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Brianna Walker Wu / John Walker Flynt General Thread

Discussion in 'Brianna Wu' started by Jaimas, Aug 21, 2016.

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What is your favorite John?

  1. "Political Sperg" John

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  2. "Totally a Game Developer" John

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  3. "Passive-Aggressive Shithead" John

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  4. "Expert in Everything, Competent in None" John

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  5. "I'm Totally Not a Tranny, Seriously You Guys" John

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  6. "Master Chef" John

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  7. "Victim of Everything" John

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  8. "Guilty of Everything Gamergate Complains About" John

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  9. "Pre-Gender Identity Crisis" John

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  11. Moon Rocks Wu

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  1. You don’t just send back a custom Porsche after you order it. John’s keeping it under a car cover and only bringing it out in the summer to drive the “twisties” around MA. He’s deathly afraid of backing it into another bollard like the first Porsche.

    It’s also a very bad image to claim to be a socialist and support the working man while owning a $100k custom Porsche. We have the new superstar Congress critter, Ocassio-Cortez, who came up with nothing talking about it constantly.
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  2. Maybe he got the cheap insurance and just now found out that they denied the claim on the wreck he caused himself, because they caught him flat out lying about it not being his fault and trying to blame some phantom hit and run driver when you could tell just by looking at it that he'd backed it up into something himself.

    Maybe Frank wasn't very happy about that.

    Or maybe that car just doesn't exist and they cancelled it and took whatever hit you take when you cancel something like that, for whatever reason.

    There's some reason John stopped his constant boasting about this car, though. And it can't be good because nothing stops this blabbermouth from boasting about all the things he's buying from his cuck's money.
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    AnOminous life of the mind
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  3. No household that bleeds so much money with so little to show for it can be as happy as Brianna likes to portray it. And with so many of the scampaign's top donors being Frank's coworkers and friends, that's an additional stressor for him as he watches his "wife" goof around on Twitter and torpedo relations with anyone that could help them.
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    Francis York Morgan

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  4. That's waaaay to reasonable. I think it is well proven that "throwing good money after bad" is a concept not understood in Wu's household. Animation studio? Game studio? Anyone would sigh and close it before it could dig the half-a-million hole in your pocket.
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    MyOtherNicknameIsAPun Neck sleeve owner

  5. I'm pretty sure they accepted delivery of the car. Didn't wu post pics of it n shit n swap out the stereo for some apple play one?
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  6. Did Wu actually crash it?
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    AnOminous life of the mind
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  7. That sounds like a Wu thing to do. Crash the car, be unable to find a way to blame it on a white dude, and so decide to pretend the car never existed and that you only buy "cheap" Porsches. He's wiped more than that from his history.
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    Solzhenitsyn me in the middle
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  8. I’m pretty sure we saw it under a tarp when an intrepid kiwi did a drive by. We saw the bike parked on the sidewalk leading up to the house.

    I just think he has a tiny bit of self awareness, because of this thread, and he’s not taking about the custom Porsche because it will make him look worse. However, he used the other Porsche to drive to interviews and canvas.
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  9. She still owns it I’m sure. It’s probably “stored” on their lawn or driveway. I’m guessing that the Kotaku article and the fact that no one supported her for getting one or is giving her asspats for it means she’ll hide its existence.

    She’ll keep it though and it will gather dust, like the bike, the Peloton, all the apple products that exist, her anime/vidya figures, the PlayStation mini that every review trashed (but it has the MOST IMPORTANT GAMES EVAR) and every variation of the NES/SNES classics, her raspberry pi vidya emulator, the game cabinet she got from GameStop, all the vidya she buys and plays for an hour, the final fantasy TCG that she’ll get bored of soon, her Oculus Rift, and her PC she had to have that hadn’t been mentioned since 2016.

    But it’s still DRUMPF that’s responsible for them not owning a house.
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  10. It's an $8k car.

    I think in one of the pictures posted early autumn it could be partially seen under a cover in the driveway, might have been from one of the stories where a reporter followed Wu around for an afternoon. Why I think it's the new one: the mid-porche was gone by that time, Wu was posing around the Boxster, naturally, and the thing under the cover was clearly not Frank's Charger.

    I did some digging on Twitter. Jesus christ is it insipid, if you browse media posts it's like eBaumsworld. He posts mostly low-tier garbage and massively re-cycles not only his own images, that is well known, but even the same crusty old gifs from TV shows that were popular a decade ago. And that fucking page from "Danger Girl", posted week after week...

    Anyway, Wu posting about the soon to be delivered car in March.

    And this is from mid-July, Wu won't mention it and won't pay attention to the new custom red car parked on the curb, the on that looks exactly like the one in the tweet above.
    If you look at their positions you know Wu posed them like that, in the street outside their house, to talk about the Boxster.

    Just some humble bragging(it's really hot you guys!):
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    Smaug's Smokey Hole

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  11. You absolutely do. Assuming he financed it and didn't walk in and pay cash, you call the finance company and tell them you don't want the car any more, and they charge you the difference between whatever the residual value of the car is and the remaining lease, or whatever else was the break clause.

    Saying "It's a custom Porsche" is autistic. It's just a car where he specified what options he wanted. They didn't design it from scratch just for john
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    polonium By your genders combined, I am Captain Tumblr
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  12. Does their house have a garage?
    Crunchy Leaf

    Crunchy Leaf cronch

  13. I don't think so. Someone posted a photo of their house and you could see his silver Porsche, and there was a second car under a cover along the side of the house. He does have a doggy dungeon in his basement though.
    Molester Stallone

    Molester Stallone Trust me, I'm a doctor.

  14. Huh....I didn't know Frank had a basement kitchen
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    Judge Holden

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  15. No one is saying they built a custom Porsche specifically for the tranny ghoul. I guess a better description is special order where he selected the options and the dealer ordered it for him from the factory.

    I did it for our newest car because we couldn’t find a car with the color/options we wanted. I would have been out the deposit had I cancelled. Which would have been very stupid to piss away that money.
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  16. Name one non-stupid thing Brianna Wu did in her life.
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  17. Good thing TRUE and HONEST CIS NATAL WOMAN John W. Flynt kissed that girl one time in middle school so that he can be a queer person and thus an authority on trans homelessness, fucking die John.

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    Peace and Harmony

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  18. "Homeless trans children."

    Is that even a thing? How do homeless children pay for the surgery?
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  19. Yeah I get it, I know how to buy a new car, but saying "You can't return a custom Porsche" is daft. You can return anything, it'll just cost money because the resale value is definitely going to be less than the loan value, so the finance company will want you to make it up.

    Anyway I don't even know if they have returned it, I'm just spitballing. John never stops bragging about his expensive toys, so for something to go completely off the map like that is suspicious. Thinking about it more, he's probably found out what the insurance costs are going to be after his prang with a FUCKING WHITE MALE BOLLARD and is stuck with a car he can't insure because it costs too much, and can't return because it costs too much. I actually hope that is what happened because that's perfect Wu.
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    polonium By your genders combined, I am Captain Tumblr
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  20. Sounds like a pretty good approximation of the state of his genitals, tbh.
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