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Brian M Visaggio / Magdalene Visaggio / MagsVisaggs / SeatBeltBlueAutistic SJW comic writer, fake tranny, violently angry about conservatives

Discussion in 'La Zorra' started by yawning sneasel, Sep 24, 2017.

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  1. upload_2017-9-24_2-43-9.png

    Brian "Magdalene" Visaggio is a comic artist who seems to have a bit of an anger problem. When he isn't writing for his comic "Kim & Kim" (archive) he is explaining to social media why cis people are horrible for being cis people, the violent things he would like to do to them, and picking fights about shit that adults with real jobs would never care about. Considering how the last fake tranny who had a comic that featured trannies killing cissies that KF covered ended up, Visaggio should be a bit of fun.


    Brian's social media is a healthy mix of salt about Trump, anger at cis people and typical nonsense of shaming cis people.

    literally creepy men talking about how men creep them out.



    Brian is a guy who was initially mentioned in an article posted by @Munchingonfish in the PPWJ section. Brian is a member of a group of SJW comics who is angry about some dude criticizing diversity in the comic book industry. That really isn't interesting, informative or important, but when you look deeper into this idiot's online history, you can see a consistent record of being chimpy, self-important, smug, autistic and just generally a massive faggot.

    Here's the article (archive)
    Here is a video by the guy who their Facebook group was plotting to harass where he criticizes Visaggio for not understanding Batman.


    If you are wondering about what Kim & Kim is, the synopsis describes it as "Superbad if Michael Cera was a trans woman and Jonah Hill a queergirl partner in crime" (archive). Visaggio himself described the development of the comic in an interview with Gizmodo, essentially describing the character Kim Q as a self-insert and the person he wants to be when he has transitioned and Kim D as a queergirl he thirsts for.

    What is interesting in all this is that Visaggio considers the comic as essentially a form of therapy and a way to express themselves as they transition, but yet the focus of the story is on two characters who lack a strong grip on femininity with a hyper-masculine job where they routinely engage in violence. These factors, plus Visaggio's history of violent rhetoric online, make it appear that Visaggio's transition is more fetishistic in nature than based on true dysphoria.

    From Gizmodo (archive):
    Apparently he is also into "Dream Daddy"

    Outside of the comic, Visaggio fancies themselves a trans activist. In a writing for "Letters to the Revolution", Visaggio continuously asks reader who they don't know and will never know if they are "okay" and tells them that they are "important" several times, while ranting on their fear towards Trump.

    Here are some clips from the letter (archive)
    He has also contributed to TransLifeline.

    He also planned on graduating from Seminary and going to Rome. Below (archive) he seemed to have thought that school was a way out of his hellhole. According to this post, he wanted to go to Fordham, but at one point had a .8 GPA. He ended up going to Seton Hall and then dropping out.

    Why? So you can drop that like you did Seminary? :story:

    Brian's ultra low GPA isn't surprising once you look through his social media. He has a clear lack of understanding of how laws work.

    Yeah, Brian should definitely not own a gun.

    Here he is getting married

    But he couldn't even follow through with that

    And here is some Trump salt from Facebook to close with

    Thanks to @zedkissed60 for the extensive research on this idiot.

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    #1 yawning sneasel, Sep 24, 2017
    Last edited: Sep 24, 2017
    yawning sneasel

    yawning sneasel Trash-Eating Maniac
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  2. Not a lolcow.
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  3. How is it possible to get a .8 GPA? Is that on a 4.0 scale? I assumed that was a typo. How would they manage to obtain that average without being expelled for poor academic performance?
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    True & Honest Fan

  4. Eww, a guido. Gross
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    Somsnosa Look at me! I'm the pope now

  5. Moved this to the Rat King based on links to several RK cows.

    Here is Brian thirsting on Geena over shoes and someone informing them that they're gross.


    Here is Brian kvetching about whether or not he can sign a legal gocument executed in his "deadname", when he still has is "deadname" on his SSN and IRS files, featuring a cameo by Geena Phillips and a tag to Chelsea Manning


    Here is Zinnia and Brian complaining about that Ray Blanchard crank.


    Brian and Nick Nyberg mad about TERFs

    Supporting TransLifeline
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    yawning sneasel

    yawning sneasel Trash-Eating Maniac
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  6. Mine put you on academic probation if you fell below a 2.0 followed by dismissal if there was no improvement within a semester. I have no fucking clue how he managed something like this.
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    Ruin Mercenary Slut
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  7. View attachment 285719

    Anyone who wonders why the nazi-punchers seem to have so much in common with McCarthyist-style Red Scare people, look no further. This rationalization about why it's fine to shut down some ideologies and close down free speech for any ideological movement labeled undemocratic is exactly what was argued about why it was fine to dismiss First Amendment arguments when it came to communism. Commuism was implemented via violent revolution and put the lives of US citizens (the bourgeois and capitalists) at "existential risk" the same way.

    And the idea that having checks written to you under a previous name would be this horrible "omg am I ever going to get paid" thing wouldn't be an issue if these dudes had ever given two shits about the experiences of actual women -- who routinely change their names upon marriage and spend weeks or months (sometimes years, because it's a pain in the ass to change some documents and it's also not that big a deal) in name limbo. Every institution has ways of dealing with this. Every bank. Every background check company. Every DMV. Cissies have had to deal with this kind of issue for a long, long time and somehow manage to never act like it makes life simply impossible.

    As for Zinnia crying about Ray Blanchard, that's the whole thing about making your private life public. You don't get to have boundaries that include "people not commenting on what you do or speculating about what you're like" or "linking to your photos." This is one of the single biggest disadvantages of putting your body out in public, and it's a huge reason most women (and even most MTFs) would never consider it. Being public means it's not just your friends who see you, or people who are favorably disposed to your demographic. You want the advantages of being out in public? You take the bad shit with it. As you get more public, you literally lose legal protections against people trashing you. Zinnia's "boundaries" are non-enforceable and hypocritical, too, because I'm pretty sure none of these troons would support Blanchard's "boundaries" about not being contacted by crazy autogynephiles who call him a hate speaker.
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  8. Love how these dudes always try to transition into the very punk girls who didn't want to date them
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    Dane chaosfag

  9. Brian M Visaggio aka "Magdalene" Visaggio
    674 Academy St #D6
    New York NY 10034-1003
    DOB September 22, 1984 (age 33)

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    yawning sneasel

    yawning sneasel Trash-Eating Maniac
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  10. [​IMG]
    Man, this guy was a goony beard man before goony beard men were a thing.
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  11. "Wowzers! I'm really losing my hair. Guess I'm a girl now, tee-hee!"
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    Oh Long Johnson

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  12. So am I...

    Anyway back on topic
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  13. It's called cancer
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    Sinners Sandwich

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  14. [​IMG]

    600 hours on Crusader kings and not a single achievement I suppose the term Ironman probably put her off for a number of reasons. Wonder what faction she plays?
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  15. I think that this thread needs some samples of Mags's comic writing.. Well I have something better than that in mind.. How about some roast videos of their writing?

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    neural But in the middle we stay calm, we just drop bombs
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  16. I guess the, um, art's. . .good?
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    BOLDYSPICY! I can't get errverr Null's streams
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  17. The art is tumblr quality in every way.. Marvel has made it no secret that they now recruit off there..

    As for the writing, Just reading the dialogue on the 1st video's thumbnail makes me cringe..
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    neural But in the middle we stay calm, we just drop bombs
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  18. In a way I'm pissed that Marvel (and to an extent, Cartoon Network) are under the impression that anyone with a massive Tumblr following equals=BEST ART EVAH but at the same time, there is a sick sense of glee within me knowing that there are so many people who recognize that the art is shit and so is the idea of keeping your recruitment pool so low that you honestly think a site where people have a bitch fit over titties is the best place to go.
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    FoomiOnce Bitch in Cat Tights

  19. Marvel got someone competent in charge that got rid of some of the most egregious non-selling SJW titles (including the horrible "America") so there might be less mags-roasting from the YouTube comics reviewers coming up.

    This review from D&C of mags semi-coherent twitter ramblings around the holidays is probably one of his funnier vissaggio roasts IMO.

    "Hey lil' mexican man..."
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  20. 2590.png

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