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I also heard that they are trying to get rid of the B too. Many of the level headed ones are leaving while the crazies stay.
Eh, the movement has always been weird about bisexuals. For the most part, they just try not to talk about them. I will say that, from personal experience, it feels like some of the negativity comes from interacting with a sort of people similar to the genderspecial shitheads back when saying you were bisexual was en vogue.


Let's go crunch some numbers!

Speaking of "people unable to grasp things", Mags fails to realize that people who actually believe in causes they fight for don't have to constantly tell people about it and draw attention to it - they just do what they have to do. You can truly believe in something and still be "virtue signalling". The two things are not mutually exclusive. It just seems that way since the majority of the soyboys who brag about their feminist bona fides usually end up being exposed as sex pests, harassers, and/or rapists.


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Mags being a kind person, so weird:

For context see:
Lots of drama today. First, AxeCop creator getting hounded by Darrylayo for not calling Comicsgate “literally Hitler”:
View attachment 533340
Ethan’s Response:
View attachment 533338 View attachment 533339
Peter is getting even more pressure put on him with new hit pieces:
Aug 31, 2018 by Dany Roth

CBR - Alterna Comics’ Block Chain Ban for Creators Courts Controversy
08.31.2018 by Eric Bartsch in Comics, Comic News

CBR - Creator Micah Myers Removed from Alterna Book Over Block Chain Ban
52 mins ago by Renaldo Matadeen in Comic News

One of these by CBR (the second one) has him considering suing. Seems like in typical Journo fashion they only got the other party's story wothout even telling Peter an article was being written about it:
View attachment 533354 View attachment 533345 View attachment 533353
The article if you skimmed through is about this series of tweets claiming that Micah was fired for not upholding the policy that was put in place:
View attachment 533392 View attachment 533393
Nicky Rackets offered to have a chat:
View attachment 533355
Peter still getting harassed by other Pros:
View attachment 533341
Shortly after: View attachment 533342
Luckily someone archived and screenshotted it before Cooke went to Protected Mode:
View attachment 533343
Whoops nevermind, just empty virtue signaling:
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Whoops nevermind, just empty virtue signaling:
When isn't Mags a disingenuous fuck? Besides liking and retweeting comments attacking Alterna Comics, claiming that comics are for everyone, while threatening to bash someone's teeth in with a bat for not having the same viewpoint. So much damning evidence. That Robert Garcia guy, his wife likely keeps his balls in her purse. Why is it not surprising that this is in California?


Let's go crunch some numbers!

"Hey guys - I think we've shit on this dude enough. let's a take a break for today and shit on him some more tomorrow!"

"See, when I said that trans people should go out and beat cis people with baseball bats, it was totally ok because I had a bad day! I mean, it should be legal to beat the shit out of people just because a law got passed that you don't like!"

Sissy Galvez
Cis people are normal, though. 99.99999% of the population doesn’t have mental illnesses regarding their gender identity. That’s the very definition of normal.

It’s abnormal to be a male and think you’re female.
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"What would hurt my enemy the most? I know, his hero disavowing his little hate movement! That will really make him suffer:”



:story: “I’m sorry you’re so mad.”:

From here on Mags just turns into:

I guess he threw out the whole “comics isn’t a club” thing he was screeching about a couple weeks ago:

“I have bed bugs in my party city wig and work in the comic book industry and he made more money than me in just a couple months.”:

8) How can you look at this train wreck and not smile?

Extra Star Wars cringe:


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Bitch is manic and needs to calm the fuck down. Also, still shilling for TLL. Good job looking out for your community, Mags. Also again, Zack does have a career in comics, and is already more successful than you'll ever be.


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Bitch is manic and needs to calm the fuck down. Also, still shilling for TLL. Good job looking out for your community, Mags. Also again, Zack does have a career in comics, and is already more successful than you'll ever be.
I really missed these good old fashioned Mags/Zack slapfights:

Mag’s worst enemy is not Zack, it’s:
:reality: :reality: :reality: :reality: :reality:

I love how Mags just keeps proving Zack right.



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Mags is wild about giving HRT and genital surgery to the kiddos

you can find some chilling stuff from just about any ratking if you search up posts by them containing with the word combos 'transition children' 'kids transition' 'trans kids' 'puberty transition' and so forth
View attachment 536960
View attachment 536961
Creepy how often “kids” and “transition” are in the same tweet:

Mags please stay away from other people’s children.


Let's go crunch some numbers!
Jesus Christ, this crazy bitch is single minded. No one is staying that trans people can't have access to the drugs needed to transition, they're just saying DON'T GIVE DRUGS TO CHILDREN THAT IRREVERSIBLY FUCK UP THEIR BODY BECAUSE THEY WERE ADMINISTERED BEFORE THEY FINISHED PUBERTY. How hard is that to understand?

I hope to Satan that Mags doesn't have any kids (adopted or bio), because she'd probably start dropping puberty blockers in their baby formula.

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