Brian M Visaggio / Magdalene Visaggio / MagsVisaggs / SeatBeltBlue - Autistic SJW comic writer, fake tranny, violently angry about conservatives


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Marvel got someone competent in charge that got rid of some of the most egregious non-selling SJW titles (including the horrible "America") so there might be less mags-roasting from the YouTube comics reviewers coming up.

This review from D&C of mags semi-coherent twitter ramblings around the holidays is probably one of his funnier vissaggio roasts IMO.

"Hey lil' mexican man..."
This is Gabby Rivera, who wrote America, you're confusing her with Mags.

D&C did roast Mags' newest comic though:


Miss Flamewar
Couldn't quote the image in the OP so I'll just repost it here

A little :offtopic: but I recognised that yellow bird avatar in the tweet likes from tumblr. Sure, enough, when you look it up...


You're really surrounding yourself with the peak of society, aintcha Brian?

Anyway, it seems like his work at IDW is solely for shitty crossovers that no one will read (eg. D&C's review of it). Maybe after the Sitterson disaster whoever's in charge had enough sense to delegate the resident psycho troon to an obscure 80s franchise so any chimping out will have minimal fallout.

also I like how he got a chance to work on a tiny bit of Transformers and immediately used it to kill off a legacy character. Then again the only people who read TF comics weren't even born in the 80s so no one will really care.

break these cuffs

Can we all agree Brian shouldn’t be near kids?:

That thread is also filled with cancer.
(Sorry for double post)
Let's get this straight. He views fake internet hugs from strangers as some kind of unwanted advance while at the same time fantasizing about soliciting his fetish to minors? The internet may shoulder a large portion of blame for enabling these freaks, but at least they're too exceptional to keep shit to themselves and broadcast STAY AWAY to normal people. And yes, Brian needs to be kept far away from children.

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