Brian M Visaggio / Magdalene Visaggio / MagsVisaggs / SeatBeltBlue - Autistic SJW comic writer, fake tranny, violently angry about conservatives

Classic professional victim. Stir up as much shit as possible, and the second someone so much as says "hey, your wrong" it turns into another shoah, and they're just poor innocent fairy children. Of course, once the heat dies down they go back to poking until they get another round of attention whoring.


MovieBahb ォ運ム
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I don't get why these people are so incensed because D&C shared those store owners' names and their store addresses? Pretty sure they give that info out themselves on Facebook pages, business cards etc.

Sissy Galvez
I wonder how much longer Brian will have a job at Marvel in the age of Cebulski. I have to think he’s trying to find ways to get rid of the toxic idiots like Brian and Mark Waid who can’t shut up on Twitter.
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Sissy Galvez


Let's go crunch some numbers!
Jesus, Mags. Pluck those damn eyebrows. The only chick that could get away with caterpillar eyebrows was Brooke Shields, and even she tweezes those fuckers now.

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