and there are also the names/dates of famous battles between europe and islamic powers and the names of those who led the european sides like Charles Martel and such.

Also "For Rotherham"

Is it bad if the first thing I thought when I read the headline is "oh for fuck's sake, now New Zealand's gun laws are going to get cucked like Australia's"?
Yes, don't worry about surviors or the innocent victims who lifes where taken by this sped's outrage think bout your guns first in a country that has already cucked and limit their own rights to firearms. Because that's more important at the moment.

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