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What is your favorite John?

  • "Political Sperg" John

    Votes: 130 5.5%
  • "Totally a Game Developer" John

    Votes: 250 10.5%
  • "Passive-Aggressive Shithead" John

    Votes: 48 2.0%
  • "Expert in Everything, Competent in None" John

    Votes: 368 15.5%
  • "I'm Totally Not a Tranny, Seriously You Guys" John

    Votes: 364 15.3%
  • "Master Chef" John

    Votes: 39 1.6%
  • "Victim of Everything" John

    Votes: 108 4.5%
  • "Guilty of Everything Gamergate Complains About" John

    Votes: 123 5.2%
  • "Pre-Gender Identity Crisis" John

    Votes: 58 2.4%

    Votes: 501 21.1%
  • Moon Rocks Wu

    Votes: 388 16.3%

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I wonder if Siskind blocked you because she was tired of watching you repost others' work without attribution.
Or saying blindingly idiotic things. She probably blocked John because the idiocy was absolutely annoying and so she wouldn't be tempted to correct John. If she looked at his history, she'd know doing so would result in a screeching tantrum. Most people don't want to wrestle in the mud with a pig like John, and she has an actual career and life to care about.

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John says the incident occurred "next to" his house. The police say they spent "several days" canvassing the neighborhood. How did they miss talking to the nextdoor neighbor?
Put yourself in the cops' shoes. Would you want to be the one to knock on that door?
They probably keep saying "We'll come back to that one, let's see who else has a camera."


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But those stats for renters. Twenty-seven percent of renters are in danger of being evicted. Not 27% of all MA families. Unless the homeowner numbers are similar.
You are correct, homeownership has actually solidified during the old Wuhan Wheezer, interest rates are so low right now shit loads of people are refinancing, I did it myself. There's no way 42% of Illinois homeowners are in danger of losing their house, at least in the rural areas. The rental eviction issue seems to be concentrated in the major metropolitan areas, and I suppose it's possible more homeowners there are at risk, but I'd be willing to bet that is exactly what CNBC wants everyone to think, 42% of everyone is in danger of losing their home. Again, I don't know about the urban areas, but around here, nothing much has changed.


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I don't believe that even Porsche charge $600 for changing a fucking bulb for a second. Can John go even one tweet without grossly exaggerating?
I could see Porsche or some 'prestige' mechanic John goes to being in a symbiotic relationship with his insanity where they overcharge him for extremely easy tasks. Perhaps charge him for 'training' to watch them do the work, so he can boast later about how much he 'saved' by not doing the same stupid thing again.