Dramacow Brian Martin / Lifeinatent / FuturisticHub - Minecraft porn animator, spineless coward who harasses and swats his critics, fled the country after losing to a $20 million lawsuit

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Anybody follow the audacious parade of shared delusion perpetrated by Brian and Kevin Martin and their nauseating YouTube reply girl friend, Megan?
Brian goes by a litany of sockpuppet account names as well a revolving door of "official" usernames. They're constantly changing because he's constantly getting banned from YouTube for TOS violations like using vote bots, and I'd be willing to bet the threatening messages he sends to critics have something to do with it as well. He pops up now and again, trying to reinvent himself on YouTube to make a living as an internet personality and/or lead a crusade against someone he publicly calls out for doing the exact same shit he and barmore (AKA "meganleeheart"). It's really interesting to observe their delusional little world and try to understand exactly how they can rationalize behaving the way they do.
The less said about Kevin, the better. I guess he pretends to be a meteorologist, of all things. I'd love to know how these mother fuckers actually spend their day to day lives.

Anybody ever follow their antics?

Cable 7

Holy shit this guy? I remember all the drama about him from when I browsed the YouTube of old. Got into a lot of shit for some insensitive comments about Japan and sockpuppet accounts but holy shit, I didn't know he did any of this bullshit.

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This is so funny. He's now vandalizing wikia pages about him and telling users to "die" and "grow up" and his favorite "I'll sue you". Here are the links of his histories below if you want to check them out.


Edit: Now he's banned on Fandom Wikias for vandalizing and threatening people.
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So this is the guy who makes those Minecraft porn animations. Can't say I'm surprised

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I remember at one point he made a career of trying to blank his ED page, his asshurt over it was insane.
His asshurt was always insane. He, Megan, Fake LIAT and Weatherman Kevin tried for three years (2009-2012) to go after me on Youtube because he was arguing with someone in the comments of a video of a dog pissing on an electric fence about circumcision and I wrote a comment that arguing about circumcision on a video about a dog pissing on an electric fence was stupid. For three years every comment I made on YT would get one or more messages threatening to rape and murder me, flat out ALL CAPS abuse or dropping what he thought was my dox. He was ridiculously easy to troll, all you had to do was mention his ED page or the VICE reply girls video, and he'd go insane. I even had him claiming to be a satanic high priest and typing multi paragraph curses on my page and in comment sections. Even more insane was the fact that there were dozens of people he was doing this to constantly the entire time. I'm surprised he doesn't have a larger page to be honest given the sheer amount of stuff he used to do.


This is attorney Amos S. Waranch, this is my first time using this fine website. I am trying to collect on the $18,600,000.00 judgment against Brian Martin and Marko Princip referenced above. If anyone on this forum has information that would lead me to the assets of Brian Martin or would like to share evidence of your experiences with him, please send me an email to awaranch @ waranchnunn . com

Thank you all!



New Turkey tom video on this person.
Brian Is a massive lolcow from the looks of it, suprised there isnt more discussion of him.
I am too; the dude literally made Minecraft porn for what must’ve at least been a primarily child audience.

Nada Guest

New Turkey tom video on this person.
Brian Is a massive lolcow from the looks of it, suprised there isnt more discussion of him.
He’s gotten really lucky with most of his shit largely staying out of the limelight, at least from the looks of the video. If this at all blows up I think we can expect a lot more activity on this thread.

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Damn, I remember this. Never seen any of his videos directly, only from watching someone shit on him, and I can't remember who. Shit's like a fever dream though, those animations will haunt your nightmares for many moons after first seeing them.

Back in 2007, this guy went to a bodybuilding steroids forum and literally whined about his penis being small.
Fucking gold. Wonder what he got banned for.


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Fucking gold. Wonder what he got banned for.
For having small pp.

Okay so he is now making angry emails to Tommy C about Turkey Toms video.

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