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Brian M Visaggio / Magdalene Visaggio / MagsVisaggs / SeatBeltBlueAutistic SJW comic writer, fake tranny, violently angry about conservatives

Discussion in 'La Zorra' started by yawning sneasel, Sep 24, 2017.

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  1. L's are going extinct anyway because the new generation are more likely to either declare themselves trans men or identify as some variant of "genderfluid".
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  2. Pro: He tries to pass.

    Con: He acts like a stereotypical male, angrily (drunkenly, even) defensive about everything and boorish. And he sucks at writing.
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    Ted_Breakfast What'll it be, boys?

  3. Eh, the movement has always been weird about bisexuals. For the most part, they just try not to talk about them. I will say that, from personal experience, it feels like some of the negativity comes from interacting with a sort of people similar to the genderspecial shitheads back when saying you were bisexual was en vogue.
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  4. [​IMG]

    Speaking of "people unable to grasp things", Mags fails to realize that people who actually believe in causes they fight for don't have to constantly tell people about it and draw attention to it - they just do what they have to do. You can truly believe in something and still be "virtue signalling". The two things are not mutually exclusive. It just seems that way since the majority of the soyboys who brag about their feminist bona fides usually end up being exposed as sex pests, harassers, and/or rapists.
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  5. Mags being a kind person, so weird:
    2C196472-5BE2-4856-8D42-FDEDE951AEDE.jpeg https://twitter.com/MagsVisaggs/status/1036666594406092800 https://archive.fo/BRANM

    For context see:
    Whoops nevermind, just empty virtue signaling:
    2E9E7EDE-4C01-4524-A6F5-201F9D755D6D.jpeg 3C29EA8C-4926-4FD3-8C3E-0CC31F60A898.jpeg 4D603D96-57AA-4A17-B253-2991B1C7783B.jpeg 669E934C-E2D8-43AE-9B66-38FFD787138D.jpeg
    2E3A8CB0-47FB-459D-8526-F994540ADA7C.jpeg https://twitter.com/MagsVisaggs/status/1036621413673783298 https://archive.fo/3NklJ
    A62F2340-AD7D-4999-8C10-889D6D979AAB.jpeg 76119DD8-35D1-4589-B66B-B5B4A63A6703.jpeg
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  6. When isn't Mags a disingenuous fuck? Besides liking and retweeting comments attacking Alterna Comics, claiming that comics are for everyone, while threatening to bash someone's teeth in with a bat for not having the same viewpoint. So much damning evidence. That Robert Garcia guy, his wife likely keeps his balls in her purse. Why is it not surprising that this is in California?
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  7. [​IMG]

    "Hey guys - I think we've shit on this dude enough. let's a take a break for today and shit on him some more tomorrow!"


    "See, when I said that trans people should go out and beat cis people with baseball bats, it was totally ok because I had a bad day! I mean, it should be legal to beat the shit out of people just because a law got passed that you don't like!"
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  8. 215A8FE0-A6EB-4F64-B137-62FBF66A4E55.jpeg
    E07CB486-A196-4D08-805D-22AB3A0EBCE9.jpeg DFF64A75-11F6-4479-BF34-9CB389982190.jpeg

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  9. Time for a new mood stabilizer, then.
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    Oh Long Johnson

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  10. You really start to notice that these people really love to call themselves trans-girls instead of trans-women when you read thier bullshit after a while.
    Brian as a grade-a autogynephile. Probably the biggest of the people who have a thread here that I know of.
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  11. Cis people are normal, though. 99.99999% of the population doesn’t have mental illnesses regarding their gender identity. That’s the very definition of normal.

    It’s abnormal to be a male and think you’re female.
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  12. "What would hurt my enemy the most? I know, his hero disavowing his little hate movement! That will really make him suffer:”
    84CAA47F-885D-49D0-B556-86DB28C62C4F.jpeg https://twitter.com/MagsVisaggs/status/1038146397172916224 https://archive.fo/NNVRO

    :story: “I’m sorry you’re so mad.”:
    From here on Mags just turns into:
    I guess he threw out the whole “comics isn’t a club” thing he was screeching about a couple weeks ago:
    19971D2C-DBC5-40B0-8B9C-5B46B928B587.jpeg https://twitter.com/MagsVisaggs/status/1038232215405121536 https://archive.fo/GFx3G

    “I have bed bugs in my party city wig and work in the comic book industry and he made more money than me in just a couple months.”:
    8) How can you look at this train wreck and not smile?

    Extra Star Wars cringe:
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    damian Not *cough* Zack.
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  13. [​IMG]

    Congrats, Mags! You must be so proud to be given a job that is pretty much given to random people they find lying in the gutter who posted some fanfics or art on Tumblr/DeviantArt. Let me find a sticker and put it on your "I was a good girl today!" chart.
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  14. Bitch is manic and needs to calm the fuck down. Also, still shilling for TLL. Good job looking out for your community, Mags. Also again, Zack does have a career in comics, and is already more successful than you'll ever be.
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    emspex Female Senior Moderator
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  15. I really missed these good old fashioned Mags/Zack slapfights:
    Mag’s worst enemy is not Zack, it’s:
    :reality: :reality: :reality: :reality: :reality:

    I love how Mags just keeps proving Zack right.
    2E1C7766-CC3D-42F4-AD9D-25051880A3B8.jpeg https://twitter.com/MagsVisaggs/status/1038435248516870150 https://archive.fo/qa5zH


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    #117 damian, Sep 7, 2018
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    damian Not *cough* Zack.
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  16. Mags is wild about giving HRT and genital surgery to the kiddos

    you can find some chilling stuff from just about any ratking if you search up posts by them containing with the word combos 'transition children' 'kids transition' 'trans kids' 'puberty transition' and so forth

    Screen Shot 2018-09-08 at 9.18.39 AM.png
    Screen Shot 2018-09-08 at 9.27.20 AM.png
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    #118 Johnny Cab, Sep 8, 2018
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  17. Creepy how often “kids” and “transition” are in the same tweet:
    091D0F91-28F1-4747-880F-6AD26A1BEEFF.jpeg E1A532CE-DE40-42B1-AC83-3F98BAB7B12E.jpeg

    Mags please stay away from other people’s children.
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    damian Not *cough* Zack.
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  18. Jesus Christ, this crazy bitch is single minded. No one is staying that trans people can't have access to the drugs needed to transition, they're just saying DON'T GIVE DRUGS TO CHILDREN THAT IRREVERSIBLY FUCK UP THEIR BODY BECAUSE THEY WERE ADMINISTERED BEFORE THEY FINISHED PUBERTY. How hard is that to understand?

    I hope to Satan that Mags doesn't have any kids (adopted or bio), because she'd probably start dropping puberty blockers in their baby formula.
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