Brenton Tarrant posts on 8chan, shoots up Mosque killing 49 muslims in New Zealand, livestreams from GoPro -

Take away the Guns, Censor the Video, Throw people in Jail for Having the Video, or do it all?

  • Just take the guns, it'll work out fine.

    Votes: 30 5.2%
  • Doesn't matter, it's Trump's Fault.

    Votes: 148 25.6%
  • Just ban the video, it's totally doable.

    Votes: 24 4.2%

    Votes: 119 20.6%
  • Make Null turn us over, that'll make us safe.

    Votes: 256 44.4%

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it's filled with memes but it's internally consistent except on points that are stumbling blocks for fascism in general. Stuff like getting ethno-nationalism from Spyro 3 are clearly joking in a way far beyond the rest of the memes and are outliers.

Dude was a fascist that liked memes, this isn't some kind of post-ironic shooting for the lulz by permabanned shitposter Niggerstomper58


Please be patient, I have idiocy
Its exactly this sentiment that has made this thread a frustrating read. Theres no indication this guy is a sperg at all, and infact, from the little information we have seemed to be well adjusted and successful.
He's already a sperg just for browsing 8chan.

And he irl streamed it while blasting meme music. I can't imagine a more autistic way to kill people.

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Not really in the mood to read through the entire thread right now, but the video didn't really phase me until he started going back in and shooting the corpses. He really wanted to make sure they were dead. If there were people trying to play dead, it didn't save them.
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Please be patient, I have idiocy
This guy did a smoother, cleaner and more well orchestrated stream murdering 30 people than most professional livestreamers performing much more mundane things.
Yeah, his autism didn't let him ignore a single person.
Being a sperg doesn't mean he's bad at killing.


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This guy did a smoother, cleaner and more well orchestrated stream murdering 30 people than most professional livestreamers performing much more mundane things.
'Well-orchestrated'? He strapped a GoPro to his head and shot 50 unarmed people who had been backed into a corner. It wasn't exactly a complex operation. an exceptional individual could have done it.
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If there is any consolation to be had in this, it's the very fact that the Media is going to continue to blame Trump for this, and ergo hamstring how effective the narrative push is going to be since it'll just fade into the background noise.

You have a good point there. Though, maybe he was inspired by his government's war with the Native Maori people's. They are brown like Muslims, maybe a bit darker.
Maori are pacific islanders that one day decided to invade New Zealand and devour the old settlers of the island.

This shooter guy is actually Australian. They have aboriginals there, I don't think there was much of a war.

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