Infected Brian "Pleasureman" Uecker's My Posting Career & Ashley Hutsell Jankowski - racist nerd hating Something Awful spin-off forum (feat. Insane Fat Catlady Stalker Chimping Out)

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Solution to the Salotrean Problem?

  • Split Ash into her own thread.

    Votes: 4 12.9%
  • Keep her in this thread's title, since she wanted it to be about her so badly.

    Votes: 27 87.1%

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Trans Inclusionary Radical Misogynist
I reported her post when I first saw it. I think I'll keep doing it, unless she creates a YouTube video about us, Nool, and MPC and links it.
It's funny, but doubt it'll stop her. We're 1 year and 29 accounts into it (I counted, I'll take my puzzle pieces here thanks) I doubt she'll stop.

Wow she really is holding a grudge against @Feline Darkmage who hadn't even posted in this thread for weeks when making all those accounts.

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Christ Centered NEET
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Feline Catmange
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The King In Yellow
I was going to keep serenely letting you project your own trauma but since you should learn at some point do you want to know what the person who was meanest to me in school* is doing now? They had kids too early and were struggling bad last time I was on fb years ago because every single millennial is. But as a racist NEET you'll never have to worry about scheduling and paying for child care, or their medical bills, or your wife's birth complications, or post partum issues, because you and everyone ITT is going to sit on your ass alone posting on "intelligent racist forums" run by manchildren and Roissy's blog and stalking Lowtax until your mom begrudingly checks on you because the smell of decay is too hard to ignore.

Btw I'm glad I never had kids because they're disgusting and exhausting especially for the first 5 years and every study concludes having them reduces happiness of the parents which matches my own experiences because the world isn't a stupid cartoon. Your statements betray disconnection and isolation you will never be self-aware of. but have fun in your autistic trad fantasyland where you have a submissive wife and 3 blonde children in a wheat field because your imagination is the closest you'll ever get to attaining that version of reality. I'm sure all the demands PMAN thinks nasty, dumb losers with nothing to offer anyone like you should be entitled to that you've internalized are making accepting this so much harder as the years grind on :(

*I'm also literally talking about middle school since everyone more or less aged out of that shit their freshman year while you will be 12 your entire fucking depressing life both emotionally and lifestyle-wise. BTW how mad are you and the rest of MPC that your fat exceptional rapist embarrassment of a prez is going to lose to a Jewish man.

Your fondest wish is to be this guy and you're somehow too damaged to even make a career out of your racism and boot licking even in this country

I'm serious about looking into therapy. You aren't a middle aged freak like Brian Uecker who figured out he could do an obsessive, isolated task like programming and was handed an easy mode career in a 100% male field during the 90's economic boom where he never had to progress beyond child emotions and can just creep on Tah Hoffman and bantz about race science all day with weev while his pathetic wife who can't conceptualize anything better because she's a Boomer makes excuses for him until he dies. You're actually going to suffer in the future if you don't do something about how unlikeable bigoted and insane you are, your anti-social delusions about women and your racism. You and I both know you're alone and will always be alone. What are you expecting to do when your parents die and can't take care of you?

That's awesome man what kind of music do you listen to. Also have you guys gotten Lowtax arrested yet? Have you had any negative impact on his life whatsoever? Hey I have an idea maybe it would help if you didn't call him Low-T about two dozen times every post like a mentally ill 7 year old in a way that would repulse and annoy any functional adult who might be reading. Amazing to say it but I think you're actually attacking A FUCKING WIFE BEATER in a way that would make him somehow look more stable and normal than you.

speaking of probably the most amazing example of protesting too much I've ever fucking seen. 1000% eventually going to get arrested for whats on his hard drive. KF's denizens ignoring this is a thousand times sicker than the denial surrounding sarah nyberg. There's literally hundreds of logged convos where Joshua Moon talks about being attracted to little boys so weev and PMAN have good company here

"Exodus.Tech is a service purportedly in development by Moon for the purposes of combating child pornography on the internet. The service is intended to accept submissions of pictures, or seek out and automatically download them. An algorithm will then create a digital fingerprint, similar to a cryptographic hash that can be used to quickly identify the picture in future so that sites consuming the service can block the images.

However, it is unclear that Moon has any permit or especial law enforcement approval for this project, which by necessity will require the possession of indecent images of children in order to function, for (at a minimum) at least as long as it takes to convert them into perceptual hashes. The website itself is a gloss PR site, which contains no obvious illegal images and may be cited"
Ashley I'm sorry the crash diets keep failing but that's no excuse for this internet bowel movement (note: I didn't read any of it, because fat women have absolutely nothing interesting to say)

Karl der Grosse

Targeted Individual
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It's amazing the projection Ashley displays. Ashley doesn't want kids? No millennials want kids. Ashley's got terrible relationships with her family? Everybody under the age of forty hates their families. Ashley's struggling financially? All millennials are doing poorly financially.

Just because you have failed socially, intellectually, emotionally, and economically doesn't mean everyone has, Ashley.




μολὼν λαβέ
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Moved the schizo shit to this new thread.

She's even in the name of the thread though. Also her last name is "Jankowski" after her janky cuck of a husband.


Be kind, REEEEEE
She's even in the name of the thread though. Also her last name is "Jankowski" after her janky cuck of a husband.
She pretty much became the entirety of this thread's content after her first post.
To any of this site's long time members itt, have you ever seen anyone so thoroughly hijack an established thread, and make it their personal screeching wall to an extant like this, prior to Trashley?


μολὼν λαβέ
True & Honest Fan
Retired Staff
She pretty much became the entirety of this thread's content after her first post.
To any of this site's long time members itt, have you ever seen anyone so thoroughly hijack an established thread, and make it their personal screeching wall to an extant like this, prior to Trashley?

Yes, but it's usually when the OP of the thread is a complete autist trying to raise a personal army, but then they turn out to be more of a lolcow than the subject of their thread.
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