Brianna Wu Email: "Well, we lost. What happened? " -

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Oh fuck off Wu, Warren may have been a complete fucking headcase but by God that plucky loon was out in the elements running door to door trying to gather enough signatures to get your nobody-ass on the ballot while you sat at home tweeting out every single thought you had and playing pay to win games on Frank's dime. He did his part, you're the one who fucked everything up.


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Why does he say “we lost”?

No, John, YOU lost the election.
John losing is pretty much a big win for everyone else involved, from Lynch to the general public to the Democratic Party itself. I suppose the Republican Party didn't win, because if John had won, they would have been able to beat him in the general election.

What’s this weird feeling that’s returning to me.... Is in humanity...? Huh, I almost forgot what that felt like.
Less faith in humanity and more a feeling of optimism knowing that someone as dumb as Wu wasn't able to get a campaign up and running.

Not to piss on the parade, but I'm sure if (s)he would have got it going, people would have voted.
Thank god we don't have to worry about that though.
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Wait, what the fuck did you just say t' me?

Usually, SJWs don't like taking other people's opinions into consideration, so one can only assume that she posted her number for asspats instead of genuinely wanting to know where she went wrong.

With that said, Brianna, who do you honestly think you're fooling?

Well, at least she didn't blame the patriarchy this time.
This is what happens when you are actually dealing with the real world when you work instead of closing yourself inside your echochamber of pink hair fat whales and people with furries as avatars spewing conspiracies telling you that you can't succeeded cause the big man will always bring you down.

Brianna knows she failed cause she was working with incompetent people not at all suited for politics, not because the big evil man with the big evil penis was oppressing her.

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So her plan for 2020 is to spend even more time shitposting while also spending more money. I love that she chimped out over that "unprofessional" Boston Globe photo, but then spent an entire campaign shitposting on Twitter about Street Fighter and gay weebshit, taking fucking awful cringy campaign photos for the press, posting soy selfies, and dressing her Asian husband up as Godzilla. Yeah, it's definitely the Globe's fault you came across as a hack fraud.