Brian Baehler / Brian577 / Typhon / TyphonDog / BrBaeh - Suicidal 33 Year Old Loser, NeoGAF Addict, Commissioned Rape Hentai of a Kids Movie

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Name: Brian Baehler
Aliases: Brian577, TyphonDog
Job: None
Lives with his Parents
Threatened Suicide over NeoGAF
Likes Bolt Porn
Age 33

First discussed in the NeoGAF thread was a rather eceptional furry by the name of Brian577 that I wanted to throw up a quick thread about so this beautiful gem of a person doesn't get lost in the sea of drama and autism in that thread.

Links: (600+ posts);u=6151 (very active)

As you can tell, Brian Baehler is both a furry and a brony, hence his placement in the Animal Control subforum. His other hobbies include gaming (hence beinh on NeoGAF), film, internet memes, political debate, and Star Trek.

His recent infamy lead to him shutting down access to his furaffinity page

His youtube is similarly unavailable, but many of his other accounts are still up.


bolt hentai.jpg

Here's his retarded suicide threat on NeoGAF

Thanks to everyone in the GAF thread for your digging, and god bless.

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This is a lolcow whose whiny rant about the state of NeoGAF is now plastered across Twitter and most of the major gaming forums on the internet. The information about his pathetic behavior spread across the internet in less than a couple of days, so it will be tough finding a community outside of Waypoint or ResetEra who will be able to take him in without continual jeers from the other members.

It's also ironic that a person who cursed Evilore for his accused sexual harassment is also into rape porn. Who would have figured?


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"Brian Baehler is feeling anxious.
Apparently due to a comment I made on another site I'm now getting harassing messages on multiple sites including Twitter and Youtube basically being told to kill myself. This is not good for my already fragile mental health"

Archive of the FurAffinity page:

"I don't really understand why but 8chan's video game board has a thread that's mostly dedicated to harassing you for some reason. Please stay safe."

He showed up on an archive of the Furry Raiders page, complaining that he had to get a hotel room "blocks from the con" because of them.
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He paid for that commission

Fuck me

This just come back to the never ending cycle, who is worse, the sick fucks commissioning this crap, or the sick fucks drawing this crap..

Saw a lot of memes/content about this guy after the neogaf debacle. Kinda neat that he had enough content on him to warrant an entire thread. Look forward to reading up on him.

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