Brenton Tarrant posts on 8chan, shoots up Mosque killing 49 muslims in New Zealand, livestreams from GoPro -

Take away the Guns, Censor the Video, Throw people in Jail for Having the Video, or do it all?

  • Just take the guns, it'll work out fine.

    Votes: 52 6.4%
  • Doesn't matter, it's Trump's Fault.

    Votes: 202 25.0%
  • Just ban the video, it's totally doable.

    Votes: 28 3.5%

    Votes: 165 20.4%
  • Make Null turn us over, that'll make us safe.

    Votes: 361 44.7%

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Fuck Clankers
Societies have only ever been multi-ethnic, multiculturalism is a utopian fantasy for people on the left or a tool for globalist policy making. Migration has existed forever and populations eventually assimilate over time, the culture they bring only influences the native one slightly. The main problems causing tensions are mass immigration(causes too much cultural and economic strain), terrible domestic, and foreign policy.
The point of a Nation is to eventually have one culture.


welcome to god's mosh pit

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In a somewhat light spot in this terrible event, let's all give kudos to the man who was worshipping at one of the mosques and escaped, only to come back and return fire at the shooter. Only seven people were killed at this particular mosque, and there would have been undoubtedly more victims if it weren't for his efforts. The guy's a hero.
Him and 7:03... How fucking alpha do you have to be to have a chance to escape and take that chance to try to take out the shooter?

Absolute legends, both of em.


The Twitter account that sent the threats of revenge as seen here
got suspended.
I am legitimately shocked Twitter had a moment of sanity and did the right thing here. I'm not being sarcastic, either.

Having said that, I'm not about to pretend they did it for the right reason (threatening violence) rather than doing their part to hide the fact that islam is violent.

At first, I honestly couldn't take this seriously when I watched the video and fucking Remove Kebab starts playing. Even more so when OP after that proceeds to go inside the church and shoot up the place while shooting the bodies, then skedaddling out of there like nothing ever happened.
I found what OP wrote in his manifesto is hilarious, due to the odd juxtaposition of the run-of-the-mill white supremacy rambling and memes.
That being said, I don't condone what OP did for being laughable, but damn. Spite truly is a weapon of the highest caliber.

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