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Careercow Brianna Wu / John Flynt

Discussion in 'Lolcows' started by Alan Pardew, Nov 19, 2014.

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What are you opinions on GamerGate and Brianna Wu / John Flynt?

  1. I am of no opinion towards either.

    104 vote(s)
  2. I am neutral on GamerGate, but think that Brianna Wu is a bad person.

    631 vote(s)
  3. I am neutral on GamerGate, and think that Brianna Wu is just trying to get by.

    9 vote(s)
  4. I am ANTI-GamerGate, but still think that Brianna Wu is a bad person.

    112 vote(s)
  5. I am ANTI-GamerGate, and think that Brianna Wu is just trying to get by.

    37 vote(s)
  6. I am PRO-GamerGate, and think that Brianna Wu is a bad person.

    309 vote(s)
  7. I am PRO-GamerGate, but still think that and think that Brianna Wu is just trying to get by.

    9 vote(s)
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    16. Homophobes (even though Wu dislikes da homos)
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    18. Zombie Apocalypse
    19. Children Throwing Temper Tantrums (all over ruining Gawker)

    Longest Duration: 6 Days

    Everyone who reads the GamerGate thread should probably know a lot about Brianna Wu. She's mentioned often throughout the GG drama as not only she was anti-GG, she was also a lolcow by herself.

    So why I choose she among the other lolcows in the GG shitstorm? Read on.

    1. Introduction
    2. Twitter
    Like other GamerGate lolcows, Brianna Wu has her own Twitter here: https://twitter.com/Spacekatgal

    Here are some gems I got:

    Wu complaining about some weird stuff nobody cares about
    Wu comparing Ferguson and GamerGate


    Moar stuff:

    3. Autism Speaks Drama
    Keep these above tweets in mind. Because before that, Wu thought it was a good idea to make memes about GamerGate, featuring an autistic kid from Autism Speaks website.

    Here is the original source for the image:

    4. Revolution 60: GOTY Edition
    Like other lolcows, they have unrealistic expectations for their franchises to come true. Moleman wants his Navaverse to be a full blown franchise. Chris takes it further by contacting Nintendo about this. Bob takes it another step by showing shitty game footage and holds a Kickstarter campaign about it.

    While for Brianna herself, she did it by actually publishing the game. Behold: Her magnum opus!

    (Note: Do not criticise the game or else she'll call you out for being a GamerGater)

    5. Other Links
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    #1 Alan Pardew, Nov 19, 2014
    Last edited: Jul 26, 2015
    Alan Pardew

    Alan Pardew I order you to read the profile description.
    Staff Member Moderator True & Honest Fan

  2. Brianna and Homer sitting in a tree
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    Flowers For Sonichu

    Flowers For Sonichu Hippopotamus weight on your head FOREVER
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  3. Those Revolution 60 characters literally look like barbie dolls.

    Because you know, it isn't just the creator of the game being fatally hypocritical to the point of collapsing inwards on themselves and turning into a singularity of so many double standards that they mesh together and become quintuple standards.
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    Mechanism Eight

    Mechanism Eight Give us eyes.

  4. This gamergate thing isn't even about video games anymore, I swear. It is a feed lot, look at all these cows.
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    John Furrman

    John Furrman Paint me like one of your French sergals
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  5. Unfortunately the images are gone, but was their any ever weight to this info I saw in the old GG thread in lolcow that I think was posted on 8chan? I ask because holy shit lol. :lol: Brianna comes very close to being a cow rivaling Rika if that's the case.
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    RetardBus Isn't it lunch time?

  6. I have a question that has been bugging ever since I read about this person on Alternet (one of the worst websites ever.) Is Briana Wu transgender? Was she born a man, then changed his/her gender later in life?
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  7. Another Gamergate thread! Finally! Aside from the fact that the board is very anti-SJW I really don't see why this needs it's own thread when the Gamergate thread bitches about this chick already.
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  8. I know you're quoting from /cow/ but the guy writing that synopsis made a mistake. Brianna Wu used the $200-250k to form an animation studio which only finished one project that was never released to the public. Her game studio came after that, because she had transitioned using her parents money - and is how she is able to claim that she had an "all female" development studio.

    Even though her husband did as much if not more (uncredited) work than her on the game, and even though she had only "been a woman" for about a year when she met her co-founder of Giant Spacekat Studios through craigslist.
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  9. I can tell that something about gamergate triggers you. That happens with me sometimes with other threads on these boards, I find a good way of coping is to just avoid them. I found that when I go on threads and act offended it would just make me look like a spaz. Back on topic Wu's game looks terrible, it's even funnier because she claims to be "one of the best" programmers out there and she can only not get funding because she's a woman.
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  10. It's a he. if you look closley at some of her images you can see a scar where the adam's apple is supposed to be and how her voice sounds unaturally male.
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    Oglooger Spic Tío Tom
    True & Honest Fan

  11. Perhaps this exist as its own thread because Brianna Wu might show herself as something more than just some figure within GamerGate, especially if it could how she responds to criticism toward her game.

    Wasn't there also an image that showed her when she was man and after? I'm sure it was posted on one of the GamerGate threads.
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    c-no Autistic Redneck

  12. Agreed. I find the random Interwebs douches funny, but I really hate the abuse the GG "targets" get. And if there's anything GG has taught us, it's that it's bloody impossible to discuss the merits (or lack of thereof) of what the hell these people are actually doing without every discussion devolving into a giant mess of spergy and utterly nitpicky personal attacks. That's my prediction for this thread while we're still on the 1st page.
    (For example, a quick comment before I leap off this thread: leave transphobic bullshit at the door, I don't give a toss what Wu was before or after.) Kthxbyenow
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    WWWWolf Has a camera, will kick butt

  13. Do our resident forum MRAs really need another thread to sperg out in? They already have the gamergate thread.
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  14. That is true. Wu isn't a representative of all transsexuals. If anything, she would no doubt be an embarrassment, giving them a bad name.

    Only if Wu's antics are like that of Phil Fish, going beyond GamerGate and showing how she acts on Twitter. To use Fish as an example, the guy got butthurt when someone on Twitter called him a tosser, iirc. Fish responded to that by cancelling Fez 2 just because of some insult. Now imagine how Wu would act if someone criticized her game, whether in a constructive manner or otherwise. If she handles criticism like other cows such as say Dobson, she could no doubt be known for more than just being some anti-GG figure lol-cow.
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    #14 c-no, Nov 19, 2014
    Last edited: Nov 19, 2014

    c-no Autistic Redneck

  15. Brianna's pretty nuts, but there isn't much to her outside of the ongoing gamergate shitstorm, at least not right now. Her game's pretty awful looking, and the effort a bunch of transphobic GGers have put into outing her has been interesting, but I don't feel like there's enough that's unique to her to warrant her own thread.
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    Trickie Kel is not impressed.
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  16. It's not transphobia. People are merely pointing out the absurdity in someone like Wu claiming to represent women, considering herself an expert in their oppression by personal experience, and playing victim when she was a privileged white boy for most of her life.
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  17. She's a minor lolcow at best. What I usually like about lolcows is when they reveal their insanity in new and interesting ways. When you don't think the rabbit hole can possibly get any deeper, it does, and in a completely new and surprising way. Brianna is ridiculous with her narcissism, but she has just been repeating the same stuff for a while, so I've lost interest.
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    StallChaser Wolf-Souled Individual

  18. Way, way too soon for Wu to get a topic. She's a nutjob but it hasn't shown up in anything other than GamerGate topics. Wait for things to settle and we'll see how well she does once her fifteen minutes of fame are long gone.
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    Francis York Morgan

    Francis York Morgan FBI Special Agent

  19. Well that's not fair. I never said anything transphobic about Wu. I said I didn't like her game and that I thought it was poorly made. This is one of the big issues with the SJW mindset. Wu being trans has absolutely nothing to do with her being a good programmer. Being trans does not make her above reproach. Criticizing her on the merits of her work is not transphobic.
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  20. As much as how WU's tweets can show insight in her views and actions, there isn't enough outside of the GamerGate topics. Until she pulls a Phil Fish, acting pretentious and quit developing video games because someone didn't think highly of her game, there may as well not be enough to warrant a thread on her.
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    c-no Autistic Redneck

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