Bria Gwen Washington / Bria Washington / lil lunchbox / lillunchboxx / lillunchboxxy / lerkan76 - African-American woman living in Sweden, obsessed with the clown clifestyle, going to “clwar” against the clownworld/Honkler memes, probably an elaborate troll

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He Who Points And Laughs

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She's too famous guys. We just need to back off and deal with it. Can't keep the clown down!
It's just so pathetic. Sever ties and move on, it is what adults do. Lunchbox is still hyper obsessed with her Swedish (?) ex-husband that her entire life is defined by this multi-year sperg out. As a connoisseur of tard-cum and a decent human being, I'm conflicted with wanting more of this nonsense and wishing she'd just move elsewhere and pull her clelf together.


Best gem
I still follow her on social media just because I enjoy seeing her rants and slapfights. It's pretty comfy honestly and I'm glad to announce our beloved honkler queen is going to open up her clonlyfans soon!



bad weird
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so shes turning over a new leaf?! no more clown makeup on her youtube videos?!

ngl she seems pretty medicated and lucid in this video. but at the same time, she says she'll only be wearing clown makeup for her onlyfans, which is anything but sane.

edit: i archived the video but having trouble with the uploader.

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