Brianna Wu / John Flynt - Original Thread

What are you opinions on GamerGate and Brianna Wu / John Flynt?

  • I am of no opinion towards either.

    Votes: 104 8.6%
  • I am neutral on GamerGate, but think that Brianna Wu is a bad person.

    Votes: 631 52.1%
  • I am neutral on GamerGate, and think that Brianna Wu is just trying to get by.

    Votes: 9 0.7%
  • I am ANTI-GamerGate, but still think that Brianna Wu is a bad person.

    Votes: 112 9.2%
  • I am ANTI-GamerGate, and think that Brianna Wu is just trying to get by.

    Votes: 37 3.1%
  • I am PRO-GamerGate, and think that Brianna Wu is a bad person.

    Votes: 309 25.5%
  • I am PRO-GamerGate, but still think that and think that Brianna Wu is just trying to get by.

    Votes: 9 0.7%

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Actually, that's not quite accurate. Twitter's been bleeding money for a while and is now falling in Social Networking standings (going from #1 to #4 in less than a year). Having a staff openly involved with censorship is, supposedly, the biggest reason for it, or so speaketh those "in the know," since Twitter originally billed itself as a bastion of Free Speech. Essentially, mirroring the Digg effect.
But the linked article doesn't mention anything about censorship or staff abuses. Is the staff cronyism actually getting any media play?
It seems to me that unless you're actively investigating one of the Cool Kids' sore spots (or posting dissident messages from China), you're not going to run into the censorship stuff too much. No?


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Well, they're clearly not checking all their records, because John Flynt was notoriously on the Ole Miss campus. There are witnesses to that.

I believe colleges will nearly universally report whether a student attended and/or whether they graduated, but many will refuse any more detail than that.
Don't the forum posts about Wu only mention him being there between 2004-06?


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The whole Twitter thing makes me wonder if Wu or Frank have any Twitter stock. Given the amount of power Wu has managed to wield over them to make a hugbox it would make logical sense.

Also, been following it's falling values, discovered something interesting. While it mostly has been dropping day by day, there are times when it doesn't, usually when huge volumes are traded. There are a lot of 'Asks", or people offering shares for a price, but not half as many "Bids", or people willing to buy for that price.

Whoever owns large amounts of the stock must either be trying to start a trend of "hey, we're trading some hot stock for a volume discount here, why not take it?" (which only really works if the stock is projected to see profit soon), or they are trying to create the illusion of heavy trading to keep the price from bottoming out.

Either way, it's not working long term.

Also makes me wonder if anyone has tried to ween Wu over Twitter's stock going in the shitter.


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And this makes you special?

For those not technically inclined, all this means is Wu took the stock textures, desaturated them, then further messed with the greyscaled texture to create a specular map, like this:

Basically, this is nothing special and a very, very standard feature in most games.
So... Is it basically like making new textures for The Sims? Ah.

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Whatever could you mean by the con wasn't meant for you, Brianna? You're a straight white woman, right? Why should GaymerX3 cater to you?

Also, fuck off with your attempt to push the narrative that gay men aren't supportive of other causes. Just because you only gave a shit about yourself as a gay man doesn't mean that others are the same.

What a surprise, Wu taking potshots at gay dudes yet again. I wonder if she still views them as "competition for the penis", as she so eloquently stated years ago.

I think GaymerX is lame, but its clearly a convention aimed at LGBT people, not at rich straight CIS white women who want to stroke their egos. How dare she act as though these people are bad for not catering to her selfish whims.
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