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Brianna Walker Wu / John Walker Flynt General Thread

Discussion in 'Brianna Wu' started by Jaimas, Aug 21, 2016.

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What is your favorite John?

  1. "Political Sperg" John

    92 vote(s)
  2. "Totally a Game Developer" John

    146 vote(s)
  3. "Passive-Aggressive Shithead" John

    38 vote(s)
  4. "Expert in Everything, Competent in None" John

    277 vote(s)
  5. "I'm Totally Not a Tranny, Seriously You Guys" John

    193 vote(s)
  6. "Master Chef" John

    15 vote(s)
  7. "Victim of Everything" John

    63 vote(s)
  8. "Guilty of Everything Gamergate Complains About" John

    73 vote(s)
  9. "Pre-Gender Identity Crisis" John

    32 vote(s)

    332 vote(s)
  11. Moon Rocks Wu

    232 vote(s)
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  1. It's a photo taken from a car for sale in CA.

    Much like the Wu dogs, it's impossible to tell when Wu is just too lazy to take a cell phone photo and when it's a matter of complete fabrication. I'm not sure how Wu decided on that photo when it's not high up on image search results I saw.

    Nevertheless, on looking around I came across a couple of quotes from an article about the car I thought were kinda amusing given Wu's... life.

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  2. He'll be thankful that's all his on his hands and knees polishing.
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    polonium By your genders combined, I am Captain Tumblr
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  3. Is someone having a giggle here or what

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    Peace and Harmony

    Peace and Harmony (。◕‿‿◕。)
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  4. Time to reset the Brianna Wu Said Gamergate clock again.
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    Snowflake Buster

    Snowflake Buster Bustin' special snowflakes makes me feel good

  5. "I learned that running as a representative for my district means that I have to represent the needs of my district" Christ you fucking moron.

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  6. Frank was a closeted gay man that's why he was a piece of shit to his wives, they couldn't fulfill what he wanted and that must have been incredibly frustrating. Now he's balls deep in the dick girl of his dreams so he's nice to John.
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  7. This has got to be in the running for the most ignorant thing she's said. It's like what you'd write if you were doing a sarcastic impression of her.
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    xX_rAcE_wAr_420_Xx Make Marijuana White Again

  8. A cookie for Brianna for learning something that is really fucking obvious and that everyone she spoke with last year, including me, told her. Next she should figure out what a carpetbagger is.

    Yes, this is my theory too. He and Brianna started dating pre surgical transition. I bet he got off watching her transition from the dude he wanted to the lady he thinks it's socially acceptable for him to love.
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    #32928 Kroster, Apr 16, 2018
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  9. John, are you saying that the mainstream news networks don't actually care about their duty to bring information directly to the public? That seems familiar.

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    Peace and Harmony

    Peace and Harmony (。◕‿‿◕。)
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  10. Except if what we suspect is true, Flu did get a stink ditch.
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    Optimus Prime

    Optimus Prime Resident KF Transformers Expert

  11. Maybe the nigga had a stroke and some wire's got crossed?

    "Real pussy? No thanks, I prefer my women to have a neo-vag."
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  12. Skinny-fat, it's a thing, and John is an example of it.

    It reminds Flu of their parents, the ones they never had, that is.

    Since it's MA-08 as the district I'm overjoyed I get to use, "Edward R. Murrow isn't walking through that door!"

    Frank Wu wrote the coming out letter to John Flynt.

    Flu needs to learn what a scallywag is first though, really.

    John wouldn't twitter tag Stephanie Clifford? How simultaneously misogynistic and sex-negative!
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    Very Honest Content

    Very Honest Content (Formerly a) Niggo(?)

  13. Which one is your style, John?


    Top tweet deleted due to not focusing well with test audiences/cancer


    Take your meds, John.

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    #32933 Peace and Harmony, Apr 16, 2018
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    Peace and Harmony

    Peace and Harmony (。◕‿‿◕。)
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  14. Spot on, we know Frank is a control freak. His relationship with Brianna is the nearest legal thing to owning another human being in the States these days. She's pathetically dependent on him and his money. This has to be why this relationship has lasted so long, because Brianna brings nothing else to the table.
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    Leibowitz Devious in his Sanity

  15. "check all facts" and linking to an ars technica article doesn't help when you lack any comprehension of the subject matter and fuck it all up anyway because you don't know shit about tech
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  16. While I tend to agree with a lot of what you say, I think Frank could actually do better than John. As you say, getting and keeping a young busty scene chick or cosplay girl is likely out of the question now, but I’m sure he could probably pull a chubby, dumpy looking, late 30s/40s woman with an actual vagina. I’m talking about the kind of chick who looks a little too old to be rocking the septum piercing, who maybe likes to go to renissance fairs, probobly belongs to a food co-op, sweats a lot for no apparent reason, and always smells faintly like pickles. While of course this isn’t a trophy wife by any means, it’s still several orders of magnitude better than a pathologically narasistic 7’ tall man in a dress who’s ever escalating vanity projects drive him ever closer to bankruptcy.
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    Eli Whitney

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  17. Wu:
    1. Take a bunch of Ambien
    2. Write Tweet
    3. Get called out for posting stupid bullshit
    4. Scream "nazi/misogyny/alt-right troll/mansplaining!"
    5. Realize it has no effect on all the women calling Wu a dumbass
    6. Make up more bullshit instead of admitting to being wrong
    7. Scream at Frank to buy him expensive toys
    8. Play Peggle
    9. Neglect to feed Boom-Boom, Bam-Bam, and Bloop-Bloop
    10. Tweet about cars he doesn't drive
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    Water-T Let's go crunch some numbers!

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  18. Completely hilarious! John would never be guilty of colluding with """"journalists"""" for shitty op-eds or glowing game reviews, right?

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    Peace and Harmony

    Peace and Harmony (。◕‿‿◕。)
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  19. When/where did John live in California? I bet it was some shithole like Stockton and he’s calling that “Silicon Valley.”
    Particle Bored

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