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Richard Stabone
I could have sworn that back when Wu declared her candidacy someone here went out and bought a domain or two like or something. Basically snuck in and got the good domain before she could.

The reason I ask is because Wu's domain has been down for weeks. It's de-indexed in Google. She has no campaign website.

What if we took one of those domains and put together a fan site for her campaign? It would of course be satire. It wouldn't be mean-spirited, it would just sort of make fun of her but in a subtle way. Like campaign ads that have really the scowling pic in it. Vague references to John Flynt. Links to the Steam sales for her successful game. Breakdowns of the FEC report that show how much she spent at Potbelly. Moon rocks, dumb deleted tweets, whatever makes us laugh.

Just an idea since I believe someone had a good domain here for it. And it would be funny if a satire site for her campaign was up while she couldn't even get her own up.

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