Brianna Walker Wu / John Walker Flynt General Thread -

What is your favorite John?

  • "Political Sperg" John

    Votes: 126 5.5%
  • "Totally a Game Developer" John

    Votes: 242 10.5%
  • "Passive-Aggressive Shithead" John

    Votes: 48 2.1%
  • "Expert in Everything, Competent in None" John

    Votes: 359 15.6%
  • "I'm Totally Not a Tranny, Seriously You Guys" John

    Votes: 350 15.2%
  • "Master Chef" John

    Votes: 37 1.6%
  • "Victim of Everything" John

    Votes: 107 4.6%
  • "Guilty of Everything Gamergate Complains About" John

    Votes: 116 5.0%
  • "Pre-Gender Identity Crisis" John

    Votes: 54 2.3%

    Votes: 484 21.0%
  • Moon Rocks Wu

    Votes: 382 16.6%

  • Total voters

Grand Fucktard
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Box Tie
Seems like a good way to murder overall engagement on twitter while simultaneously destroying the parasocial interaction between checkmarks and their herds of subhuman supplicants, driving engagement down even more.

Can't wait for the screeching that'll ensue when the wrong people start engaging in wronkthink and the usual suspects find themselves unable to drop their shitty memes or hottakes in the replies for good boy points from onlookers.

Or even better, you @ the target of your ire, then invite all your mutuals to dunk on them in the replies while leaving all the white knights locked outside.

I can tell they really thought this through.

Sounds like a feature designed especially for John Flynt. No more getting ratioed to hell and back about moon rocks or game character's who look like sex workers. Never hear from anyone who disagrees with you again. The echo chamber is perfected at last!
So now it's back to copying the text of the tweet to retweet, like it was in 2010. Or slinging around screenshots.

King Dead

Cops are better when they're mecha.
It's not like Wu gets a lot of engagement anyway.
But when he does, it's usually bad for him. The recent "Nintendo females look like prostitutes" debacle is probably still fresh in Johnny's mind, and the thought of being able to block all replies from the plebs to prevent another incident like that is getting his phantom dick hard. I still wonder sometimes if deep down John knows he's a fraud or if he's lied so much that he actually believes it all. Either way, he wants to be able to spout his opinions unchallenged, whether it's to prevent people from bringing the truth to light or because he thinks they're too stupid to engage with his supreme intellect.

And that's without getting into the stupidity of a social network debuting patently antisocial features, but that can be discussed elsewhere.
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Dr. Merkwurdichliebe

Kiwiminister für Volksaufklärung und Propaganda
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Powerful, John. I'm trying this post from a concentration camp while my family awaits death, you are so right.

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As always, John can't get anything right. The award Ford received was the Grand Cross of the German Eagle, not the Grand Cross, which doesn't exist.

Powerful, John. I'm trying this post from a concentration camp while my family awaits death, you are so right.

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We will never rest until our Nazi president is deposed...wait hang on let me boot up Tekken...
Guess John is going to trade in his Porches now if we want to talk Nazi cars and their ties to Hitler.
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