Brianna Walker Wu / John Walker Flynt General Thread -

What is your favorite John?

  • "Political Sperg" John

    Votes: 155 5.3%
  • "Totally a Game Developer" John

    Votes: 330 11.3%
  • "Passive-Aggressive Shithead" John

    Votes: 60 2.1%
  • "Expert in Everything, Competent in None" John

    Votes: 406 13.9%
  • "I'm Totally Not a Tranny, Seriously You Guys" John

    Votes: 451 15.4%
  • "Master Chef" John

    Votes: 59 2.0%
  • "Victim of Everything" John

    Votes: 137 4.7%
  • "Guilty of Everything Gamergate Complains About" John

    Votes: 163 5.6%
  • "Pre-Gender Identity Crisis" John

    Votes: 70 2.4%

    Votes: 613 21.0%
  • Moon Rocks Wu

    Votes: 482 16.5%

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lmaooooo Frank fucking SUCKS, holy CHRIST that fucking asshole is absolutely USELESS, John is better at literally EVERYTHING, meanwhile Frank is a fucking BITCH

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That chink is so fucking pathetic. John is better than that slant-eyed Mongoloid in every way. It's good that chink has lots of money to keep John around. John is literally better than that pathetic subhuman chink in every way. Other than that money thing. John has to suck the chink dick to keep buying "Porches" and being a "canidate."
There's some weird shit going on behind the scenes besides just two faggots playing house and I want to know what it is.
Remember, when Frank was pretending to be heterosexual, he beat and abused his actual female wife and then vengefully tried to destroy her career when she left him. Then he found a faggot who wanted to chop his cock off and paid for this, a faggot completely incapable of living a normal life without his money. John would be literally homeless without Frank's money.

I think Frank gets some kind of weird thrill out of getting a dude literally to chop his dick off for him, and funds all of John's activities because he knows that without his money, John is nothing. And he somehow, weirdly, enjoys the indulgence of allowing John to insult him publicly, because he knows he could utterly destroy him the moment he wanted to.

It's some twisted shit, but this is the John/Frank duo.

Hey there woman video game fan! I'm a woman video game fan too! We should be woman video game fans together!

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I'm going to have to go with neither b/c they both suffer major problem
1) while optimistic body shape, they still look within human proportions. The way to truly empower women is to hypersexualize them well beyond proportions (unnatural hyperpalatability, like the cheetos of whores)

2) the poses are, at best, suggestive of sexual willingness. They don't have them engaged in active sexuality, preferably interacting with an oversized penis totem of some sort. All the better if the penis larger and more powerful than the character
Bonus points if the penis has some destructive quality, blades or spikes - something that really shows the penis as a weapon that women can't resist

Id go for something more tasteful like

Dr. Merkwurdichliebe

Kiwiminister für Volksaufklärung und Propaganda
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lmaooooo Frank fucking SUCKS, holy CHRIST that fucking asshole is absolutely USELESS, John is better at literally EVERYTHING, meanwhile Frank is a fucking BITCH

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Tweet No. 1 shows what happens when two 14-year-old gay boys are allowed to marry and move in together.

Tweet No. 2 reveals that John thinks that teenage girls are fascinated with living on pirate ships with gangs of sodomites. These Lego sets are designed for children ages six to twelve. The first Legos pirate set was released in 1989. If John did as he claims and built every pirate kit released in the '80s and ''90s, then John was building Lego pirate fantasies from the age of 12 until the age of 22. Since he's still playing with Legos as his 44th birthday approaches, I guess that could be true.


John's husband is literally a trial lawyer so obviously John knows that Chauvin is a murdering son of a bitch.

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So is America still a white supremacist country or not?

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God I hope it comes back at appeals and Chauvin walks. I honestly think Chauvin, while a cunt, isn't guilty. I'd bet panic induced heart failure due to drugs.
lmaooooo Frank fucking SUCKS, holy CHRIST that fucking asshole is absolutely USELESS, John is better at literally EVERYTHING, meanwhile Frank is a fucking BITCH

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If this is the guy who single handedly made the mRNA vaccine, as according to john, then we are fucked.
Hey there woman video game fan! I'm a woman video game fan too! We should be woman video game fans together!

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John was searching for this. This isn't a "oh I stumbled on this thing and I'm upset". He was looking for this shit. The first picture is titled Gill Valentine Biohazard Zombie TV Game for fuck sakes.

Link to Gill Valentine listing.
Link to Ada Claire poster, which only has 1 left apparently. Guess John did enjoy them. Couldn't find anything more on the posters, seems they are just stolen off the internet and sold for money from the chinese.
Netflix needs to start getting serious and ask its parents for $400,000 if they're going to make this work.

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Game development is as expensive as you make it. But, I have a feeling, they will be doing streaming games, because that's their main business.

That and raping series to death for no reason aside from appeasing trannies. What soap opera is John talking about? Not gonna mention the fact he watches teen soap operas like a fucking nonce.

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Hey there woman video game fan! I'm a woman video game fan too! We should be woman video game fans together!

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Wu bought "Girl Fight", a game so classy that I had to look up what it was when going through his PSN/XBLA list.

He also bought ALL the anime tittie games including the problematic one(Valhalla Beach Bikini Bottom or something). At full price, it was a day 1 purchase to him.


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Perhaps if John went outside occasionally, he'd realize that an upgraded air conditioner is not really necessary in Boston, Massachusetts. But, dumb as this decision is, it is far, far down the list of the dumbest things this gibbering imbecile has tried to do.

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How very environmentally sensitive.


I owe God five skulls.
Somewhat OT, but still relevant:

I couldn't think of anywhere better to post this piece. It's the best explanation of the dynamics that created and nourished monsters like Brianna, and push the scores of other tranny /cows/ we discuss on KF to prominence and power not only online, but in politics and culture:

Transman Jackie McPherson wrote this brief recent history of trans politics in the US:

"Once upon a time, trans people could only transition socially - there simply was no medical or surgical recourse.

Transmen (who are female, but think of ourselves as men because of some as-yet undiscovered brain glitch) would bind our breasts, cut our hair in an accepted masculine style, wear accepted masculine clothing, and often be simply accepted as if we were men.

Transwomen (who are male, but think of themselves as women because of some as-yet undiscovered brain glitch) would apply make-up, put on wigs, wear accepted feminine clothing, and often be simply accepted as if they were women.

At the same time, there were plenty of people who cross-dressed without having any such brain glitch, either simply because the lifestyle ascribed to the opposite sex was more appealing than anything their society allowed them to do within the bounds of their own, or because they were homosexual and cross-dressing allowed them to be a couple.

Then came modern medicine, and surgery, and hormones.

Neither could be accessed without going through the psych profession, which (as anyone who has ever had to access them for any reason will know) isn't so much a profession as a loose collection of people, many with mental health issues themselves, with widely differing reasons for wanting to get inside the minds of others.

Whilst there are genuine, caring professionals who want the best for their clients, who empathise with them and do their best to help them find the least traumatic way to live their lives, there are far too many who love the feeling of power that having clients gives them, who will mess with their clients' minds in order to keep them coming back for 'therapy' for the rest of their lives.

Collectively, they decided that no-one was getting surgery or hormones until they had been living for a whole year exclusively as a stereotype of the opposite sex. Transmen had to be hyper-masculine, transwomen hyper-feminine. The fact that, outside of fifties' sitcoms, *no-one* actually fitted the stereotypes, was conveniently forgotten in the dysfunctional world of psychoanalysis.

Many, many trans people were 'helped' to see their bodies as even more problematic than before, and ended up on the surgery/hormone/psychoanalysis treadmill.
Then people started saying (especially in the USA, where such treatment is beyond the pocket of most) "Sod this, I'm going back to the way things were before the medical industry got involved." and found themselves fighting for recognition from a bureaucracy which had pretty much taken over society in the interim.

Now there is a bunch of people with a developmental disorder, rather like autism (and there is more overlap between the two groups than should occur by chance), who are agitating for the right to be themselves without being medicalised, and they've discovered the internet as a great way to organise. They form support groups, like small shoals in the ocean of the web, and accept anyone who self-declares, because they remember being the only one who knew how they felt, and want to be supportive above all else.

But there are sharks in the sea, and predators on the web, and they soon smelled weakness, and came swimming in.

Malignant narcissists, and their shoals of attending sycophants and enablers, infiltrated the groups. They gradually started to take over - most people, especially people with developmental disorders, aren't too keen on putting themselves into leadership positions, and willingly hand the job to someone who is happy to do it. Such groups are set up with an assumption of honesty, and are completely incapable of recognising malicious duplicity.

By the time we realised that these people had a totally different agenda, it was too late in many cases to wrest control from them. Anyone attempting to do so soon found themselves at the wrong end of a vicious campaign to silence and discredit them, often including people they once considered close friends (the latter having been carefully groomed to be camouflage for the sharks).

The groups had changed from support groups for people who are trans (or autistic) into support groups for malignant narcissists. And now those narcissists, with their enlarged support network, are on the prowl for more prey.

They don't care about the damage that they've done and are doing to trans people, except insofar as it boosts their egos; and they now want to destroy women, starting with Lesbians because they have judged that there are plenty of women who will throw their Lesbian sisters to the sharks to protect themselves.

Let's prove them wrong.

Let's call out these predators for what they are. Don't let them hide in the herd. If you haven't read Animal Farm and 1984, do so. They are a warning - and the narcissists are effectively using them as training manuals.

If you don't believe me - look at what has happened to the government of the USA. It is being destroyed from within by people who only want power without responsibility. They are incompetent, vicious and destructive."

tl;dr Explanation of how creeps like Wu and other t/s sociopaths game Internet technology and politics to gain visibility and power.

Note: This piece is from 2017. The author has since discarded her "trans-man" identity, and has gone back to being what she always was: a female with some masculine qualities, just like 99.9999% of all XXs.
I'll admit ive never ridden one myself, but WTF at 20 hours of classes to learn to ride a bike?
yep, 20 hours is legit (esp in a group class - I think the basic MSF is like 15 hours anyway)
it's safety stuff, bikes handle differently and are more exposed to some hazards
so it's not really about how to "make it go" that takes 20 hours, it's about how not to crash (and a little about how to crash the least damaging way)