Campaign Ammo Brianna Wu Sponsored by Nazis - Based Blue has had enough.


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@Jaimas, archive the actual tweets just so people don't think it's some made up BS from IMC.

All this said, if this is true, Brianna's claim of fighting Nazi's like the alt-right can be even more laughable since Brianna apparently knows Weev's a Nazi and still worked with a person who was buddy-buddy with Weev. If it's not true and just autistic shit-flinging, it may as well still be hilarious since someone is salty towards Wu.
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So this fucking happened today:

First heard about it due to @c-no. If true this is about to get fucking hilarious. And by that I mean more than the glorious trainwreck that was Brianna Wu's congressional race up until this point has been.

Someone needs to ask Weev about this while we're at it.
I'm going to leave this here for Randi Lee Harper who keeps using the word "nazi".
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Brianna Wu aka John Flynt aka Weev support and friend to Nazis co-wrote a book with Tara Wheeler called “Women in Tech”.

This is the project, among others, Based Blue is talking about.

I don’t think much of anything will come of this other than the whisper campaigns already started that Wu is toxic and not to be trusted.