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How long will Revolution 60 come to Steam?

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Old thread:


Since the old thread reached 1000 pages, let's have a second thread to congratulate our tranny hero. Have fun. :julay:

ED Article:
Wu's Website:

More intel, thanks to @Luminous Being

View attachment 84000

[wiki=Brianna_Wu]Brianna "John Walker Flynt" Wu[/wiki] is a [wiki=Brianna Wu#Exposure]failed[/wiki] [wiki=Background_Check_Incident]human[/wiki] [wiki=Brianna_Wu#Brianna_The_Art_Thief]being[/wiki], [wiki=Brianna Wu is John Flynt]tranny[/wiki],"video game designer", [wiki=List of Brianna Wu's Lies]terrible liar[/wiki] and all around [wiki=Brianna_Wu_as_a_Harasser]unpleasant person[/wiki] that attached xirself to the Gamergate hubbub to gain e-fame and appear relevant. [wiki=Brianna_Wu's_Harassment#Crash_Incident]She also pretty much killed her dog.[/wiki]

She is also married to [wiki=Frank_Wu]Frank Wu[/wiki].


The only thing Wu gained by jumping into the middle of the GG drama was people taking notice of her and checking her background, which is something Wu would love to not happen, because almost every accomplishment she cites, ever story she tells, some persons she claims to know or have work for her and every though she has are at the very least embellished if not outright fabrications and figments of her imagination.

Wu's only claim to fame is a [wiki=Revolution 60]horrible iOS "game"[/wiki], only talked about in hushed whispers when Wu is listening, that is currently not available to buy anywhere and has been rumored to receive a port to PC/Steam VERY SOON (read: never ever being released) and aforementioned forced involvment in Gamergate.

Outside of not doing anything regarding Revolution 60 Wu is also good at not doing anything when it comes to "trans activism", a self-proclaimed passion of hers. All that is ever accomlished by Wu is talking over trans people, talking over people that have actual stories to tell and taking up space and time whenever she's anywhere close to persons that actually matter.

Wu's real interest lies in [wiki=Brianna_Wu's_Harassment]being a victim though[/wiki]. The most prominent example of milking the harassment angle was Wu's appearance on the [wiki=The_Internet_Ruined_My_Life]SyFy channel[/wiki], a day that made many Kiwis remember times long since passed.

Other than that Wu can be found on her Twitter @spacekatgal all day, talking about inane shit, lying about her life and accolades and also lying about her knowledge when it comes to programming and technology. Speaking of Wu's tech knowledge, the has also contributed to the writing of a book called [wiki=Women_in_Tech]Women In Tech - Take Your Career To The Next Level[/wiki], which is hilarious if one considers that Wu has no tech career and has to constantly lie in the chapter attributed to her to seem interesting. Many of the lies in her chapter completely contradict not only lies in the same section of the book but also ones that Wu told elsewhere.

In summary it can only be said again that Brianna Wu is a sorry excuse for a human and waste of of space.
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