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What is your favorite John?

  • "Political Sperg" John

    Votes: 116 5.9%
  • "Totally a Game Developer" John

    Votes: 205 10.4%
  • "Passive-Aggressive Shithead" John

    Votes: 42 2.1%
  • "Expert in Everything, Competent in None" John

    Votes: 325 16.5%
  • "I'm Totally Not a Tranny, Seriously You Guys" John

    Votes: 280 14.2%
  • "Master Chef" John

    Votes: 27 1.4%
  • "Victim of Everything" John

    Votes: 96 4.9%
  • "Guilty of Everything Gamergate Complains About" John

    Votes: 99 5.0%
  • "Pre-Gender Identity Crisis" John

    Votes: 48 2.4%

    Votes: 415 21.0%
  • Moon Rocks Wu

    Votes: 321 16.3%

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Dr. Merkwurdichliebe

Kiwiminister für Volksaufklärung und Propaganda
Are there any plans to tell me what to do so I can not do it

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Yes John, why settle for anything else but the best if you're using scam money to pay for it?

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"Writing is still a better experience on a MacBook" says the mentally ill, borderline illiterate con artist and brainless tranny shill for all things Apple. Drink bleach, John.

Smaug's Smokey Hole

Gammalt bröd rostar aldrig.
As a local political figure and natural born leader Wu is willing to help fight for something if someone else plans it, organizes it, brings people there and does all the work so he can drive up in his Porsche and take pictures. It sure would look good to people in his district if he lifted a finger himself, maybe use his minor fame and media connections to get that thing going.

Plus he doesn't use a keyboard, he only types on his iPhone with the submissive spellcheck.


رنج آمریکایی ها
True & Honest Fan
This why trying to raise minimum wage is fucking exceptional. When you raise the income floor, you just raise the prices of goods to levels that would have been nuts.
See, your problem is that you aren't extending your high-falutin' supply and demand fairy to all the factors involved.

If a bunch of screwed up people actually want to live in San Francisco, the most sensible thing to do would be to reduce the supply of such people.

Kill all whales

2nd best admiral.
So.... This....
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Notice it's posted by Wu's minions, not Wu herself.
Anyway, here's the story.
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Here's the thing though. It sounds like bullshit and in fact it is probably bullshit. I don't think Wu was even enrolled at Ole Miss in 2003. It's always difficult to track down exact dates for when lyin' John did anything, but I did find an interesting new titbit while I was researching this. One of John's old email addresses was, which fits in with one of Wu's older stories about herself:

View attachment 932268

This can only have been when Michael Steele was running for Lt. Governor of Maryland, back when Johnny boy was living in DC. That's the thing with Wu, there's always a tiny, pathetic kernel of truth in her lies, it's just the stories she spins are out of all proportion to the truth. Wu says she threw everything in to her honda and drove off to DC to forge a political career, but the truth is she went to live in an apartment her parents owned and had a summer internship with the GOP that was arranged by daddy.

Anyway, this is relevant because this was the summer/autumn of 2002. Socially Unconscious Productions was forcefully wound up by daddy in August 2002, which is the most likely date of Wu being forced home and into rehab. What with the stay in inpatient care, and the evidence of the soccon book project where she says she was unemployed when she wrote it, I doubt she actually enrolled until the 2003/2004 academic year in september 2003, which makes her late summer protest pretty unlikely.

Again, with the tiny pathetic kernel of truth theme, I think this story is based on a real incident:

View attachment 932273

View attachment 932274

So, 15 people, not 30. 2006 not 2003. They made a sad spectacle of themselves for an hour and then went home. The traumatised army vet is no doubt a total fabrication.

I expect the motivation for changing the date of the events is that Wu still being at Ole Miss in 2006 raises some uncomfortable questions like "Why were you still in University at 29 years of age?" and "Say, when did you have time for your political, journalistic and software engineering careers again?" Also, I don't think Wu had actually had her come to jesus moment in yet in 2003, so it's perhaps a bit embarrassing to admit that you were for the wars before you were against them.
oh this is a surprise i thought he was going to somehow link 9/11 to gamergate.if he did he would say something exceptional like 9/11 caused gamergate.
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too gay to lift
True & Honest Fan
The only way to break the stranglehold that the boys' club has on politics is to elect a REAL woman like John Flynt.

Ah yes. Wu, who has never so much as donated 200 bucks to any federal politico, donated generously to this unnamed woman running in for an unspecified town council. Of course she couldn't even be bothered to give her a shoutout on twitter before the election because she's such a good friend. Fuck off, Wu. Conjuring stories from your arse whenever you feel you need to sperg on twitter is getting tiresome.

Dr. Merkwurdichliebe

Kiwiminister für Volksaufklärung und Propaganda
LOL SO COOL! SO MUCH MATH! SO NERDY! And I'm sure we'll find this exact amount when the next round of financials drops. Or not because you're a fucking liar.

View attachment 933325
Only John, while pretending to be a math expert, would, with no humor intended, refer to 512 as an odd number.

What a blithering moron.

And you can bet your life that the only birthday John remembers is his own.

the same kind of person who has to remind everyone everyday that he’s an expert in everything because he has no proof of any sort of hard work to back it up.
And no journalist is willing to call him out about his "credentials". This is probably the worst thing related to John. I have a sneaky suspicion that John consults them before the actual interview and tells them he'd rather not talk about his past or studio because none of it relates to his current run at office. The journalist complies every single time.


Waffle SS Untermenchenfurher

I seriously want to know how the other Flynts are doing in regards to the blackest black sheep of the family. I genuinely want to know how much of a fuck up that John has become.
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